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THE STORY OF MAN - by Ria Rajan 

Chapter One

In the beginning were The Pigs. Evil Green Pigs, who came from the flat, one-dimensional planet of Zog (neighboring the planet of Andromeda).These pigs fed off mental energies produced by the cognitive thought (brain waves) of non-green organisms. They were the conquerors and were feared by all. When they first came to Earth, it too was flat, but the planet had an in-built defense mechanism that caused it to form itself into a sphere to protect itself against Evil (The Pigs) When The Pigs came to earth, they found only non-human life forms. These Pigs could only suck the energies of higher or more evolved organisms than themselves (therefore all the greenery on earth remained intact)So, The Evil Pigs fed off all the neighboring planets whose life forms were non-green and had evolved enough to have cognitive processes. They, slowly and steadily attacked Andromeda, Paladeous, Sirius and eventually Mars.

[*This is how the Pigs functioned- they attacked from the inside. They first hit the Heads of the states, sucking up all their reasoning and cognitive abilities- resulting in them turning into evil organisms themselves. This resulted in the Wars of Good versus Evil.]

The inhabitants of these planets, who saw this happening, sent off their D.N.A patterns\strands to Earth on rockets in an attempt to protect and preserve their species; with the hope of not being wiped out entirely…There was a mad, violent, War was raging… Evil was fast gaining power and growing…

The Martians-the last ones’ to be attacked, were highly evolved mentally. They sensed the attack of The Pigs. They knew they couldn’t withstand and survive the attack and therefore sent off their D.N.A strands to the Earth as well

These Martians had an Elite team –of thinkers and scientists who hid themselves underground. They were so well concealed that The Pigs missed them completely. The Scientists and Thinkers, who only kept improving their knowledge, evolved to such a level that they became pure mental energy. These Martians were also shape-shifters; they floated through space, and finally arrived on Earth as Collective Conscience. Once on Earth, The Collective Conscience found the D.N.A strands of the Paladena, Sirians and Andromedians, and decided they wanted to be the All Powerful Energy Being.

*[Description of D.N.A sent and used.}Andromeda - party freaks-surfersSirius-serious thinking scientistsPaladeans – holistic-nature loving creative major centric beings]

The Martians accelerated the evolution process on Earth

The Collective Conscience decided to create Man and Woman (with the DNA strands of all the planets that were sent to Earth) to be the rulers of Earth; for the Collective Conscience didn’t have a form.The Martian energies stabilized all the various DNA used to create Man and Woman;they put in a lot of power into these two.Man-Odin- Father of all Gods (Norse mythology) and Woman-Rhea-Mother of All things (Greek mythology), worked alongside the Collective Conscience, who were their advisors After Odin and Rhea, The Collective Conscience decided that apart from these two,all other ‘beings’ that they were to create had to use different DNA combinations, because they had no more energy to invest to stabilize the DNA strands once they were all mixed up; they had invested half of their Collective Energy in the creation of these two. It would result in an entire race of Super Powered beings.

So Odin and Rhea, with the constant advise of the Martians created machines from the remains of the rockets (that carried all the DNA sent to Earth), that would link the DNA strands to the indigenous bio-organisms of Earth to create the human race.

By this time, the evolution process of the Ape had begun. The bipeds too had come into existence.

The Collective Conscience wanted the new race to be able to walk and possess the ability to live, eat, build, and create in their own right. They decided to use the DNA of the Ape and mixed it up with the other DNA strands for they were the closest match. [The Ape had the upright posture and the opposable thumb.] This is how we got Modern Man

The different races were from the different combinations of DNA .The DNA for each of these different races was suitably modified taking into consideration the climatic conditions in accordance with the geographic location of these races.

They set up a hierarchical society of which the rulers were Odin and Rhea.The nobility were the SiriansThe middle class were the Paladeons (there were many of them, for Paladiuos was made up of seven stars .They were the masses)The Lower strata were the Andromedeans

It didn’t end here.

The Evil Pigs heard about Odin and Rhea. They knew they couldn’t attack them from the inside like they usually did, for these two were much too powerful. Also, there were dampers placed on the surface of the planet that prevented the Pigs from coming here.

Odin and Rhea along with The Collective Conscience developed a weapon that would consume the energy of Earth and set out a Neural virus. The Pigs would feed on this and eventually the entire clan would be wiped out… This was the beginning of Biological Warfare. The catch was that the weapon had to be set off here on Earth. Odin and Rhea used themselves as bait for they knew that The Evil Pigs couldn’t resist that much mental power.

The rest of the population was hiding underground in bunkers

The release of the weapon caused the Tectonic plates to shift. This is how the continental divide happened. Odin and Rhea had already foreseen the continental shifts and had strategically placed the bunkers, all over the world.

The Survivors reached wherever they did and stayed there. They all had latent genes that allowed them to exist in varied climates. Their genes evolved and adapted to their surroundings.

After Odin and Rhea were killed, they joined the Collective Conscience.

The memory of this sacrifice filtered down through genetic memory though no records of any of this exist, and it has become the basis of most modern religions.(The idea of the Sacrifice of One/Two for many.) And the memory of the Pigs has been somewhat distorted but one can find traces of it in most children stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. The nature of the pig as the predator has been distorted to that of a victim.

Chapter Two-Continuation

All that happened was common to all the races that were spread across the world.

After Odin and Rhea’s sacrifice, all humans were safe and sound but still underground. They surfaced when hunger took a toll on them. When they came out, they found ample Pig meat lying around (remnants from the War that had ensued).

Now, each race\clan thought that they were the only survivors for they didn’t see anyone apart from themselves.

They formed communes, usually around a water source and shelter, and lived happily together. Man and woman were oblivious to each other’s physical differences. As far as they were concerned, that’s just the way it was. There was no shame and there was no hiding. There was nothing to be ashamed about.

In the meantime, the animal kingdom was growing. Since humans didn’t have the collective conscience to guide them, they looked towards the animals as a source of knowledge and learnt about the ‘survival instinct’.

Also seeing the animals reproduce, man and woman began to think about it themselves. By virtue of their genetic make up, sex came naturally. It began as a means of procreation and slowly transformed into an act of power, indulgence, pride and honor.

Man would woo woman just like in the jungle where the lion must impress his mate by his strength and power and his ability to protect.

Woman got to choose her mate; someone she thought capable of providing and protecting.

Thus began the mating game. Children were born and families were formed.

All remained peaceful and calm in these families and communes. There was no bone to contend over.

Soon, The World’s Pig Meat became scarce. Man realized that this was going to be a problem. All the men of the respective clans moved out of their communes in search of more meat (food). They traveled through continents and swam through seas. On the way, they met other Survivors’ who were on the same quest for food. They traveled together till they found more Meat and returned to their respective communes.

But the Pig’s Meat was not going to last forever. It wasn’t enough to feed all Humans eternally.

Some places had large quantities of Pig Meat. All the clans wanted to claim these places as their own. Food became the grounds of conflict and territorial disputes; it also instilled the urge in Man to go out and conquer more and more of the Pig Meat Reserve. This in turn caused transmigration of the clans in an attempt to spread and occupy.

The Pig Meat reserve was becoming smaller and smaller. All Men of the World decided to meet at the World Summit, where they decided to split the Meat equally between the clans. There was one clan though-the Diabolists, that didn’t quite agree. They believed in the Survival of the Fittest. Since they were outnumbered they grudgingly agreed. But they did have a secret, different agenda.

They decided to attack the other clans at night, when it was least expected. This led to numerous wars and man started killing man, to protect himself.

On a higher level, the Collective Conscience was celebrating Its success in creating Man. Odin and Rhea were sworn into the Order and were thrilled about being part of the Collective Conscience. For it was exclusive! Not everyone got to be part of the Order. The Collective Conscience had complete discretion over who would be allowed in. They figured that, with Man, they would choose those who showed heightened thinking abilities and mental powers. For it was very important for The Collective Conscience to keep themselves intellectually charged and stimulated.

So the festivities and celebrations went on for a couple of years. All wore rose-tinted glasses on the Higher Plane. Till one day, by accident Odin woke up in the morning. Members of the Order, usually surfaced around Sun Down. The Twilight Zone was when The Members took their place in the skies.

Odin, startled at being awake at this hour, was thoroughly disoriented. The World wasn’t the way they had intended it to be. There was Chaos everywhere. Wars (between the Baalamites and the others) were raging, people were killing, and the communes were no longer happy places to be.

He was extremely disturbed by this and brought it to the notice of the Order at Twilight. After a few nights, they decided they had to get Order down on Earth. They decided they had to fuse together their energies into one form; who would in turn guide the humans once on Earth. This chosen one was Morpheus. Morpheus had the ability to take any human's form and appear in dreams. He was to appear the dreams of the Chosen ones’. The ones that The Collective Conscience felt had the ability to guide, teach and ultimately restore the order in the world.

In the midst of all the chaos that was brewing in the World, there was still one really small clan-the Eusebia, which had remained hidden underground. They had evolved to a higher level for they were free of conflict and had a better understanding of what the World was meant to be. Living underground, without the traces of the Pigs, they used roots and plants that grew around them as food.

The Collective Conscience decided that this clan-the Eusebians would be The Chosen Ones.

The Order sent Morpheus to them at night and in a vision, showed them what they were to do.

They bestowed each one with a special power that would assist him in his endeavors. Each one was given such a power that would amaze the other humans and in turn be the reason that the Chosen One would be regarded as great.

The Chosen Ones were-

Judgement - which had the power of resurrection.

The Sun - that had the power to Create

The World - that was the esoteric side of Nature

The Star - that had real knowledge

The Hermit - who was the seeker of truth in the right way.

The Chosen Ones surfaced from underground and embarked on their journey to set things right.

Chapter Three

Once they ascended the world from the underground, The Chosen Ones were received with awe; they were revered and listened to. They were respected by most of the people in the clans. People took to them instantly and became devout followers.

They got all the clans to come together as communities. It became the custom to eat meals and celebrate together. Everyone would congregate under the old banyan tree at the end of the day, to listen to the teachings and stories of these men of wisdom. They were told tales that described valor and strength, truth and righteousness. They became living examples of the values of justice, knowledge and honour. The Chosen Ones also advocated vegetarianism, and said that Pig meat was the root cause of all evil. They preached that every grain taken from Nature has to be returned. This, according to The Chosen Ones, keeps the whole world in balance. Thus, the people were introduced to the idea of organized farming and cultivation.

There were a few though; the Baalamites (after the devil spoken against by the Hebrews, the devil of avarice and greed) who did not believe in these wise men. Neither did they believe that being vegetarians was a better way of life nor did they like being told what to do; they wanted to live life on their own terms.

They conspired to get rid of the Chosen Ones and take control of the clans, for the Baalamites sensed the power and saw the control they had over the people.

They figured the best way to get close to was to become committed followers, the Chosen Ones’ Precious Few. They gained their knowledge, absorbed all they had to offer and then eventually get rid of them. They subsequently used all that they had learnt to take control of the clans. The people didn’t dispute their power for they were blinded byn their faith in the Chosen Ones and needed a head to guide them by now.

Soon the Precious Few organized a structure in the clan that benefited them the most. They declared that they were no longer equals. That they were superior and were bestowed with the power of Knowledge.

The Precious Few would no longer farm and demanded a share of the yield. They declared that only they could drink the water from the sacred spring called Styx. Styx ran right through the center of the town. Travelers, tradesmen, workers, and peasants all drank from this sacred spring. It was regarded as holy for they believed it gave life and made the soil fertile.

Now being denied water from Styx, they had to get their water from wells or walk for miles to a little creek that ran on the outskirts of the town. A commoner found drinking water from the sacred spring was severely punished. It no longer was the ‘free for all’ state that this land had started out as.

A hierarchical system came into being. The Uppers and the Lowers. They decided how the people of the clans were to behave. They made all the decisions and made all the rules.

The Precious Few grew greedier for power and it wasn’t long before they claimed their position as the Supreme.

Chapter Four

The Precious Few resided in the center of the state. They led a luxurious life. Man being a social animal has the urge to entertain. They brought in poets and musicians, wine and cheese. There were courtesans and jesters, writers and women. Theatre also came into being. Politics and commerce, life and the whole were discussed at the Center.

All these privileges were limited to the Precious Few.

The common man was far removed from this side of the state.

He, who was initially blinded by his faith, no longer had a voice; and took refuge in music. The common people began to sing, as an expression of life. Of how things are and how they used to be; of how they dreamed things to be. These songs got passed down from one generation to another. This was the common mans’ soul.

There was one commoner Hephaestus, who had a sister Echo who had the most beautiful and captivating voice. For each time she sang, she had everyone around enthralled. They listened to her in pure silence. It was the most magical and enchanting voice one had ever heard.

One of Echo’s songs:

You can tell by the way

the flowers sway in the wind

When the rain falls light and gentle

on the soft palette of your hands

You feel it inside

stretching across infinity

the rush of air sweeping through your soul

It lifts you up, above the blades of grass

that graze the soles of your feet

and you float into forever with no fear or despair

The world is but a small speck in the whole.

Sweet release of the self

Into the purple mist you immerse your mind

with tender words as your only companions

you are no longer alone but with the other half

that completes

the two that were meant to be

the bridge across forever, you never walk alone

in the midst of the dandelions swaying,

it is a tryst with heaven

And the stars above shine brighter

brighter than they have ever shone before

The Precious Few heard about Echo and offered her a hefty sum to come live and sing for them at the Center. She refused, for she knew it would mean that she would have to give up all that she knew and loved – the comforts of her home, her family, and Caluodius, to whom she was betrothed. She would have to dedicate her life to the Precious Few, and know nothing else.

This infuriated the Precious Few.

The streets were silenced, and music was only decreed in the courts because of the ignominious position they found themselves in due to Echo's refusal.

Echo without her song, was like a bird without flight. She soon began to wither. Hephaestus, whose world revolved around his sister, and Caluodius, who couldn’t bear the thought of losing the woman he loved beyond life itself, knew they had to do something.

Caluodius, who was a descendent of The Hermit, knew about the way The World was supposed to be. He, along with Hephaestus roamed the streets with songs of freedom. He knew that the Precious Few could take away his song but couldn’t take away his words.

Caluodius’s Anthem

They can take away our wings but we shall fly

Into the wide horizon, with our words we shall rise

They may strip us of all our fortunes, but the most precious jewel

We still have.

The center will crumble, on our own two feet we shall stand

Tall and strong, with no fear in our hearts

For what we are is true

The greatest strength is our very own pride.

Hephaestus’s rhyme of freedom

Equal is how we were created

And equal we shall remain

Truth is what we believe in

The world is ours and the world we shall claim

This land is where we were born

and in this land we shall stay

The fertile soil of the World gives us might

its purest waters make us unconquerable

We will fight, fight for the right

Our voice they may not hear

but our words will be by our side- through day and night

In our walk towards freedom, they will be our swords,

We fight for truth and with honour we shall rise.

Initially, though, the common man was scared. He didn’t think he had the strength to fight the Supreme. He resisted Caluodius and his radical words. But soon enough found himself longing for a tune. The Common Man led by Caluodius and Hephaestus was a force to reckon with. The Precious Few had underestimated their power. Their army had the strongest men but it didn’t stand tall in comparison to the common man who had passion, determination and above all the collective strength of striving for what they believed in.

Soon the common man overthrew the Precious Few.

They marched their way to victory and fought for freedom with their songs. They found their lost voice. They knew that although they may not be listened to, they were definitely heard.

Caluodius was declared King. He restored the equality of the common man…he gave them what was rightfully theirs. He gave them the power of Speech. Hephaestus was his chief advisor .Echo and Caluodius were married soon after. The World was filled with music for years to come.

Chapter Five

Caluodius was a great king. Under his rule, the Common Man was exultant and they prospered. Each one began to think for himself and was respected as an individual. They learned the value of knowledge and the power of the mind.

Echo took on the role of the queen with unassuming grace. Owing to her plebeian antecedents, she had more than just a nebulous idea of what the people wanted and needed and how they thought and felt.

Caluodius had ruled for over fifty years now, and was beginning to think about who the next king was to be.

In a different part of the kingdom lived a young man called David. He was wise and mature beyond his years; and lived with his mother Ariel in a cottage by the river. Ariel was an enthralling woman, with long willowy tresses and a soft, deep voice, who had brought up her son with values and taught him to be just and fair. David had never known his father. Ariel told him stories about his father, and about how brave and strong he was. She told him that his father had always done what was just and that he was a great man. David grew up believing these stories, and though it was painful growing up without his father, he had made his peace with it. It had made him tougher and he understood things that his fellow mates could never comprehend. While the other children his age were running around, chasing each other and swimming in the creek, David spent his time studying all that was around him, and questioning his world. Right from the start he was a thinker. He would talk to horses and play his flute up in the hills. He was the peace maker when it came to his mates, and they all would run to him to resolve disputes.

Ariel was a Propheciah. Propheciahs were a sect of people who believed that the world would come to an eventual end, and that this fateful end was somewhere over the horizon and was fast approaching them. The head of the Propheciahs was Damastar, the oldest person in the whole World. Damastar was about three hundred years old and the wisest man in the kingdom. He remembered the Evil Pigs and the ultimate sacrifice and while most no longer knew or even cared, for that matter, where they came from, he was committed to the memory of their origin. Damastar had begun writing the history of the World. He wanted to remind the people of their past; and that it was a full circle- just as the world and each of them had been created each of them and eventually the world would be destroyed. He studied the stars at night for he held that they were showing him the future. By knowing what was in store for them, he wanted to prepare the world for its ultimate end. Damastar also predicted that the next king would be the one who had the strength to move the rock of Altarbrig.

Ariel had a secret though. She had loved Caluodius all her life, right from the time when they were children running in the meadows, and chasing fireflies at night. Yet, she knew that she could never be with him for his heart belonged to Echo.

The night before Caluodius had married Echo, she had gone to visit him, one last time. She had promised herself that after this day, she would never see him again. Being a propheciah, she knew what the future held for Caluodius. She told him that Echo would never be able to conceive. The only way for Caloudius to have an heir to his throne was to have a son with her itself, the son being David. She showed Caloudius a glimpse of the future of the kingdom and how David would grow up to be the able ruler of the world. Caluodious, shattered by the thought of not being able to have children with Echo, as well for the sake of his kingdom, agreed to have a son with Ariel. There was one condition though. The patriarchal lineage of the son would not be revealed to a single soul apart from themselves; and when David was to come of age, Caloudius would make him king.

Now, Caluodius was growing more and more concerned about the future of his people and his kingdom. The entire kingdom was beginning to think about its next king. As much as they loved and respected Caluodius, they knew that he was old, and that it was time for change. They needed a new ruler; someone who cared about the kingdom and about the people of the land.

David, by this time had grown up to be a strong and able young man. He had a presence and the youth were drawn to him. He was everything they wanted to be.

One day, while traveling through the countryside with his companions,there was a landslide. There was a huge rock that blocked the only way out. Each one of the young men trapped there tried in vain to move the rock. Finally, when all had failed David attempted to move the rock. He stood behind it, and with all his might pushed the rock. For the first couple of minutes, nothing happened. It just stood there, solid as ever, firmly grounded. Not one to give up easily, David tried again. He summoned up all his strength and pushed the rock. This time around, it moved, quite easily in fact. All his companions were speechless, for each one had tried and knew exactly how heavy that rock had been.

Soon, all of them got out of there and the story of David’s strength spread through the entire kingdom.

When Caloudius heard about this, he knew David was the one. The Propheciahs too believed that David was the next king and that Damastar’s prediction had come true. He was strong and would guide the people the right way as well as protect and prepare the world for its ultimate end.

Caloudius was exultant for the new king had been found. He knew his people and his kingdom would be safe with David.

In another part of the palace, while he prepared to give up his throne and crown, Echo was shedding copious tears. She had over time made peace with the fact that she could never bear a child. Or so she had thought.

Although she was truly happy that the rightful heir to the throne was David, and knew what that meant for the people and the kingdom, she found herself wondering, despite herself, what it might have been like had she carried a child in her own womb.

On seeing David, she couldn’t ignore the striking resemblance he bore to Caloudius. Echo, against her better judgment, found herself thinking about David’s lineage. She knew that Ariel had been in love with Caloudius her entire life. She summoned the Royal Eye to uncover where David actually came from, for it was all very ambiguous and suspicious.

The Royal Eye followed David to his cottage and hid between the rose bushes till he left.

At night fall with the moon shining bright, the Royal Eye found Ariel staring into the lotus fountain, in the middle of the garden, seeing the future of the World under the reign of her son. She started to dream about what it might have been like had she been Caloudius’s bride.

She snapped out of her dream, taking solace in the fact that her son and the true heir of Caloudius was going to be the next King. This also meant that Caloudius' line would not die with him.

The Royal Eye scurried back to the palace to tell Echo what he had found. This news only confirmed the sinking feeling she had felt from the time she had laid eyes on David.

Completely distraught, Echo confronted Caloudius. Being a man of virtue and not someone to lie, he told her the truth. He told her that what he did was an act of self sacrifice for the sake of his kingdom. It was in no way a reflection of how he felt about her, for he loved her beyond life itself.

Although Echo believed Caloudius, and knew that the intention behind what he did was nothing less than noble, she felt betrayed.

Caloudius, by this time, was really ill. He had always had a weak heart and it was slowly and steadily giving way. He knew it was a matter of days before he was going to die. David’s coronation had to be hastened.

Echo began to fear that her whole world would change if David were to become King. She feared that once crowned, David would make his mother, Ariel, the queen.

Ariel had had a child with the man Echo loved. There was no way Echo would give up her life, her crown, her kingdom and her people.

She made Caloudius give her his word that he would not step down from his throne and offer David the crown.

Caloudius was torn between the woman that he loved and the world he had fought for.

His judgment was clouded by the way he felt. He couldn’t bear the though of losing Echo. He did what was the only thing he thought he could do.

There were the descendants of the Chosen Ones who believed that the throne was rightfully theirs; for they came from the superior blood line.

Caloudius struck up a deal with them saying that if they were to side with him while he went against David, he would offer the royal throne to them so that the crown stays within the royal circle.

Thus the War of the World began.

It was Caloudius along with the Descendants against David, who had the entire youth as well as the Propheciahs on his side. It was a battle of good gone bad, against justice and truth.

The people of the World no longer saw Caloudius as the great king he used to be. In their eyes he had lost all virtue and they no longer had faith in him.

This war was going to be the most memorable war in the history of the world.

The common man had lost his faith in what was true. He no longer believed in the royal palace and all that it stood for. Love and respect was replaced by hate and betrayal. He turned hard and bitter and had decided that he would no longer place his life and destiny in the hands of a king.

Caloudius died a few years later.

The battle was still being fought.

Echo had lost everything she loved and treasured .She felt responsible for the downfall of what used to be a glorious kingdom. There was nothing she could do about the chaos in the world.

She died a few years after Caloudius.

The war was still on.

It came around full circle. What Damastar said came true. What has a beginning has an end. Where there was pride there would be shame. Where once Love created, hatred would devour.

Years passed by.

The World was without a King.

Each one was fighting for what they believed was rightfully theirs. Some fought for justice, some fought for fame, there were those who sided with the government, there were those whose names no one remembers.

It was a battle without honor and a battle with the fate of a twisted game (of chance).

Each one had something at stake and everyone had something to gain.

It’s been thousands of centuries since then…

And the War is still on.  

(The End)


They weren’t always green, you know-these evil pigs. They used to be nice, round, happy pink little piggies...

On one fateful scouting mission, they stumbled upon a wrecked space ship with two survivors. These survivors that hailed from a different planet were a huge nebulous mass of brain waves. These little pink piggies had never seen anything like them ever before, but could tell that they were dying. So they carried these huge balls of brain waves to Porcia, the all knowing, and all powerful witch. Porcia, who was Porcilla’s grandmother, had a spell and recipe for everything. She began to brew a bright purple concoction, which had the power to infuse energy and revive the balls. While stirring the brew, she accidentally slipped and fell into the cauldron. All the little piggies rushed to save her, and finally when they pulled her out, she had a strange green glow around her. Her brewed portion had had an effect on her and made her susceptible to the high frequencies of the brain waves. The pigs, had, by this time, grown tired of being just pink, all jumped into the cauldron for they all wanted to be green. The ones that stayed in longer, turned greener than the rest. After they emerged from the depths of the cauldron, they all ran around like crazy creatures. Each one wanting to show off his new ‘tan’. The brew had the same effect on the pigs as it had on Porcia. All of them suddenly found themselves drawn towards each other bodies. It was an attraction no one had felt or sensed ever before. They were overcome with an urge to consume each others’ minds. The weaker pigs, the ones that were lighter shades of green, lost their lives to this crazed frenzy that all the pigs roamed around in.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the pigs realized that by consuming each others mental energies didn’t do anything for their Green, and it dawned upon them that only if they consumed energies that were higher than theirs would they be able to enhance they coloring. Thus they began to attack beings that higher and better evolved cognitive processes than theirs. The more evolved the mental energy, brighter the shade of green was obtained. It was this desire to be greenest pig that turned these little pigs into evil creatures. (end of history)

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