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A tiny speck was all that there was in the beginning. Yes, as improbable as it seems…In this vast empty space…existed just an extremely small speck of light. This speck soon realized it could think. It started out by analyzing and observing the environment it was in before turning its attention to itself. The speck spent some time speculating over its next step. “Discovery is the key to the problem”, it thought. Discovery was made soon enough and it was not a very pleasant one. He soon realized, like everything in the environment, it needed company. Yes, the very moment of revelation revealed that TWO is company…. Therefore through the great amoebic powers it split itself into two. It soon found out that the previous revelation had a loophole. When the company is just another speck of light… IT GETS BORING. And so, the tiny specks of light, soon, through the great amoebic powers once again, reproduced. Then there were four more specks of light…..and then eight…then sixteen…..then so on and so forth, till a giant speck of light was formed. The light from this expanding, giant speck of light made this speck of light……doesn’t matter which one…….. realize its actual neighbours were rocks who had got together by the same powers of Amoeba. The spheres of rock decided to use the light and heat of this rather large speck of light and also divide it equally between themselves. Each had its own needs for the requirements, as everything in this “space” did, and therefore found that circling the rather large speck of light was the solution to this problem. And so the present space we now call the “universe” was begun! While this tiny speck grew and made a working system, little did it know that tiny specks everywhere and tiny pieces of rock everywhere were joining their own systems. This is how everything came into existence, the universe, the solar system, the Milky Way, the planets, the earth and so on so forth. Now what we can only imagine is how many tiny specks of light there were and whether all the rock spheres found specks of light.

With that the story of the recurrent beginning of the world ends. The starting of new forms of clusters which bind together by virtue of the same characteristics present in almost every species known to us and, I am sure, those which are not yet known to us.


After this basic structure was complete, small, unforeseen changes took place in this perfect universe. There were tiny clumps of rocks which did not get into a larger group of rocks because of certain deformities present in these clumps of rocks. They were the outcasts of this society. They sometimes and very rarely possessed a fluid of some kind. As transparent as transparent could be and as pure as a single speck of light. These also came together by great amoebic powers.

There were others who had specks of light trapped inside of them. These specks of light were dying to be in the company of their own kind and were displeased at the prospect of spending a moment more with the lowly rocks. They periodically made an arrangement with the rocks to be released in the presence of the pure fluid to form what we now know as lava.

There were ones which had rotating rings of light and rock. All individual but living in peace and harmony. They enjoyed this desire to be apart and free rather than stay in a structure. Ones with crests and troughs and atmospheres which consisted of tiny gas particles all joined together. All these deformities in these rock clumps made it possible for the intermixing of various types of different unit elements to form new structures.

One such rock clump happened to be rather more open to the mixing of these various unit elements. On this rather open minded rock clump were based the makings of structures which were more complex and confusing. The need for the particles to mingle among themselves hit an all time high. Structures also themselves started to get together and form even more complex structures. It was at this time that a highly complex structure evolved. In it were involved two very similar and yet two very dissimilar units. Both had a structure reminiscent of a spring. The only difference was in the way that they were aligned. Clockwise and anticlockwise as we would learn to term the absent. These two structures came together and made a “double helix” as we continue to term the absent in the future. This double helix felt different from the other structures and soon through amoebic separation created another double helix. They continued to breed among themselves.

On another very fateful day, a single tiny speck of light got caught in one of this now rather large group of DH’s. This speck of light got embedded in the heart of this structure. The speck of light then caused an irritation among the DH’s. This literally sparked off a conflict within the structure. The speck of light being deemed as the precursor to the entire universe got the priority in this case and decided to exercise some “power” over these DH’s and thus came into being the ability to think.

The DH’s morphed from being benign to a thinking and living organism in a matter of a few moments. It simply said to itself-“I think….therefore I should be…..” They finally morphed into an organism which made use of the atmosphere, pure fluid (water as we would learn to call It.) and the crushed rocks strewn everywhere the water didn’t cover. The concept of power still stuck in this organism’s head polluted it. Thus the great speck of a combination of many things, MAN was discovered.

What man did not realize however was the fact that a few DH’s had escaped before getting polluted. These DH’s decide to form their own version of man and created the anticlockwise of man…….a woman.


Ah, the complexities of these double helix combinations had created two of the most unique creatures known to this one solar system. Man and Woman.

The irresistible beauty of woman and the ruggedness of man. The evolution process had taken a bit of a setback with the emergence of these “superior beings”. The ones which had come about earlier had no ability to reason or to think like these two had. They moved from place to place with the help of two long projections emerging from the end of the torso. These were longer compared to the two on the upper end of the torso.

Their heads were coincidentally the throne of power in the course of their life span just as with the earlier ones. They contained lenses to see through, drums to hear through and breathing devices which triggered off a highly complex system of vessels carrying fluids red in colour which led to a pump which circulated this red fluid to every end of this organism.

Inside the head sat a thinking machine of some sort. It had thick convolutions of tubes through which tiny specks of charged light passed. This important and menacing looking thinking machine controlled everything in this system. It was as if the life of the entire being was concentrated in that machine.

It was the memory of the being.

It was the sanity of the being.

It was the curiosity of the being.

It was the why, the where, the how, the who and the huh of the being.

It was what made the being a human being.

Now after the first man and woman had discovered all this, they set off on the next logical step to take; and that was “Discovery”. The man, the epitome of curiosity, discovered there must be more to his existence than going around talking gibberish, eating raw meat, and of course smelling his own armpits. Needless to say, it did not get the lady’s attention either.

One day; unlike every other day because it was a ‘fine’ day; Man decided to take the left turn to his cave from his daily hunting grounds. The decision was taken with much care and deliberation. The route from the right had been blocked off by a strange herd of flightless birds. They had no wings and they incessantly cried -………………”.

Man being cautious and practical decided to leave this strange procession and take a detour.

While walking carrying the carcass of a dead fat warthog, a tree standing very still as they always do was split in half by a very powerful speck of light from far far far away in a different system. The speck of light travelling at a very high velocity had effectively destroyed the tree and now all that was left, man noticed, was a fluid-like vapour. Orange on the outside and blue on the inside. It moved with the wind. Man walked towards it with the keen eyes of someone who actually looks at something for the first time. The fluid vapour was hot to touch and could not be physically controlled.

After burning his fingers a little, man discovered he could use it to impress woman and soon discovered a way of transporting it using a tree branch. That day to get woman’s attention he added lots of tree branches together to make a giant flame. The flame was visible to every being far and wide and man found himself surrounded by every other creature other than woman.

Getting bitten by every insect known to man, man felt strangely out of place. It could have been the rather large majority of other beings buzzing, roaring, chirping, squealing and other audibly distinguishable sounds surrounding him but he decided that was not it.

The need for the outcaste to find his fellow partner grew like a flame on a thousand tree branches. He even tried talking to his present companions but to no avail. The acoustics of the drums on their heads were all different. Communicating with them had become a problem.

Communication, decided man, was essential. Gone were the days he would spend endless hours chatting with small winged insects who would want to sit on him during the wee hours in the night preceded by a small one sided conversation which man heard as-‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnennnnnnnOwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’. Gone were the days where he would spend the whole day gurgling under the water, trying his best to talk to that finned creature that would only spit out bubbles.

Man had discovered hierarchy.

Hierarchy made man use the other beings. The concept of power seeping through his body like a flame on two thousand tree branches, he established his future ‘rule’ over the other beings.

Man discovered slavery.

Slavery put the other beings in shackles, beings tormented by man to please his woman. Savage Animals, as they were termed by man, were made to do the manual labour which man knew he would never be capable of himself.

Man discovered laziness.

Woman meanwhile noticing these changes in man decided to keep quiet about the whole thing. The discoveries were not to her liking. Man in control of the Earth was a scary thought to say the least.

Meanwhile in another part of this lush and giving environment, great complexities were arising. Another creature was being made. What made this one special was the fact that it had the complex DH structure of man himself. This is how it came about....

Man on a hunting trip next to an active volcano one day, slipped on a banana peel and fell down resulting in him landing straight on a slithering snake. The snake tired and weary, was not very thrilled at having a rather large weight landing hard suddenly on his back. The snake lashed out at man with his two fangs glistening in the light of the lava river flowing near by.

The bite was a good one and spilt a lot of man's blood.

Man discovered pain.

While screaming and writhing uncontrollably in this rather uncomfortable state the snake quietly sneaked away realizing that man's wrath could be overwhelming to say the least.

“Heeeninweeneeeineineneneieineneneienneeineneinein” said woman to man when she saw him lying writhing and screaming uncontrollably on the ground. “UGHHRUMMPHPHREUUMPH” shouted man in reply.

(For the readers convenience I will now translate primitive linguistics)

“Are you like……. Ok?”


Man discovers sarcasm, wit and snappy replies all at once.

“I was just asking, no need get touchy about the whole thing now…..”


“If you are going to shout I’m going to leave you here like this and not help you at all….”

“WAIT!!....wait and help me, will you?”

“Hmmmm…. All right I will help you….on the condition that you give me something!”

“HUH? What could you possibly want from a place that is…well…..empty…..”

“I was thinking of something more…..well personal……a bone for instance…”


“It’s for you to never forget that I helped you in your most dire need…..”

“May as well take an arm and a leg then……..”

“I just want a rib”

“DONE! Now get this pain out of me immediately!”

Using her great talents to man’s benefit, woman proceeded to stop the blood flow using some plants she found that stopped pain. She first gave man some herbs which made him woozy and dazed a little so that he could feel no pain. For some reason he felt light-headed.

Woman then completed the deal by taking a rib out of man. Using thread she found from the worm who fed on the blue berry bushes, she sewed up all the gashes and ailments which affected man.

After the exhaustive procedure, man feeling reinvigorated with his new and well functioning body felt something for the first time.

Man discovered feelings.

Man and woman sat up till late in the day talking about their experiences and how they should have met each other earlier because they gelled so well together and all that kind of chit chat.

A time arose when both of them stopped talking and for the first time looked at each other.

Lightning struck once more on a rock near by and sparks flew.

The complexities of what happened next are too vast to even put down on paper without going red in the face. The union of the two humans was inevitable and it paved the way for a race of a new kind and of reproduction other than the great amoebic powers.

Besides it was way more fun.

Now we get back to a more important factor that man and woman had forgotten about. The red liquid (now called blood because of its colourful usage by man in a moment of painful spontaneity) spilt by man by the snake, had casually made its way into the small stream of lava flowing nearby. The complex compositions of both these different liquids fused together creating for the first time; and I fear for the last time as the timing and quantity was just right; a being unlike any seen before.

It rose out of the lava and revealed itself to…be...well…itself. It had a long straight face, deep sunken eyes which one could not see clearly, a small mouth with a prominent lower lip, a long thin body and a very grim expression on its face.

Lava does do that to you sometimes.

This magnificent being jumped straight out of the lava jumping and screaming a little like man had done. His skin being tougher left no scars or marks on his frame.

He looked around him in wonder as he moved using his legs (yes the long projections out of his torso were named legs.). he seemed to be aware. Aware of everything that had transpired in the world around him. He knew of man, woman, water and everything man already knew about.

He picked up a stick. Linguistic abilities being at an all time low since he was just born, he said “Stig”.

That was to be his name he decided. Short and sweet as he would say later, Stig went to quench his thirst of knowledge. He knew he would be very important one day.

He was right.


As time progresses so do the mysteries around us begin to fade. Discoveries were made by man and his companion woman. Through the new reproductive powers they had discovered, man and woman together had expanded their species. They multiplied at will and they showed no mercy to the other species. What started of in the beginning as being an instantaneous reproduction slowly became more complex over time. Woman was feeling the strain on her bad back while man to fulfil his cravings and desire would relentlessly carry on the barrage.

Woman discovers headaches.

The time for reproduction slowly increased and through the increasing amount of time the time of instantantaneous reproduction was lost to everyone. Woman decided on 9 months, 9weeks, 9 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes and 9 seconds.

Why 9 you would ask me and to be quite honest about it…. I really don’t know……. It’s a secret all of woman kind know and I am sure they do not want to disclose it. It does have something to do with the woman who started the reproductive schedule. Yin was her name.

Before we digress I must stress on how man and woman were slowly becoming the bane of the earth. They scoured the earth’s lands in search for their place of belonging. They were in the sense wanderers, searching for a match in their counterpart. They were usually found in groups. Never one alone. Man and woman had realized since their meeting that communication was a factor to overcome all. The feeling of communicating and connecting with someone was far more satisfying than hanging around a bunch of species who were not as complicated as they were.

Communication led to sharing of ideas, beliefs and systems. The discovery of power led to mans struggle for it. Land was his first power grab. Man kind everywhere were demarcating their land. The spirit of competition was in every man’s mind. Competition was the sort of driving force for the modern man. Higher, faster and stronger.

Woman not to be outdone herself also jumped onto the band wagon.

The human era on earth had begun. Their discoveries began to gather momentum.

Only one being (presumed by him) was watching mans progression into the unknown…..Stig.

Reclined on a float in the middle of his private pool in his private mansion, sipping on a ‘sex on the beach’ as these humans called it, Stig finally gave into the fact that he quite enjoyed mans many discoveries. The musings of a being who had seen everything. His extraordinary methods of travel and camouflage had made him a voyeur in some sense. Travelling was done by converting himself into tiny grains of sand which the winds carried quite quickly in fact to his desired destination. The deal stuck with the tiny specks of air had made life so much easier. He chuckled appreciatively at his own communicating skills. A sort of ironic chuckle since he himself had lived apart from everyone and communicating only when needed to. He stayed alone and entertained himself by observing the humans all over earth.

Stig’s extraordinary mind set him apart from the regular being. To put it coherently…. While man discovered the wheel Stig was driving a complex machine equivalent to a ‘Ferrari’. He was always ahead of the humans. He even felt the need sometimes to help man with his discoveries. The arrogance of Stig was justifiable. He had been the cause of the many wars.

He was Napoleon’s right hand man,

He was Hitler’s foremost general.

He made the plans for the attack on Pearl Harbour.

He gave nuclear technology to Man.

He dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He was everywhere where there was a sense of fear, hatred, jealousy, anger, loathing, rage, antagonism and all the words you could use to describe the same. In a ‘grenade shell’ as he would like to say, he had a ‘different’ sense of humour.

Stig kept his glass on the floating table next to his float. It had been an exhausting day, even for a higher being. The nuclear deals in every country had been completed successfully. Soon there would be no distinguishing between one nation and another…. Even if they were coloured differently.

Instilling conflict in the humans was turning out to be a breeze. They some how liked the idea of control. Humans were vulnerable when they let their emotions take over. Stamping their identity over others of their kind was all that mattered to them. Their ‘ego’s’ took over them in a vice like grip. Its reassurance they tell themselves reassuringly. The rational decision is forgotten and stubbornness bores its deep holes in them. Revenge was what the game was about now. The equal and opposite reaction to every action was taking its toll on the earths existence and of the humans as well.

Stig chuckled again. He came back to what was troubling him since he had gained his infinite knowledge on well, everything. The humans had been his only source of entertainment. They themselves destroying themselves would not help his cause one bit. The need to find company was hurting him from the inside.

Television had kept him awake long nights. After being given the technology by him, the humans had done a good job of creating mindless eye candy. He did have his favourite shows none the less.

Stig transformed into the dust and the wind immediately picked him up and put him in his room.

He didn’t like getting wet.

Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Stig drove up the gates of Caesar’s Palace. A frequent visitor to the hotel, the valet immediately recognized Stig and opened his Aston Martin DB12 car door

“Goood Eeevening Mr. Good. It’s a pleasure having you here.”

“Good evening…. (Scanning the name plate rather hastily)…Jesus!”

“Uh… its je’ sus’ sir….”

“Ah yes well always have been bad at names. How are you liking your job je` sus`?”

“To be brutally honest with you (as most people were compelled to be truthful around Stig) not to good….. my closest valet friend ratted on me taking a bugatti out for a spin. And then my boss decides to make an example out of me and nails me clean on the………….”

Stig had lost interest in this conversation ever since it began. These humans and their long winded self pitying stories. He walked on while je` su`s went on animatedly to a crowd which had collected around.

The hotel was very large. The receptionist in the main lobby was busy attending phone calls and Stig decided not to interfere in her communication escapades. The hotel cum casino was ornately made, but it was still nothing compared to the likes of what he had seen. Caesars palace in Rome was a magnificent work of architecture.

Stig had made the blue plans for it………..obviously……..

Heading straight to the casino, Stig picked up a drink from a traveling waiter. A long stemmed glass goblet containing wine. Stig swirled it around the goblet just as he did in the vineyards of France. A small sniff of the wine was in order, before taking it in and swirling it around the palette of his mouth before swallowing it. The invention of alcohol had been one of Stig’s greatest inventions. Truth serum as he would like to call it.

It had a habit of loosening the human tongue and cause unforeseen circumstances which could go either way. It was how Stig relaxed.

Swirling the wine around in the glass, Stig was all set to hit the tables and collect some money. Stig never used any unfair advantage while gambling. Gambling he felt depended on probability and of course face reading. This was true for his favourite game of all time…Poker. He made his way to the table where his seat was reserved. That particular table was for all the high stake players. Old men with a whole lot of money to throw.

Stig made quick work of the first two rounds winning at ease with the same cards twice. He got a triad of sixes (666) which was more than any of the geriatrics could manage.

Feeling the need for some more wine, Stig turned around to find the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She captured his every emotion in every dazzling step she took towards him. It was unlike anything he had experienced before. Her every motion was fluid like water and just as pure.

She was looking straight at him.

Stig discovers Hopmore.


As the world runs on a cause and effect, the birth of Stig had to be balanced sometime later. Later would turn out to be pretty soon.

While man and woman tried out the new reproductive process, woman’s blood was spilt.

The blood fell into a small stream of water. The recurrence of the mixing complex structures took place in that fateful stream. The water and woman’s DH’s joined together. Hopmore rose out of the water, as graceful as the word suggests. The water ran down her pale skin. Her hair a pale, off whitish colour itself, was surprisingly dry and cascaded down her body till her knees.

She was beautiful.

Hopmore was blessed with such a complex structure that has been lost to everyone now, knew she could do things ordinary humans could not do. She had been born with the ability to travel at extraordinary speeds using the moisture in the clouds. Her body would dissimilate into tiny water particles and she would be transported from cloud to cloud and then come down by leaving the clouds which the humans came to term as ‘Rain’. Her beauty was such that no man could resist looking at her if she desired it so.

She was quite picky in that sense. She preferred to be left alone. It was not that she did not like humans, she adored them….it was just that she was different from them.

She was an immortal.

Hopmore had lived through all the years. She had seen and heard almost everything ‘humanly’ created. She had also had the ability to be forgotten almost immediately by any human. The way she changed her appearance from being loud to being discreet always helped her in her lifetime. She had always liked helping the humans do other things other than trying to blow themselves up. The hara-kiri nature of the humans was always omnipresent. She had dedicated her life to help man in saving himself. She was there treating men in the war next to Florence Nightingale.

She had written Martin Luther King's speech on the equality of people.

She had walked along with Gandhi during the Salt March.

She was the nun helping Mother Teresa do her job.

In short she was the instigator of love peace and kindness. She had spent countless life times struggling with a single thought on her mind. She had not been able fathom the idea of some being able to negate her spreading of goodness to all of human kind. There was some foul play afoot and she was going to find out.

Many a time while travelling through the skies in the clouds, she had noticed spectacular dust clouds travelling at immensely high speeds. It had never interfered with her flight path and she chose to dismiss it as some new human activity.

On one very curiosity filled day she decided to follow its path. She kept her distance from the cloud in the fear that she might cause an accident. The bellowing cloud moved towards a city in the desert. The city of Las Vegas. She had heard of this place but had kept away from it. The digression of human kind had reached its lowest over there. She had always wanted to know why and this could be her opportunity to do so.

She saw the cloud suddenly dive downwards in a spiral. She proceeded to do the same.

Rain descended in the city of Las Vegas that day. Hopmore caught a glimpse of the cloud descending into an Aston Martin DB12. She followed the car in a cab and her keen sense of tracking the gas fumes from the car didn’t leave her far off the track even though it was travelling at an increasingly fast rate.

This was certainly not normal human behaviour. The speeds this car was travelling at seemed unimaginable at times. The accuracy of that kind of driving required the responses of a cat on steroids.

She arrived at her subject’s destination, Caesars Palace. A human looking man stepped out of the car. His big collared trench coat made it impossible to see his face clearly. Hopmore for the first time felt curiosity of such intensity as never before.

She had to see the face of that man.

She walked into the hotel behind him, making a few people stop and listen to the story of a valet who had just been rudely treated by the mysterious man. She followed him through the lobby where he indulged in some of those awful alcohols. Disgusted by this revelation she started to question herself on why she was so interested in him. What made him different from any other man she thought. These thoughts were short lived as a sudden decision came over her.

She decided she was going to dress up for the occasion.

When she saw him amble towards what was called the ‘poker’ table, she side stepped into the woman’s section of the wash rooms.

Hopmore looked at her reflection in the mirrors that lined one side of the wall. She always knew she was of exceptional beauty. It was just that she never felt the need to use the full extent of her womanly wiles.

This was one of those exceptional occasions. After making sure no one was in the wash room, Hopmore stepped back in front of the mirrors to reveal a very very revealing blood red dress. There was a certain sense of determination that came over her at that moment. Her hands moved across her face to finish the look. As soon as they were put down, they uncovered a face capable of bringing the world to an end.

Simple diamond stud earrings and a silver choker make up done to highlight the right areas of her face, and a small wicked smile for the first time……..

She was going to come to his table after all Stig thought to himself. Her beauty was unlike anything he and ever seen and that was saying a lot. Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Marilyn Monroe could have never matched her for even her breath.

The way her long confident strides matched her perfectly proportioned figure made her seem unreal. How was it that a woman with such beauty had not been picked by the human media was unimaginable. A woman like that should be worshipped he felt.

*SNAP*………come back to reality, Stig thought. He closed his eyes for a second. Why was it that he was getting overwhelmed by an ordinary woman?

“That’s it!” he exclaimed rising quite suddenly. She was not ordinary and that’s why he should be even more wary of her he thought to himself.

The quick motion of him getting up caused a series of rather messy events. He hit a passing by waiter who was carrying a rather expensive bottle of scotch which in turn caused him to drop the bottle on the floor. The spilt scotch caused several other waiters carrying alcohol to slip on the rather wet floor. This further caused the walking customers to slip and fall down.

Stig took a long deep breath.

Everything around him seemed to be happening in another galaxy. He was standing face to face with the one woman who had for the first time rendered him incapable of rational thought.

A white space enveloped them.

Stig was still staring unbelievingly at Hopmore.

She came closer and closer still.

Till there was but a hair's breadth between them, she advanced on her ‘prey’.

Stig could feel her breath on his hard skin, his rather big collars doing no good to shield him in anyway… if he would want that……

She opened her mouth to speak with Stig for the first time. “Are you okay?” she said, her voice beginning to reverberate softly in his head a thousand times over in way that he felt he could feel ‘okay’ with her around.

A definite feeling of comfort.

Stig realized that that what he must be doing to people….but he would never be asking questions regarding good health! This thought snapped him back into his present environment and out of the dream like sequence of one of those ‘Hollywood’ movies.

“Hey where have you taken me?”

“A place where we could have some kind of privacy...”

“WHAT??............what are you if I may be so bold to ask.”

“I was going to ask you the same thing dearie…….”

“I asked first…….”

“I feel this will take along while….” Said Hopmore and two cloud chairs emerged from the white space.

********* overview

The explanations from both the parties shattered both of them equally and they could not believe how they had managed to work with the humans without either of them knowing what the other did to negate their work.

Conversations then ensued on various human and earth related topics. They ranged from how why she felt that the humans should be prevented from causing their own destruction.

Stig and Hopmore had discovered one thing of common importance…… they both found each others company strangely fascinating and wanted to meet each other more often. They decide to meet each other every day. The destination they alternated between themselves.

Hopmore would take Stig to places which were peaceful and there was harmony in every human present over there and Stig would take Hopmore to places which he had helped man create.

Stig and Hopmore began to appreciate each others work in their very opposite approaches towards the humans. They began to see the how complex the whole situation was. How one factor was connected to several other factors.

How the interdependency of different species living on the earth were slowly losing importance to the ego, ergo the human race.

The time was too late to stop them now.

Countries all over the earth had amassed the same amount of arms and ammunition.

All it needed was something to spark it off. A fight, for instance.

This was always a certainty between two highly complex and evolved beings to have a fight. On the fateful day this happened human kind would realize the true meaning of apocalypse.

The fight came about because Hopmore was an hour and a half late with her meeting with Stig. Stig erupted at the thought of someone not obeying him completely.

After a verbal throw of words at each other Stig left to sell all the remaining stocks of nuclear arsenal to even the most underdeveloped nation on the earth. Hopmore could only wait and watch as the end of the world began.

Countries attacked each other out of anxiousness. Not wanting to be the last to start an attack the battle of the earth did not last very long. Within a few minutes the entire human race and all the living species in it were exterminated.

Stig standing over a pile of rubble gazed longingly at the ruins of Las Vegas. He had transformed himself into dust as soon as the first attack had begun. He had not expected it to be this bad. He did not actually want this to happen…..

He heard a sniffle behind him. He did not turn because he knew who it was. The only other being alive in this destroyed earth. Hopmore took two steps closer to stig and then hugged him from behind and crushed her face into his back, tears streaming down her face.

He turned to hug her back.

“This was not how it was supposed to turn out…”

“It would have turned out like this even without you … you just hurried it up”

“Hmmm the air is thinning quite fast…. The ozone specks must be completely obliterated…”

Without saying another word Hopmore handed Stig a box. “I picked it up before the attacks…thought it might be useful…”

Stig opened the box to find a small human made potted plant.

Stig and Hopmore then decided to turn into dirt and water respectively and give the plant all the nourishment they needed to continue for eternity.

The plant immediately took root in the soil the last beings had created and grew into an enormous tree with just a solitary fruit on it. The fruit would nestle seeds for further trees until the tiny specks would all come back and thus the world would be reformed.

Just like the tiny specks of old.


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