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THE ORIGIN OF MAN, WOMAN & SEX- by Govind Mohandas

Long ago, the almighty, all powerful spirit ‘Originia’ sat at its abode looking and marveling at its creation. Originia had just created the universe and all its celestial bodies and set it to motion. This all knowing spirit had rendered an insignificant small planet with diverse flora and fauna. It was its favourite planet and so chose to spend all its creative energy into creating beautiful varieties of species. All the animals and plants of the world were born.
Originia had also gifted every animal in the planet with an external muscular organ with a sac made from magical erectile tissues which he called raphi. He thought that this gift, this unifying organ would prevent all the diverse animals from fighting amongst each other as they themselves were so different in every other way. The role of this organ, raphi, was to unify the animals of the world enabling them to live in harmony, in peaceful co existence.
However Originia alone knew of the raphi’s enormous power and the secret of inducing inexpressibly uplifting experiences by handling the raphi in a specific method.
Every such experience would involve explosions following a spiritually uplifting climax. When these explosions fell and touched earth, it turned into magical herbs called kava kava. Originia loved this so much that he created the celestial pool, gasorma, which contained the elixir, that would permanently put the drinker into that wonderful state of mind; that state of thoughtlessness and infinite knowledge. However originia decided to keep this pool discreet for selfish reasons. Time and life passed on and all the animals were happy.
One day the dogs discovered the magical kava kava herb and consumed it. They found that although their perception was pleasantly altered, their raphi would unusually grow larger and they found this to be scary and overpowering. So the dogs would meet every now and then, detach their respective raphis and have kava kava parties. The kava kava became a huge hit and soon all the dogs began gathering together for kava kava festivals. The tradition usually was that all the dogs would gather, remove their raphis, keep them all together in a room and then party, after which they would take their respective organs and go back home.
During one such party, there was a tragic fire and all the dogs started panicking and there was chaos everywhere. Some raphis caught fire and some fortunate dogs managed to take whatever raphi they could find and fled. This tragic episode gave birth to something terrible. A DIFFERENCE. The dogs that were devoid of their raphis were treated as outcasts. Ever since the great fire, every dog would sniff at a dog’s groin looking for his raphi. This practice of the dog trying to find his respective balls continues today.
The dogs that didn’t have any were extremely upset at their miserable plight and decided to approach the all knowing Originia. Originia took great pity on these deprived souls and decided to give the celestial gasorma’s magical liquid to these dogs and told them of its powers. They were to undertake the task of guarding and delivering this elixir to all his fellow deprived beings and free them from their plight and acquire super consciousness.
However all the other dogs would not leave them at peace. They kept sniffing for their raphis and demanded the dogs to reveal what they were hiding. The dogs gave in and the moment, their tongue touched the magical water, everything changed. They started looking at the deprived dogs in new light. Something was born. Their raphis rose and hardened. They mounted and the raphis started pounding into the dogs with a new energy, they had never witnessed. Sex was born. The sexes were born.
This new desire overpowered and got the better of the male dogs and they began inviting all the animals with raphis to experience sex. All the female dogs were merely used for this. This cross fertilization of dogs with various other species of animals gave rise to the birth of man and woman. Ever since the birth of man and woman, the access to the celestial pool of gasorma has been their purpose of life. It continues to be, just like the dogs which are in constant pursuit of retrieving their respective raphis.

Chapter Two

And so men and women were born from the random cross fertilization of the different species of the world. But what happened was not just a birth of another species. Originia felt uneasy. Sitting in its abode, the almighty had watched all the tragedies that were taking place in its favourite planet so suddenly. He felt he was responsible for all the mishaps. He felt foolish for having entrusted the magical waters of Gasorma in the hands of helpless dogs. But there was nothing he could do. There were things being created for the first time which were not intended. Cause and consequence is believed to have taken its birth in this period. But when Originia witnessed the disturbing sight of the deprived dogs being used merely for the sex by countless animals, he knew that his biggest blunder, his worst creation was the very same thing that he thought to be the best. The organ whose purpose was to unify was the organ that now had the power to bring the earth to an end. The Raphi had the power to take over a mind and manipulate its thoughts and actions.
But with the birth of men and women, originia had more reasons to worry. With the birth of man and woman, something new was born yet again. Advanced powers of thought, reason, logic and emotion was embedded in them. The limitations of their advanced brain were endless. Originia, completely dejected with all this decided to retreat from its abode and take a long break. He decided to shift base to a little shack by the beautiful Gasorma, which was far away from what worried him. Earth. Originia would return only when he was needed and decided to leave the fate of earth in man’s hands.

Soon, the man woman count had multiplied into several thousands. Man began to use the lower beings, the animals for his food. The dogs however knew that it was all their doing and watched with horror man’s huge appetite for variety. They watched all their friends, all the different animals being killed and consumed by man. There was a new addition to the food chain and it was right on top. The dogs faced with the possibility of being eaten up some day all decided that to avoid this one had to win the trust and love of human beings.

Meanwhile, man was ferociously exploring the world he now found himself in. various factors of localization like food, water and climate helped man to settle in a place of his liking. Although hunger and shelter was there, man’s thirst for sex was not quenched entirely. Though he would meet women in the wild occasionally during his explorations and quench his thirst, it would happen immediately and he would wander off again. But when he was thirsty for sex, he could only hope he would bump into a woman soon. He looked at himself and found himself carrying meat and clothing made from fur. He saw how he had unconsciously prepared himself for food and shelter. He then tried to apply the same logic in his sex thirst problem. It made sense.

Soon man found himself doing up his cave with feathers and fur. He adorned the walls of his cave with paintings of himself naked in ‘attractive’ poses. He caught hold of a dog and kept it for security reasons. He caught many different animals and kept them locked for food.
He now knew the power of business. He now had incentives to offer, and the next woman he met, he brought her to his newly done up place and made her see why she should be with him. The woman saw all the animals and all the fur. She saw food and jewellery and she was overwhelmed. She saw a household. Then she saw her man in the walls around her in seductive poses and his magnificient Raphi and gave in. There was nothing more to think about. A Family was born. Children were born. The concept of togetherness for sustainable reasons was born. Different families came together to form a community where each family would perform a specific task contributing to the greater good of the community.
With the birth of communities, the need for organizational efficiency increased. Since the raphi was always considered a symbol of power, the man with the largest raphi usually became the leader of the community and was feared and respected by all.
His raphi became an object of worship and it soon became a privilege and a boon for a woman to have direct contact with the chief’s raphi. No doubt, this was a strategy to fulfill his deep and darkest desires. All the men were to willingly send their mates to the chief’s house everyday; else they would not be allowed to be a part of the community. With each new day, the chief’s thirst for power and women only grew. He began traveling to new territories in search for variety. When he saw a community that had beautiful women he had to have it. There would be a ceremony where both raphis of the two chiefs would be measured and in those days, it was simply the raphi’s length that determined the chief of the territory.
Schools were set up to teach children of the community the art of agriculture, hunting skills, art, surgery and other relevant subjects. Days passed by and communities grew larger and more prosperous. Contrasting emotions also began to grow within communities with the arrival of education. People started developing bitter thoughts about their system. All the men hated their leader but never dared to voice their thoughts. Such an act of questioning or opposition would immediately result in them losing their raphis. That was one thing men did not want to lose. But seeing one man enjoy so much power and luxury sowed the seeds of hatred. They loved their wives and children but each man had no option but to strictly adhere to the rules of the community and send their wives for the chief.
There was a large and prosperous community in an island country of Godephaes. In this particular community, the chief was a strong and highly feared man called Raphael D’Arousa. In his community, belonging to a particular family, there was a young, bright and a handsome student called Coakfixe who studied surgery. Coakfixe was known for his skill in medicine and surgery and was loved by all….

Chapter Three – The Forest Of Love

Raphael D'Arousa was a very powerful chieftain. He had annexed many a territory with his enormous raphi and was the sole ruler of a large prosperous island country called Godephaes which consisted of over thousand small independent communities previously, until Raphael D'Arousa brought them all under one head.

Godephaes was acclaimed worldwide for its beautiful women and although Raphael, in his younger days, had all of them at his fingertips, his purpose and visions had slowly drifted in a different direction, as he grew older and more powerful. Raphael was a chief, respected for his intelligence and administrative abilities. Being a scholar himself, he constantly encouraged his subjects to follow their intellectual pursuits. Raphael now completely spent his time observing the wonders of the world around him and his conquest dreams now took new shape. It was spiritual.

There was incessant rain one night. Raphael had gone to bed early with a headache. His mind had drifted into troublesome thoughts as he closed his eyes. He felt uncomfortable about something that had been a burning splinter in his head for a long time. He sensed something was coming. That rainy night, sleep didn’t come alone.
Raphael then found himself sitting in his bed, startled. He was sweating profusely and felt weak. He had seen something. Raphael had dreamt of his beloved Godephaes tragically coming to an end. He had seen the beginning of a new time and an individual who was to be the saviour of Godephaes. But more than anything, Raphael had also dreamt about the magical waters of Gasorma and now realized his true purpose.

Raphael had a daughter called Hermosojo, who was known for her stunning beauty and many men had fallen prey to her beauty. Raphael was now beginning to think of giving the throne and his lovely daughter to a capable man, so that he could follow his new dreams. Hermosojo was studying medicine and philosophy with coakfixe and they both loved each other dearly. Coakfixe was the most intelligent man in those parts and his power of healing had helped save many lives. It would have seemed easy for coakfixe to win the trust of Raphael with his reputation. But nature has its own way of balancing things out and though coakfixe was qualified in every way, nature had created coakfixe with an extremely small raphi.

Hermosojo’s mother was a woman called colera. She had always been interested in the supernatural and had been practicing occult for many years. Many godephaeans came to her for advice on several issues but few knew about colera’s ulterior motives. She took pleasure in cheap thrills and used her powers of magic to cause fear and sorrow to other families. Colera’s ultimate goal was to actually gain access to Gasorma herself and free the women race from all their misery. Her experience of watching her beloved Raphael with countless other women in her younger days had sowed the seeds of hatred and disgust deep in her heart, which was when she met an old woman in the forests who showed and taught her the power of occult.

Meanwhile Raphael D'Arousa was getting eager to start out on his quest for the magical Gasorma, but he could not afford to leave the country. He had been chief for over thirty years and many lives were dependent on him. Moreover he still had the biggest and the most magnificient of raphis in Godephaes and there was no one that could be elected chief. When Raphael expressed his desire to find a suitable king and a husband for hermosojo, colera at once knew of Raphael’s plans. Colera at that time did not say anything, but decided secretly that she too would undertake the journey and use her powers to stop Raphael from getting there before she does. When Raphael brought up Hermosojo’s marriage, hermosojo told them about coakfixe and how she truly loved him and felt that he would be the best thing that was to happen in Godephaes. Raphael remembered fragments of memory from his dream.

He decided to see if coakfixe is really the chosen one, and decided to test him. There were many men who wanted Hermosojo and Raphael wanted to make sure that coakfixe wanted her for life. One day Raphael D’Arousa and coakfixe went for a walk in the valley of Pregunta and came to a fork.

Raphael looked at coakfixe and he pointed to a forest. “Go into this forest, my son and bring me the tallest tree you can find”. Coakfixe made his way into the dark dense forests and saw himself surrounded by huge trees. He scanned the forest for a short while and saw a tall tree. “This must be it”, he thought excitedly. He took the tree back to Chief Raphael and gave it to him.

“Was this the tallest tree in the forest, coakfixe?” asked Raphael. Coakfixe replied that there were many tall trees and that he didn’t search the entire forest. The first huge tree that he had seen, he had brought it for Raphael. Little did he realize that this was the chief’s test for the next best candidate.

Raphael D'Arousa looked sad. His face shrunk and his fingers now pointed to another forest. He spoke slowly. “Go into this forest, my son and bring me the tallest tree you can find”. Coakfixe went into the next forest. He saw many tall trees, but learning from his previous experience, scanned the entire forest and brought Raphael the tallest tree in the forest.

“Is this the tallest tree?” asked Raphael. Coakfixe affirmed that it was.
Raphael walked coakfixe back home and gave coakfixe the results of the test. He told coakfixe about how he respected him for his intelligence and skills. He told coakfixe that the first forest he went into was ‘marriage’ and the second forest that he went into was in fact... .’Love’.

Coakfixe did not understand. Raphael told him that when you are young and you are in love, you have all the time, energy and the drive to find the absolute tallest tree in your life. He explained that when it comes to marriage, you may see many tall trees, but as soon as you see a tree tall enough, you compromise. You do not think of the other fish in the sea. Raphael told coakfixe that he had actually hoped coakfixe to bring the same tree on both the occasions and marry his daughter.
But now all was lost. Coakfixe felt a burden that he had never known. He plunged into the vortex of a cloud of depression and vowed to marry his beloved Hermosojo.

Chapter Four – The end of the beginning

Raphael was thoughtful. The miraculous dream had shown him the light. He was now the only man on the face of the earth who knew how to gain access to the celestial pool of Gasorma. Raphael was itching to undertake the arduous journey across seas, mountains and forests to reach the magical pool. But there were a lot of things that had to be set straight before he could leave his magnificient kingdom. And this thought worried him. He had also dreamt that his beloved kingdom was destined to witness utter chaos, destruction and misery. Raphael D’Arousa, the greatest king of them all had built Godephaes for thirty years with his blood and sweat. But then, enlightenment was calling, and Raphael knew that he had to find someone trustworthy and capable, who he could leave the reins of his kingdom with. He would have to find someone who could administer Godephaes until Raphael himself returned as the all knowing, as…God.
He thought of Coakfixe. But Coakfixe had already failed the test of marriage and moreover, he had a small raphi. It wouldn’t take long for someone to challenge him and overthrow him. Finally Raphael decided that he would appoint his wife Colera as acting chief till he returned. Although a woman ruling a land was unheard of in those days, Raphael had no other option. When he approached her and told her of his decision, Colera at once knew of her husband’s plans. But she kept quiet at the moment.
She too had other plans. Colera was tired of seeing her race being used for sexual pleasure by men and felt a burning desire to free them. She planned to trick Raphael into thinking that she would stay back to govern the land until he returned. But Colera too would undertake the journey, discreetly following Raphael without his knowledge. Raphael alone knew how to reach Gasorma and so Colera had to patiently follow him till they reached the celestial pool. She thought to herself that she would kill him quietly as soon as they reached and drink the water herself and bring the elixir back for all the women of the land.
Colera then called a meeting with all the women. This meeting was called the ‘Fenimista-s-Unionus’. She told them all of her plan. When Colera too would leave the land to follow Raphael, all the women were to kill their husbands one by one until men were wiped out from the face of the planet. There was great noise in the room. All the women were shouting out loud cries of overthrowing men and were in a trance-like state. They looked frightening. Colera smiled. She had dreamt of this all her life and it was beginning to take shape. She could hear the sound of man’s destruction in the fury of the cry of her women.
Raphael D’Arousa was now getting ready to leave. He promised all his subjects that his return would mark the beginning of a new golden age. He told them all that he would come back with something that no other human being possessed, but did not reveal what it was. Young Hermosojo and Coakfixe meanwhile sat, completely oblivious to all this, beside a beautiful lake in the woods, immersed in their love.
Raphael D’Arousa bid goodbye to his dear ones and set out on his journey. Colera under the disguise of an old hag followed him quietly, keeping a safe distance. They kept walking tirelessly for seven days and seven nights across Pregunta, the forests of Mortaan, the mountain valleys of Xioto and finally came to a halt. Raphael looked up. It was exactly like what he had seen in his dream. There stood before him the majestic mountain of Rahel. Rahel was an incredibly steep mountain which stood above the earthly skies and clouds. The peak at its astronomical height was a flatland with beautiful meadows adorned with flowers and butterflies surrounding the celestial Gasorma.
Meanwhile things were starting to fall apart in Godephaes. The women marched across the land bringing down houses and offices of power occupied by the men. The more timid women killed their husbands in their sleep by stabbing and strangling them.
Hundreds of men were being killed by the day. Colera had poisoned the minds of the women so effectively with her occult powers that even the babies were not spared. The most significant landmark and the symbol of power of the land was a statue in the center of the kingdom. It was a huge pillar carved from stone which was shaped like Raphael’s raphi. This monument that was usually adorned with flowers was now being brutally pelted with stones by the army of women. It soon came crashing down in a cloud of orange dust. There was a great cry that reverberated across Godephaes. All the men were now executed after eight days of brutal ruthless killing.
Hermosojo and Coakfixe soon returned to see their Godephaes in fire. Everything was destroyed, but the last man.
The lovers stood at the gates gazing at an army of women with bows, arrows and swords.
“There he is!!” shouted one of them. Soon the army was charging at Coakfixe with a look in their eyes and strength in their spirit so fearsome that Coakfixe and Hermosojo fled as fast as they could, hand in hand.
They ran for several days and nights dodging arrows, stones and spears and finally lost the hungry army. They sat down and cried. The lovers had no idea what was happening. But their home was no more and they only had each other. They decided that they would retreat to a distant place, far from human habitation, where no man had been and start a new life. They settled in the land of Edonus.
Meanwhile Raphael was getting closer. Colera and Raphael had now been climbing the mountain for over six days and they were exhausted. Their bodies were covered with bruises and wounds and they were starting to gasp for air. Raphael now had tears in his eyes. This was the greatest moment of his life. It was a feeling that was inexpressible, a feeling that he felt when he was sitting on his bed, sweating profusely, following his dream.
He could now see an expanse of green. The place looked heavenly. The air was clean and smelt sweet. Raphael took a deep breath and scanned the place. In a distance, beyond the flowers he caught glimpse of a beautiful lake with mist hovering over it like bees. Not far away from the banks, on the other side was a beautiful little shack that glowed like gold.
“First things first”, he thought excitedly and walked towards the lake. Soon he found himself standing before the celestial pool of Gasorma. There were a million thoughts in his head. Raphael took a step forward with a smile on his lips.
Suddenly Raphael fell to the ground with a pain shooting down his spine. He felt paralyzed as he clutched his neck with a tight grip. Everything was starting to look blurry. He looked at his hands covered with red. Raphael looked up to the sky that was growing whiter by the second. He could hear a soothing whisper which said “I am sorry Raphael, I am sorry…but this is our world”. Slowly Colera entered his frame of vision with tears in her eyes and an evil smile on her lips. She grew whiter as Raphael’s veins were starting to spread the poison from the dart. Slowly with Colera’s words ringing in his head, Raphael D’Arousa, the greatest king of them all, closed his eyes for the last time.
Colera stood up and looked at the pool. Everything had gone according to plan and here she was, standing before the one thing that could free her race. She slowly undressed and scanned her body which was covered with bruises and wounds. She walked into the cool waters as the ripples encircled her invitingly. Her wounds started to disappear as the magical water touched her skin. She felt rejuvenated.
Originia, the creator had just stepped out of his shack for his routine dose of the enlightening liquid when he saw a new being in his land. It was not his creation. It was the very thing that had driven him to retreat to the peak of Rahel. Originia scanned this being carefully. She was beautiful. The water against her skin glistened and formed a silver lining to those perfect breasts. The creator felt something that he had never felt before. Originia longed to see how it would be to touch and be felt. Ever since the universe was created, Originia had kept to himself with only Gasorma’s water as his companion. It had filled his all powerful body with testosterone and now it was calling out to him. Originia knew what he had to do. He now had to try out the first thing which was not his creation. He felt uneasy and apprehensive and it excited him all the more.
Originia slowly descended into the water.
Colera was amazed to see the effects of Gasorma eating up her wounds and her wrinkles, rejuvenating her with youthful energy. She was starting to feel explosions between her legs. The time had now come to consume the elixir and liberate herself. Colera felt a presence towering behind her. She turned around to see blinding light emanating from a massive figure adorned with fiery wings. She knew it was him, the creator. Colera already felt uplifted. Her thoughts strayed away from wanting to attain enlightenment to experience contact and have sex with the creator himself. Colera felt overpowered by the effects of Gasorma’s liquid against her skin. She gave in.
Originia had never seen something so beautiful before. He caressed her breasts slowly with one hand as the other slid between her legs. Colera burst into a series of orgasmic explosions with every second as Originia’s magical touch brought her to a state of Euphoria. Originia’s creation, his raphi, had now grown to several times its original size. The meadows of Rahel reverberated with Colera’s cry of painful pleasure as his enormous Raphi penetrated through her. Originia himself was losing control. He closed his eyes and felt his orgasm approaching. It was nothing like his other orgasmic experiences. Originia, not knowing what was coming, underestimating the power of his raphi, plunged deeper into Colera. As her cries became louder and his raphi grew larger, the bed of the pool started to shake under the force. Tremors were felt across the earth and before Originia realized it, he had exploded into a deadly orgasm whose might shattered Colera’s body into several parts. Kava kava herbs grew everywhere around Gasorma. Originia felt overwhelmed. He needed more. Originia was not even thinking at this point and quickly descended down the mountain into planet earth.
Originia went on a rampage thrusting his powerful raphi into every woman he saw, destroying them at once. The raphi, the unifying organ was now destroying everything in its way. Soon Originia had killed every woman with his powerful sexual outburst and wandered off in search for more. There were only two more beings on the planet.
A fatigued Originia with his hunger for sex driving him reached Edonus finally. The many years of consuming Gasorma had brought about an enormous sexual appetite and was now starting to wear off. His powerful eyes scanned Edonus to reveal two beings at the end of a beautiful garden. Originia smiled viciously as he flew to where the lovers resided. Originia spotted the lovely Hermosojo and his raphi grew almost immediately. Originia spread his wings and cried loudly. It was a fearsome sight. Coakfixe felt helpless and uneasy. No sooner had Originia mounted the helpless Hermosojo, than he saw the look of distress on Coakfixe’s face. This was the moment when his thought returned. Originia looked at his lack of self-control with disgust. He just realized that he had destroyed every woman on his favourite planet and felt weak and ashamed. But his hunger was not satisfied. Originia had been altered with the overdose of Gasorma. He now wasn’t the same person he was when he created the universe and all its wonderful worlds. He looked at Hermosojo clasped under his grip and thought that this was the last woman he was going to destroy. With her destruction the human race would come to an end and with it, the woman. No, he could not allow that.
Hermosojo and Coakfixe stood stunned as they watched the god leap into the skies with a cry.


Originia would return to planet earth when it was ready. The creator had full confidence that the men would destroy themselves. The more powerful beings, the women, ‘needed‘him. He thought to himself as he flew to his abode, that he would make this trip to earth a routine and cleanse the planet and rejuvenate himself in the process. He would always leave the two most beautiful beings alive on earth to create a fresh human race studded with beautiful women. Originia had planned out the fate of the human race and now waited.


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