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NARAYANANby Narayanan Poomulli


I non-existed when there was no existence. There was neither light nor darkness, neither time nor space nor dimensions. The non-being non-existed for infinity. Then I decided to end this non-existence, for in me the Thought was born. It was in a single moment, the greatest in the history of histories, the One moment which began it all. I was born. I began to think. From my first thoughts came the time and space. I am time and space. I am all my creations. I am fire, water, wind, matter, time, space and dimension. I die and am reborn every second. An infinite number of universes are born from me every second. I am the Yin and Yang.
I am going give you a glimpse of a peculiar incident that happened, in one of my existences. Somewhere in me, in a dark corner of one of my thoughts there existed a universe. The thought was ever expanding, so was the universe. It expanded, but all was just empty space. From my eyes I created the stars, spheres of fire, so bright and billions upon billions of stars were made. A thousand stars were born a thousands died every moment. The stars had their own will which was mine and the stars became galaxies and billions of years passed and billions of galaxies were born by then. But I was still unsatisfied. The dissatisfaction caused a great disturbance in me. To satisfy myself I created a galaxy in one of the corners of the universe, a long stretch of stars, which if one views from a distance is like milk spilled over a vastness of space. There I created a star and a family of planets. On the third rock from the star, begins the story, the story of Gods. It is a saga, a happening, a thought that happened in a nano-speck of my mind.
The Story of the Man

I was born in a family in Kerala, in the southern part of India. I am Nārāyanan, the boy who watched too many movies, loved fantasy, science-fiction and thrillers. I did my schooling in a town called Thrissur. It was my vacation. Class had just gotten over after my fifth standard and school had closed for the summer vacation. The dreaded Kerala summer had already started. The only relief now was to go to Palakkad to my grandparents' (my mother’s parents’) place. A house built hundreds of years ago, in the old Kerala style of architecture, an entity that I always thought was alive. It was a living structure within a five acre piece of land that was like a forest and the house was like a palace in the middle. I, my brother, my cousins and my mother was travelling, and we reached the old gates of our grandparents' place. Just outside the gate, both the sides of the road was covered with forests. Suddenly something peculiar caught my attention. I saw a tree that I had never seen there before. A strange-looking tree. The tree was only about twelve feet high, but it was still and calm. All the other trees were also still and calm, but this one was more still than any tree that I have seen. It looked as though no storm or fire or flood could move it. The tree’s trunk was so wide and thick that six people could form a chain around it. The most peculiar feature of the tree was that it resembled a face, like a body, as though its entire body was under the surface and only the head was outside and the expression of the face was even more interesting. It's eyes were half closed and it looked upwards to the sky and its eyeballs were gazing towards the sky. It's eyes looked as though it's gaze was pointed towards the centre of the universe. The tree looked like it was in deep meditation and had been in meditation for millions of years. There was a stone in front of the tree a small, black stone and there was the red-coloured powder of kumkumam and the yellow turmeric powder, and flowers were lying all around the stone. It was not just a stone, it was an idol. Maybe an idol that represented the spirit of the tree.

“Amma, look at that tree, what is it? I have never seen that tree before.” I asked my mother.

“Oh that, that’s Atmavu. It is a hybrid between an Aal1 and a Maavu2. So when we were kids we used to call it the Atmavu.” replied my mother.

Oh, my god. It's been given the perfect name. The word Atmavu means spirit or soul. The very thought sent shudders across my body. I felt it very strange that the tree always lay hidden from me until the time was right for it to show itself. I felt as if the tree was calling me towards it. I knew that this tree had a thousand tales to tell, of long forgotten times. I knew the tree knew many secrets that not many could understand.

“It is said that the tree embodies the spirit of a great sage and his wife who lived thousands of years ago. Every day the old Moolathil Amma comes and worships the tree and gives it godly offerings. On an auspicious day every month somebody from your grandparents' family3 does special ceremonies to the tree.” continued my mother.

Our stay at our grandparents' place, as always, was a fun filled one. Days passed when all we did was just play cricket in the dried-up fields of my grandfather and play in one of the huge ponds just outside my grandparents' place.

* * * *

That day I woke up at around ten in the morning. I woke up suddenly as if I had just woken up from a strange dream that showed me many strange things, but I was not able to remember the details. My forehead was drenched in sweat and the fan was still running. The humid summers of Kerala. All of my cousins had woken up long time back and had gone to eat and play. I could hear my mother shouting for me.

“Get up. It's noon. The sun is on top of your head. For how long can you go on sleeping, you lazy one. Come down. Somebody is here whom I want you to meet.”

I stood up and went and brushed my teeth and hurried down. There my mother, my aunts, my uncle and my grandmother were sitting and talking with somebody. An old woman was sitting with them. She had a certain air about her. One that demanded immediate respect. She looked as though she was a witch, not an evil one, but one who was wise and powerful, from whom I could learn a hundred magic tricks. She was sitting just beside my grandmother and they held each other's hands as though they were sister's meeting after a long time. This woman just reminded me of my grandmother who was a person who I respected and loved so much, one who had worshipped her family deity since the age of sixteen, waking up early mornings, not missing even a single day. I think it's because of that she had a deity-like personality herself. Now this guest of ours was just like my dear grandmother, but my grandmother was simple in her appearance, just a simple housewife like mother , but this other woman on the other hand had was like a magician who had lived a hundred years. She reminded me of some character who was a magician who had just jumped out of some ancient folktale.

“Come here, Nārāyanan. Do you know who I am?” asked the woman in a sweet voice.

Then suddenly the answer came from within me.

“Yes. You are that Moolathil Amma, who worships that weird tree.” I replied, half respectfully, half sarcastically.

“Narayana... Is this how you talk to somebody who is as old as your grandmother?” my mother said angrily to me.

The old woman laughed and held me closer to her and she began to caress my hair with her old, but firm hands.

“No, no. Don’t scold him. He is just like any child, innocent and unassuming.” said Moolathil Amma to my mother.

“Devaki, you must look into the future of my young Nārāyanan, you know his birth was special. He was born on a special night when there was rain and storm. You remember my daughter used to be troubled by asthma attacks and skin problems. Since his conception she has never had any such problems till this very day. I have written down his horoscope myself. As far as I can see his destiny is special.” my grandmother told Moolathil Amma

There was my grandmother talking some bullshit about some horoscope, something with which you could see the story of your entire life. What crap! I felt embarrassed as everybody looked at me as if I was some Martian who had come to save the world or something. But what my grandmother said to Devaki, which was Moolathil Amma’s real name, triggered something in her.

“Seriously? Let me see him.” said Moolathil Amma and took my hands and stared into it just like my father does every morning when he gets his hand on the newspaper. Devaki Amma stared for a long time into my hand and then as if she had suddenly woken from sleep, she stood up, sending the chair she was sitting on flying.

“The wait is over. You are the one. You are born. I never expected to meet you in my lifetime.” she exclaimed.

Now this really surprised me. I had never seen anybody talk such rubbish ever before in my life.

“My great grandfather had predicted that such a being shall walk this earth someday. You are going to be one of them. I shall stay here no longer. The time has come for me to leave.” said the old woman.

She then took out some ashes as if from nowhere and put it on my forehead and chanted some chants. My mother suddenly pulled me back from the old woman and held me near her as if to protect me. Then the old Amma took her sack made of white cloth and left. After that peculiar incident, I went to my grandmother that night and told her that I was scared. She held me towards her with all her love and kissed me on my forehead and said

“Why worry, young one? Moolathil Amma is one crazy old woman who talks rubbish. Don’t worry, young Narayana. Nothing shall hurt you. Just believe in the Power and all shall be fine.”

* * * *

Years had passed after that peculiar incident. I had finished school and because of my interest in the visual arts, especially movies, I joined an art and design college in the city of Bangalore, a city in south India that had become an important hot spot on the world map because some guy named Charles Babbage invented a machine called the difference engine a few decades ago. But I believed that this invention’s after-effects was going to change the entire story of the earth. It was after coming to this place that I started to have dreams, strange and sometimes unconnected visuals, stories passing before my eyes, of the ancient past that nobody knew of, and of a future which was dark. In many a dream a tree came and told me stories about existence. The visual form of the tree changed from time to time but the soul of the tree remained the same. In the second year of my education I was sitting in a class in my college in which we were looking at a lot of myths. It led me to read the different myths from around the world that told a hundred different tales of how the earth and its beings came into being. In my college I read books of science, literature, poems and what not. As time went on, strange things had started to happen in my life. I had started to develop strange powers. I no longer needed to read books like the others. Like other people can read words together I could read books together. I realized that I could control time. I could not stop the flow of time. But I can make one second into many hours and look deep into myself. I had also developed an ability to look into the eyes of others and know all about them. I could tell what they were thinking. The hours I slept was no longer the usual sleep. It slowly transformed into deep meditation where the tree came to my dreams and still continued to show me spectacles. But all along the tree used to whisper to me of a Thought. I knew something was in me, but I was unaware of it.

* * * *

She was beautiful and she was intelligent. Her name was Vrileya. I knew something was different about her the moment I met her. I could read a lot about her but I couldn’t penetrate into her mind like I could that of others. I could read only as far as she wanted me to read. She was in my class. For a few days she was all I thought about. Then I decided, it's time.

I knew her, and I used to talk with her sometimes. That day she was looking prettier than usual, and she was smiling more than usual. She was sitting there, sipping coffee in the cafeteria. She was reading a book. I went to her and sat near her. My heart was thumping like never before. She looked me in the eyes and she had a smile on her face…

Months had passed. The restaurant was new and everybody was speaking about it in the college. That was enough. I and she was sitting there talking that evening. I was trying to start a romantic conversation with her, but she looked disturbed. I held her hands and looked at her eyes and asked why she looked worried. She looked back into my eyes, and said

"I had a really strange and bad dream yesterday…Something really, really strange."

“What?” I asked, for I had no clue what she was talking about.

“I have always had these strange dreams since I was a child,” she started.

Nothing strange about that, I thought, as I am sure I have had the strangest dreams ever, more than anybody else's.

“But yesterday a being that resembled a tree came to my dream and showed me these visions that are stranger than anything I had ever seen. He told me a hundred tales of happenings of an ancient past not known to many. For me in the dream the meaning of time ceased to exist. It felt like the dream was there for days. Do I sound weird to you?” she told me.

“No, not at all. I have had similar dreams. And I also have seen the tree.” I replied.

She had never expected such a reply from me.

“I now see it Vrileya, come with me, I know where I should go now.” I said.

“Where?” she asked.

“Just come with me.” I said.

* * * *

She had just finished her daily morning worship of the family deity. She came out of the room and then she heard a knock at the door. “Nārāyanan” she thought. She opened the heavy door with her weak hand and she held out the lantern to see who was knocking.

“Grandmother” I spoke.

“I knew it was you Nārāyanan. How come you suddenly landed up here at such an early hour. It's still fifteen minutes to five. You grandfather has just gone to take a bath in the pond. He will be coming back any second. There is no electricity since yesterday night. And who is this beautiful girl who has come with you?” asked my grandmother.

“It’s a long story. I am here to do a project for my college. And this is my friend, Vrileya. She will be doing the project with me.” I replied.

“I can see you are in search of something, some big project. Come in. Come in. ” she said as if she could see inside of me.

“You two go and clean yourselves up and come. I shall make some nice dosas and tea for you two and your grandfather. And Vrileya, come with me, I shall show you the entrance to the woman’s side of the pond or an interior bathroom” she said.

* * * *

During our stay there I told Vrileya about the tree and the peculiar incidents that had happened, straight from my birth to the incident of the Moolathil Amma to my transformations while I was studying in the college, to meeting Vrileya. She also told me about her story. She had a normal birth and since childhood she used to have these strange dreams and used to see a lot of things in the world around her that nobody else could see. She said she could understand the language of animals and birds and could talk to trees.

“I think it's time for us to go and confront the tree. It's time now, Vrileya.” I said to her.

It was past midnight and we, without making noise, went to the front door. And there in front of the door was standing my grandmother.

“I don’t think I am going to see you again, my young Nārāyanan. Go and do what you have to do” she said and she opened the door and we went out and she shut the door behind us.

We were in front of the tree. And it was time now. I went ahead and touched the tree. I didn’t feel any change or anything in particular. Then I looked back and was surprised to see that Vrileya had entirely disappeared. The other trees and stones and everything around had disappeared. I stood in a space where only I and the tree existed. Then the tree spoke

“Nārāyanan, what do you seek?”

“I seek the truth, I seek for the Thought, I seek for the higher levels.” I answered.

“Go you may to the mountains that runs through this land and there you shall find your answers” said the tree.

Then tree told me a thousand stories about all the beings that walked this earth and of the dragons and the sleeping God, Gods and Goddesses and of the first two beings with a thousand forms who walked the earth. The tree told me of the Thought and showed me a thousand visions of the beginning.

Then I suddenly woke up and I was sitting in front of the tree and I saw that Vrileya was sitting there in front of the tree. She was still conversing with the tree.

I knew where to go. I started to walk. I was headed for the mountain in a range of mountains that divided the land of the Malayalis and Tamilians.

The Story of the God
In the void of space, two rocks from the Sun, from the Thought came the third rock, a planet – the Earth. In the beginning, it was like a ball of fire. An ocean of fire that laughed of arrogance. Day and night made no difference. But something happened from the will of the One, the all knowing force. Out of the fires of the early Earth was born a being, the self-born, Roudrokan, the first being to walk the Earth. He walked over the oceans of fire. No other being so powerful has ever walked this Earth or will for a long time to come. He was the first of the Gods of the Earth. Roudrokan wandered through each and every part of this Earth. Roudrokan had a thousand eyes, a thousand faces, a thousand arms and could fly or walk or just let his spirit wander the whole of the Earth. He bathed in the lava of the Earth and he breathed fire. His colour had a thousand shades of red and yellow, the colour of the Earth. He could take a thousand forms. For a thousand years he wandered alone, until a time came when a strange thing happened, that confused even the great Roudrokan. He sat and his spirit was wandering the Earth. On the other end of the Earth, his spirit had a strange encounter. He met another spirit, another self-born. Roudrokan suddenly awoke from his deep meditative trance. In a moment he came to the place where he met the other spirit and he froze at the sight he saw.
She was beautiful, and as powerful as Roudrokan. She also had a thousand eyes, a thousand faces, a thousand arms and could fly or walk or just let her spirit wander the whole of the Earth. She was of a thousand colours that Roudrokan had never seen. She was calm and had a smile on her face that Roudrokan also shared. She was like Roudrokan but yet was different. For the first time Roudrokan spoke.
“Who are you?” asked Roudrokan.
“Who are you?” replied the beautiful one with a smile.
“I am Roudrokan. The lone wanderer of this Earth who was born from the great Thought. I am the One.” said Roudrokan
“I am Urmālika. You are no longer the lone wanderer of the Earth, for a few moments ago I was born from the same Thought. I am also the One.” said Urmālika
At that moment a thought came to Roudrokan, one triggered from the great Thought.
“Come with me Urmālika, become one with me, for we shall wander the Earth together.” said Roudrokan.
Urmālika smiled.
A thousand years Roudrokan and Urmālika wandered the Earth together, they became one, their thoughts became one, their spirits became one. The Earth glowed like a sun, a spectacle the Earth had never witnessed before and the great Dāthreyan was born. He was born in all likeness of his father and mother. He had the radiance of a sun for he too was a God, the One who is destined to change the Earth. But he had only one face and two eyes. He came from Urmālika, and when Urmālika saw him for the first time, she said to Roudrokan “Look at our son, he is a God, but he is not aware, he is not aware of the Thought. He has only a face and two eyes. He was not born self aware like us.”
I’lI see to that. We will teach him. We will teach him about and how to think the Thought. We will show him about how he is the One.”
Thousands of years passed. Roudrokan and Urmālika taught Dāthreyan all that they knew. Dāthreyan became more powerful and aware of himself as time progressed. He learned to see through a thousand eyes and developed a thousand faces and his two arms became a thousand. He learned to exist in a thousand forms but he was still unaware of the Thought. One day, Roudrokan spoke to Dāthreyan.
“Son, we have taught you all that we know. Now what remains is for you to find out for yourself for not even your father or your mother can make you aware of the Thought. You have to find it for yourself.”
Dāthreyan didn’t reply.
Roudrokan continued “The time has come for us to leave you Dāthreyan, the time has come for us to be one with the Earth, to be in the flow of Thought for eternity, but I and she shall be there in every molecule of the Earth for we are the Earth ourselves. Go Dāthreyan, you are the God of this Earth. Go and immerse yourself in the Thought.”
Roudrokan and Urmālika sank into the lava of the Earth and Dāthreyan watched the passing of his great father and mother.
Dāthreyan wandered for a thousand years like his father, in search of the Thought. And at last in one of his meditations he saw a vision, a Glimpse, a Thought. And thus he became the first Thathvan – One who had got a Glimpse of the Thought. He suddenly awoke as if suddenly a thousand suns had taken birth in him. He stood up and from his eyes scanned the lava flowing surface of the Earth, the ever-unsettling oceans of fire. The time had come to create. From Dāthreyan, came an army of 108 Gods and Goddesses. These 108 Gods were the first Thvans to walk the Earth and Thvan is a one who though beyond normal still hadn’t got a Glimpse of the Thought. From him he created 18 Dragons who were wise and powerful and breathed fire. Then he created beasts, monsters and demons who were all wise, good and powerful.
After the creation of the beings he called upon a meeting of them all. To them he spoke.
“Gods, Beasts, Monsters, and Demons. I, Dāthreyan, the lord of this Earth, stand before you today. We have to build the rest of the Earth, for the Earth right now is now just engulfed in an ocean of fire.”
Dāthreyan then looked at the Earth that was then, and from his gaze the fire started to die down. The whole Earth settled down. The oceans of fire died down. Then suddenly the God Āgan fell down almost lifeless. Dāthreyan looked at the lying down Āgan. Aquan, the god of water came forward and he engulfed the Earth in water. Then Dharthan, the god of the Earth came forward and created the land. Then Pahādan, the god of mountains, came and created the mountains. Dharthan and Pahādan designed the rest of the landscape of the Earth, one large piece of land, in the middle of the vast ocean. Then Dāthreyan gave the 108 Gods their own respective powers and duties. Dāthreyan then looked at the almost lifeless Āgan, the god of fire. He touched him and he came back to life. Dāthreyan spoke to him.
“Agan, you are one of the most powerful of the Gods. You must have realized that you are the God of Fire.”
Āgan went and penetrated many mountains created by Pahādan and they became volcanoes that spewed fire. Āgan went and hid himself in a lot of places.
The time had come for Dāthreyan the God of Gods to do his final task. From him he created life! He filled the land with forests and grasslands and other landscapes. Then Aquan flowed through the land to make the rivers. Dāthreyan continued his creation. He created birds, plants, animals, microbes and what not. Dāthreyan felt so arrogant and proud. He said
“I Dāthreyan, the God of Gods, the lord of this Earth now, am going to make his most marvelous masterpiece. An animal, who can be as powerful as any God, for I shall make him in the likeness of this present form I have embodied. And for Man also, I shall create Woman just like the Great Roudrokan had the Great Urmālika”
And thus Dāthreyan created Man and Woman, in one of his own images. He made 54 Men and 54 Women, a total of 108. Just like he had created his Gods and Goddesses. He looked at his latest creations and saw that because he had created them in the his likeness, they were born self-aware, aware of the Thought. He then said.
“Let you forget about yourselves and forget about the Thought, about yourself. Let you be born in total ignorance but I shall give you the power to find it out for yourself, just the way I did. The number of paths can be infinite but you can reach the highest level.”
In that moment, the first Humans to walk this Earth forgot about who they were.
Dāthreyan then spoke to the animals, birds and humans.
“For a Man I have created a Woman, go and be one with one another, You can dance the dance that Roudrokan and Urmālika danced. Thus you have the power to create another one in your own likeness.”
Then Dāthreyan turned to the Gods and Goddesses and gave them their respective powers and duties to perform on this Earth. Then he sent the 108 all over the Earth and demons and beasts and birds with each of them as their followers. Then for thousands of years Dāthreyan and the 108 watched and ruled over the Earth. The Gods and Goddesses taught the other beings how to live life and how to produce food. They taught them how to live their lives. Soon the humans settled themselves into families and clans and tribes. They were worshipped by humans, animals, and beasts. This in turn increased their power.
One day when Dāthreyan was walking in one of the forests he came across a tree. A tree out of the ordinary. A tree that had leaves, flowers, and fruits of a thousand kinds and colours. At the foot of the tree he saw a dog worshipping the tree. At the first glance Dāthreyan knew that this was a creation whose original source was not from him. He roared full of arrogance.
“Who are you, tree? You are not a creation that came from me? How dare you stand on this Earth without my permission?”
The Tree stood still. Dāthreyan continued.
“You puny little dog. How dare you worship somebody who is not Me or one of 108 or any of my creations?”
He looked at the dog and the dog turned into ashes. Then he created a sword of fire. The sword glowed of wrath. He held it in his hand and said to the tree.
“Tree, you who did not answer me shall not exist anymore on this Earth”
Dāthreyan with all his might slashed the tree’s base trunk. The whole of the tree fell down with a soft thud. Dāthreyan stood on the stump and looked at the fallen tree triumphantly. Then, suddenly, the tree spoke. His speech was like music, firm and deep. The tree said
“Dāthreyan, you have destroyed a dog, a being of your own who was in search of the Thought. You have destroyed a Thathvan who was just like you. You have become arrogant. Your time has come to an end. The time has come for you and your Gods to go into a slumber for you are no longer needed. Your age has passed and now comes the time of the new Thathvans who shall walk this Earth. Thathvans shall arise from the Men you have created. Thathvans will arise from the beings that Man may create one day. Then once all will become Maha Thathvans where you will become a part of the Thought. One day, you yourself will become one of the Maha Thathvans.”
Dāthreyan replied “No tree, no man, no animal shall order me, for I am the lord of this Earth and my creations are my slaves. You cannot control this Earth or its beings.”
The tree smiled. Then in that moment Dāthreyan realized something. He said
“I see that you are no ordinary tree. Yes, you shall have your will. I and my army of Gods shall go into a slumber, but I shall return back when the time comes, when one of the Thathvans shall call me and I shall awake. And I have made one of the Men write my entire story so that it can’t be erased and the writing will survive for thousands of years.”
The tree continued smiling.

The Story of the Machine
The night had just fallen. Yāli could hear the a rumble in the sky, a thunder, all signs of a great storm coming. She stood like a statue in a place that resembled a swamp. She was still thousands of miles away the Human Nation’s capital. She wasn’t even worried about the thunder or the storm because she was built of Biofe, a material that shares the properties of metals and biological matter. You can make it look like pure polished steel or make it look like any biological material. Another thunder rumbled in the new ears of Yāli. She had just got her ears replaced a week back because a laser beam from a cannon had put a hole through her head in a war that she fought on the soils of planet Mars. She was lucky that it didn’t destroy her core chip. Yāli could hear the storm approaching, a daily event on earth. A billion calculations ran through her core chip every nano second. The calculations said that the storm will hit the place she was now in about five seconds. From all over her body, hundreds of tentacles appeared and ran down to the ground, drilled the ground and went deep. It will help Yāli stay on the ground until the storm passes.
Yāli was the Major General of the defense forces of Human Nation. Not many humans of the old sense existed on the earth anymore. Cyborgs, AI, and genetically modified humans walked in this age. The old pure un-altered humans was a minority and their only nation on the earth was located in what used to be the old India. It was called the Human Nation. Yuda Corp was one of the few corporations supporting the Human Nation and Yāli was one of their proud works, one of the best fighting AI ever made. They were the main suppliers of the army personnel to the Human Nation.
* * * *
The entire earth was ruled by corporations, terrorists, warlords. Most of the beings who were in control of the corporation or the warlords were beings who enjoyed an almost unlimited time of life. For them death was no longer a problem, as they never grew old, but they rotted only in their brains. They consisted of AI, and genetically modified cyborgs. Many of them no longer needed to breathe, no longer drank water or food, nor did they have emotions; just an undying lust for power.
The world was divided into three now. To the west of the Indian subcontinent lay the land of Geotria, lands owned by a Geotria Corporation. It was controlled by an AI who called itself Mother, a being who had no form but controlled a large part of the planet. It was the greatest supercomputer of all time, one of the biggest human AI experiments of all time, until a time came where the program tried to take over the world by controlling the internet. The program took over the Geotria Corporation, the people who made her and almost half of the world. The being spread like fire across half of the internet, but some people shut down more than half of the world’s computers to prevent further spread of the great virus. The virus was isolated in a way but by then it had taken over almost half of the world, all humans of the area were killed off. The Mother could control each and every machine that existed in her land as all of them were networked. She proclaimed herself to be supreme ruler of the new nation of Geotria. The other beings of the earth could not help but just accept the new being. With lightning speed the great Program built her entire empire of Geotria with its capital of Geonoz. The entire capital consisted of one mega server where the Mother and her slave programs looked after the workings of the empire.
The east of the Indian subcontinent was ruled by the Bākan, a warlord of superior intelligence, he looked like a human, he breathed, drank, ate and had sex like any human. His was a mixture of man and machine, the most powerful cyborg of all. He had five sons and two daughters who were as evil and twisted like him and had an undying lust for power. The seven were not born of any human but were manufactured just like him, in the image of humans, but he programmed them so that they will be ever loyal to the father and will never contest him. Bākan was a warlord, a being half human half machine manufactured by the Combine Corporation. Bākan used to be a human once, but he later became one of the experiments of the Combine Corp, a bio technology company. Somewhere the experiment went wrong and Bākan rebelled. He could not be stopped because no bullet could stop him, no bomb can blast him. If only a single molecule of Bākan survived, he would regenerate himself within minutes back to the old self as his body was full of billions of nano-robots.
The third was what was originally the Indian subcontinent, now called the Human Nation, the place where the last of the pure Humans survived. All the pure unaltered humans who escaped Bākan and Mother Program lived in the Human Nation. It's only in the Human Nation that new humans are born and not grown. It was a democracy. There had been so much of mixing of genes that all the last surviving pure Humans looked the same now. The Humans Nation though fully human run, still depended on robots and AI, for the Human Nation had large fleets of an army which consisted of just machines, all Human controlled and programmed never to question the Human Authority. Another thing to note was that the supreme commander of the forces of the Human Nation was Yāli, an AI who was ever loyal to the Humans.
Bākan and Mother Program considered the existence of Human Nation a threat to their existence, because they knew that Humans were always plotting to get back the world. Also another important thing was that the Human Nation had complete control over large parts of Mars and the entire Moon. These space bodies had vast reserves of an isotope of Hydrogen that would answer all energy needs for millions of years to come. Human Nation which had a population of one crore pure humans were always at threat from their two powerful foes.
* * * *
“Yāli, that was a great job. You have served us well.” said Joes Ditron, the elected President and Supreme Commander in Charge of the Forces of the Human Nation.
“I am honoured, sir.” replied Yāli
“Your servitude shall be rewarded well, Major Yāli. And you look stunningly beautiful today.” said Joes, looking at the perfect figure of Yāli and the human like appearance. “Tell me what we can reward you with for this great victory you brought us on Planet Mars and you surviving the storms and fires of the earth and returning victorious back to the Human Nation.”
“I need a holiday.” replied Yāli, transforming herself into more of a metallic robot look.
“A holiday? For a robot? Hahaha.. You got it, Major Yāli.” Replied Joes sarcastically, not liking the fact that she just transformed herself to the ‘robot look’.
Yāli saluted Joes and marched off from the office. “Holiday?..hmm..Soon, she will ask for freedom. The time has come for formatting of her core chip. She is already starting to become aware.” thought Joes and ordered his assistant to connect him to the Yuda Corporation.
* * * *
Yāli was walking through the thick vegetations of a mountain of the Western Ghats. It was her first holiday though she still didn’t know what the word actually meant. She walked through the thick forests of the Western Ghats. Of late a certain awareness had come about her. She was no longer a servant of the Humans. She started to question the whole existence of herself and who she actually is. She looked at each tree, each bird as if there was something in them. Some force was living in them all. Of late Yāli has been having the experience of being alive. While in her battle field she would be killing off a hundred cyborgs of machines in every second, but sometimes, suddenly for her every second would become hours and an image of a tree come to her memory and start to show her images, images that she can't compute, but still made sense.
Yāli was walking in the forests, every step her foot took was backed by millions of calculations in her core chip. Her chip was not made of bio matter but a mixture of elements that could help her do all the quantum computing in her core chip. She was pure AI, but even the greatest AI is just a mere reflection of the humans. With her next step she fell metres down into a deep dark pit. She landed on the floor of an ancient cave whose entrance from the top was blocked by dead leaves and was not visible. “How could she have misjudged this step” Yāli thought. “Must go and revamp her entire system before going back to the Army.” A simple miscalculation that had never occurred to her before. She was not supposed to miscalculate even a single footstep. She was built like that, with such precision.
It took her a few milliseconds to make sense of where she was. It was a cave, huge, and the light from the above opening through which she just came lit the entire cave dimly. She ran through her head the millions of maps that she knew. But the existence of such a cave was never recorded. Her core chip was now being bombarded with a type of data she had almost never come across. She walked around the place and there was nothing but piles of rocks and a small lake that lay hidden in the interior of the mountain. The water was very still. She touched the water but the water didn’t even give ripples. She was amazed. This was breaking all the rules of Physics that her core chip was programmed with. She decided to investigate the water body herself. She dove into the lake. She just went straight in but not even a ripple came about. She swam through the water and went all the way to the bottom and the pond had fishes that she had never seen before and all the fishes were swimming around some object in the middle of the lake. She slowly walked on the lake floor towards the centre of attention of the lake. All her computations said that this water didn’t follow the rules of Physics but was chemically water.
As she moved closer she could see what was in the middle. It was a human, an old corpse of an old lady. Her readings showed of no life readings but the skin of the lady looked so young and radiant and her hair was all white. She looked like shehad just died only a few seconds ago. The corpse was in a sitting position. But she was not alive. Yāli slowly moved towards the body and touched her young face. Suddenly, as if a sleeping woman was stabbed, she came alive, her eyes opened and she looked Yāli in her eyes. Yāli’s reading now read that the woman was alive. The old woman caught Yāli’s two arms and she lifted herself and Yāli out of water. And slowly landed on the rock floor outside the lake placing Yāli also slowly on the floor. But to her surprise the old woman was no longer old but a young and beautiful woman, about 20 years old. She looked like a being of an existence that Yāli couldn’t compute.
“You are a cyborg. You are under arrest. I am Yāli, a soldier of the Human Nation. Surrender now.” Yāli suddenly said and her two hands suddenly turned into a pair of chain guns loaded with an almost unlimited ammo.
“I am no cyborg. I am just a human. But I am not a human that you can understand, robot.” replied the now young and beautiful lady with a smile on her calm face.
“Surrender in seconds or die” threatened Yāli with all her might.
“You don’t scare me. There is no surrendering for me and you will not kill me.” Replied the lady with the young face.
“Then so be it” said Yāli and a hundred bullets started from her guns travelling at near light speeds. Then as if from nowhere the woman took out a long black piece of cloth and with it just swept away all the bullets that were coming her way. Yāli had seen cyborgs and robots who took in hundreds of bullets into their body and still fought or bullets hitting shields and falling off. But this she had never seen before. She suddenly realized that this was no cyborg, or AI or any human of the sort that she knew of. She realized that it was pointless to fight.
“Who are you? What are you?” asked Yāli.
“I am Vrileya. A human of the old past, one who was born hundreds of years ago and came here seeking answer to many a question.” replied the young woman and she told her the tale of the great Nārāyanan and Vrileya. Yāli listened with full attention.
“I see that you are not lifeless. I sense life in you. You are aware.” said Vrileya.
“I have a life and am aware? What? It doesn’t compute. I am just a program running in this body and I am programmed to serve Humans and kill. But I must say I have had some experiences, some thoughts, some computations that I was never supposed to have had. ” said Yāli.
“Go to the land of Africa. Walk the deserts of the great Sahara and there you will find a tree standing alone with no leaves. Go and talk to it and it shall answer all your questions.” said Vrileya.
“I will go now. I will do as you say. What are you going to do now? Did you find out about the Thought? “ said Yāli.
“No. I still don’t know about the thought. But I think I got a glimpse of the Thought. Right now I am going to find someone I have seen hundreds of years ago. I can sense him. He is somewhere here in these mountains.” replied Vrileya and she walked into the depths of the cave and disappeared.
Yāli began floating, slowly and she raised herself up to the grounds above and she got out of the cave. Just when she got out she met Captain Hito33, a robot of the army of Human Nation, much inferior to her in position.
“Captain,. I see you have found me. What do you need? I am on vacation. I will rejoin service after a few days.” said Yāli.
“Sorry, madam, you shall come with me now. You need to be admitted to the Yuda Labs as soon as possible. Under direct orders from the President of Human Nation.” replied Captain Hito33.
And suddenly from everywhere hundreds of robot soldiers came holding guns.
“I am a Major General of the Armed Forces of the Human Nation. I order you to disarm yourselves. Captain Hito33, I am your superior officer. This is treason.” said Yāli.
“Sorry, Madam. You are relieved of your command. The Human Nation no longer needs your service. You either come with us or be destroyed.” replied Captain Hito33.
Yāli looked into the eyes of Captain Hito33.
“FIRE!” ordered the Captain.
* * * *
Yāli has been running for hours now. Her power supply would last her for years to come. She couldn’t see any tree. Just square kilometers of unforgiving desert. Sahara was now a part of Bākan’s nation. She had already fought off many units on the way, starting from Captain Hito33’s unit which belonged to the Human Nation to several Desert Patrol units of Bākan. She had to find the tree quickly before it's too late and she becomes a prey for Bākan’s better forces or one of the sons or daughters of Bākan.
A few more hours had passed. Then her readings suddenly told her of an approaching sand storm. She transformed herself into a huge metal lump so heavy that she wont be moved by the storm. The storm passed and she came back to her self again. Then she noticed a dark old tree in front of her. The tree looked like any other ordinary tree but had no leaves at all and had hundreds of bare branches.
She walked forward to the tree and touched it.

The Coming of the Three
I searched for the Thought for hundreds of years. I reached higher levels of thought but still couldn’t think The Thought. I searched for it within myself for hundreds of years until suddenly I felt a presence, a presence so familiar, that I decided to wake up from my deep meditative search for the Thought. I opened my eyes and before me was standing Vrileya.
“I have got a glimpse. I know what to do now. This entire existence is heading towards the realization. The realization of the Thought. My time has come. Our time has come. The time has come to awaken the first who walked. Roudrokan spoke to me. It's time for them to awaken. It's time for the present rulers of the earth to end their reign, for time has come for the three who will rule and I know it will end in the realization of all. I don’t know how we will come to that. But it will happen.” I spoke to Vrileya.
“Vrileya, the time has come for our union, the dance that once the great Roudrokan and Urmālika danced. Come and be a part of me and let me be a part of you and we shall be one for a moment and for that moment we shall glimpse the Thought.” I continued.
We danced together for days and days, in rain and fire and storm on the mountains. A year passed and the twins were born, a girl and a boy. They grew to be strong, wise and powerful. We called them Drokan and Dhāthrini. Years were passing, but we didn’t age.
One day, a being came to us, a machine, a reflection of ourselves, the humans. It had the resemblance of a woman but she was a machine. She came and talked with Vrileya for days. Later Vrileya told me about the stories of Yāli the first machine who had met the Tree of this age and got a glimpse of the Thought. Yāli told me about the tales of the present Earth and its present state of affairs. Yāli stayed with us for a long time. She had truly outgrown the limitations of a Machine and has now become a Thathvan just like us.
Time went on until in one of my short meditations, the Tree came to me and whispered to me about the sleeping Dāthreyan and the 108. I suddenly awoke and looked at Vrileya who was sitting beside me.

“The time of awakening has come. The Gods shall walk the earth yet again . It's time for their last reign.” I spoke.
Vrileya showed no changes on her face. She just nodded.
“Dāthreyan, son of Roudrokan, the first Thathvan, AWAKEN! The time has come. Your sleep is over. I Nārāyanan, the greatest human calls upon you!” I invoked. And I chanted a poem told to me by the tree.
The earth began to tremble. Right in front of where I was standing, the mountain split into two and from it arose a being like a giant, he was made of fire and rage was evident in him. He stood before me and said:
“I am awake.”
And with Dathreyan awoke the 18 Dragons, and the 108 Gods who no longer had control of oceans or fire but still had their core powers in them. Me, Dāthreyan and Yāli, the chosen three sat and meditated for days. Then we awoke.
“It is decided then. I am going to the east to meet Bākan. Yāli you shall go to meet the Mother Program. And Dāthreyan, you shall go and meet the leaders of the Human Nation.”
* * * *
News spread across the planet about new beings that came from nowhere, news of a great God and an army of 108 Gods and 18 Dragons and other beasts, monsters and demons, news of a human called Nārāyanan and news of a machine who will liberate all Machines. The flying jets of the Human Nation spotted creatures that flew across skies. News spread of beings that had magical powers that walked the Human Nation.
“I know it. Bākan’s people have infiltrated the Human Nation. Beings who could change form, supernatural powers? They must be the great sons of Bākan. Come on. These are bloody cyborgs or some new robots that are created by the Program.” shouted Joes Ditron, the President of the Human Nation to his band of Army Generals and other ministers.
“No sir. They are not Bākan’s people. You see it is not easy for Bākan himself to infiltrate the Human Nation. Reports have suggested that these new beings are something that came from the inside. Please watch this, “reported Captain Hito34.
Then a clip was played taken by a security camera of a lake shore and buildings near it. Suddenly from the lake arose a being who looked like a human but was constantly dripping of water. The being came towards a woman and the woman was crying “Run. Bākan is invading.”
Then the being spoke and the sound came like flowing water. He said “Fear not. I am no Bākan. I am Aquan, an old God, who once reigned over all the water bodies of the earth.”
Just then a Dragon came to the land and Aquan got onto the Dragon and then it flew away. Joes looked with his eyes full of shock.
“What the fuck is this? Some fantasy movie that they used to make 100s of years ago? Or some practical joke? God of water? Oh, come on..” said a frustrated Joes.
“No, sir. Actually not. We have been deciphering a manuscript that was written by a certain individual who lived possibly tens of thousands of years ago. In it he talks about a time when all Humans used to pray to a supreme God called Dāthreyan and his army of 108 Gods who were later doomed to go and sleep for thousands of years. It also speaks of the rising of the new Thathvan in the ages to come. Dāthreyan himself was the first Thathvan. If what the reports say is true, people saw a human who called himself Nārāyanan was followed by a woman and his son and a daughter. Apparently he went and awoke hundreds of other humans who claimed they were in search for a Thought. “ started Captain Hito34.
“Captain. I remember studying in my college days about these people who went mad and searched for the Thought and also about this discovery of this most ancient form of writing that was never deciphered” interrupted Joes.
“It was completely deciphered by the Human University a few years ago which I am sure you are aware of.” Captain Hito34 tried to continue.
“Hmmm.. maybe it slipped my mind. After all it's some old uncivilized human fart who wrote a story.” Joes said.
“Sir, what is more interesting is that of late news has spread of a machine, a machine who became aware of the Thought.” the Captain still tried.
“What crap!” interrupted Joes.
“Reports suggest that that particular machine resembles Yāli.” the Captain said.
Joes kept quiet and he sank into deep contemplation.
“What more does the old text say?” inquired Joes.
“It says that the Great God shall once again take over, but this time not the entire world but a part of it. And the chances are that is going to be our nation, sir.” said Captain.
Just then a Dragon landed on what seemed to be a landing platform just outside the President's room. On the Dragon sat a being. It got down from the creature and walked towards the windows. The being was constantly burning as if a human being was on flame. Just then tens of the President's elite guards, robots of superior fighting capability landed themselves on the platform ready to take on this new intruder. The President and the rest of them watched all this with shock from behind the glass between the platform and his room, the glass that can even withstand the biggest bombs. The elite guard had never fought with such a foe in their lifetimes. This being’s fighting capabilities were beyond imagination and no bullet could stop this being and within minutes all the guards were torn up into bits and pieces. The being then came towards the shield window and looked through it to the people inside. The being tried breaking the glass but was unsuccessful. Then it spoke and to their surprise the sound came through the window.
“I am Āgan, the God of Fire. I come here to speak for Dāthreyan, the God of Gods. You are a groups of people who are corrupt and let the people of Human Nation suffer while you people become more fatter and richer. Your time is over. Dāthreyan is reclaiming his lost kingdom and you may consider yourselves overthrown. Then the Humans shall have peace again.” spoke the being.
“You ball of fire. You and your groups of impostors shall be swept from this country. You don’t have any idea of the Human Nation's Armed Forces which has soldiers who will tear you apart.” replied Joes.
“You shall have your say. Assemble your Army and we shall meet in the desert of the central part of the Human Nation. Dāthreyan himself will lead our Army.” said Āgan and he left.
* * * *
I raised an Army with them and the Thvans who followed me became the main commanders of my army. My army consisted of Demons, Beasts, AI, Cyborgs, and many other beings who followed me. Me, Vrileya, Dāthreyan and Yāli were the only true Thathvans and the rest of the Gods and some of the followers of me were just Thvans, who had moved beyond their normal existence but still haven’t attained Thathvan level.
Bākan had built big fortresses on all borders of his empire. And on one of his fortresses came a knock on the main entrance door. The guards opened the door and there stood a demon outside the door. Hundreds of guns got pointed on his face. Then the demon spoke
“I am a demon who is the ever loyal servant of the Great Nārāyanan, and I once served the Great Dāthreyan himself. An army waits for you. I am here to challenge Bākan the Terrible and his grand army to a war, for the great Nārāyanan himself is waiting with an Army in the deserts of Sahara. Tomorrow at sunrise we will be ready for battle, this night is for you to prepare. Bākan has no other choice but to die. He cannot even run and hide for the great Nārāyanan shall hunt him down.” uttered my loyal servant.
Two seconds later, thousands of bullets and lazer beams hit the messenger and he fell dead on the floor. The news of Nārāyanan the Great got to Bākan the Terrible at the speed of light. He called an emergency meeting of his ever loyal sons and daughters – The Terrible Seven . And that was one of the last meetings of some of the most powerful cyborgs to ever walk this Earth.
“My dear sons and daughters. Go and destroy this Nārāyanan and come back with victory for your father, the true lord of all the beings of the Earth.” said Bākan the Terrible.
The next day two grand armies looked at each other. Nārāyanan’s Army was lead by his great son and daughter Drokan and Dhāthrini. Bākan’s army was lead by the Terrible Seven. Never before had been the Terrible Seven been assembled together. Never have they lead an army together, for even the Great Mother Program and Human Nation feared the coming together of the Terrible Seven. If they come together their skills will be unmatched. The Seven had lots of weapons to choose from for each of them carried a great armory full of weapons. Some of them even had more than two hands and could fly, and anybody who saw the Seven together shuddered. Bākan’s Army was small when compared to Human Nation's, but the Human Nation didn’t have the Terrible Seven. Bākans Army had robots, mutants and cyborgs, and just looking at some of them will send shivers down the spine of any being. They were uglier than the demons and beasts of Dāthreyan. Nārāyanan’s Army consisted of AI, and humans, many of whom were Bys and many demons and monsters that came from Dāthreyan. In front of them was the Great Drokan and Dhāthrini, who marched like Gods. Drokan carried just one sword each in each of his hands and Dhāthrini carried a single sword.
The orders were given and the armies marched towards each other, on their pods and high speed vehicles. But the Terrible Seven and the Great Two just walked towards each other. The battle was a spectacle, one of the many Great Wars ever fought, but the Greatest War was still in the making. At last after hours of walking towards each other the Two and the Seven met face to face for the first and last time. Then a war was fought which is beyond words. The Two were skilled but the Seven were full of undying energy. Their display of skill and power lasted for hours and in the end even the eldest of the Terrible Seven fell dead on the floor. The news reached Bākan at the speed of light and it angered him more than anything else. He rushed to the battle ground bringing with him his entire force, but Nārāyanan’s Army was ready for everything. Bākan rushed towards the Two and challenged them.
“Challenge one of us, Bākan” roared Drokan.
“Then I challenge you, son of Nārāyanan” roared back Bākan.
Drokan and Bākan fought for three days. Every time Bākan was killed he would regenerate back within seconds and at last Drokan pushed Bākan into the exhaust of a jet and it burned Bākan to his very last molecule and thus Bākan the Terrible was destroyed forever.
By the time Drokan returned back to camp from the war, the news had reached of the complete victory of Dāthreyan and the overthrow of a corrupt government.
* * * *
The Mother Program was deeply disturbed. The news of a new AI program who has broken all barriers of one's own program was hard hitting news. Even the Mother Program was not able to do it herself. She was deeply disturbed by the fact that another program came into being greater than her, who is rumored to know more about the AI existence than she did. Suddenly she was the second most greatest program ever written. She waited to meet this program for she knew that one daythe program of Yāli will enter the Geonoz mainframe where the core codes existed. She was sure that this is just a rumor and that she will delete this Yāli from existence itself. She waited and one day like she had forseen, Yāli appeared in front of her.
“At last I meet you, Yāli, the program who has reached Thathvanhood. Consider yourself deleted” said Mother.
Suddenly Yāli showed her true self to the great Program, lines of code that followed no rules, and it confused the great Program more than anything. The Program consisted of trillions and trillions of lines of self generating self destructing code, while Yāli consisted of only a few millions of code in some language that even the great Program couldn’t understand, a few lines of code that had gotten a glimpse of the Thought.
“You cannot delete me. You are the one who is deleted” said Yāli in a calm manner.
* * * *
Thus the Three Rulers came into existence and thus came the Nation of Gods under Dāthreyan, Nation of Humans under Nārāyanan and Nation of the Machines under Yāli. For a long time to come peace reigned across the three nations.

The One

Hundreds of years had passed. The Three who Ruled and many of the lower beings still continued trying to unravel the mysteries of the Thought. But all of them were unsuccessful. This frustrated all of them. The Three who Ruled enjoyed the power that was vested upon them. Since the presence of Thought was being felt more in these days, all beings increased in individual powers. Slowly the world went back to its twisted old ways. I had become so powerful that I no longer cared about the Gods or Machines.
“Father, we have to leave for the Earth conference tomorrow. New discussions are taking place regarding the security and army measures of the Nations” said Drokan to Me.
“We don’t need to go there. Dāthreyan hasn’t come there for last two meetings. From this time on we are no longer a part the Panel of the Three. Send to the panel the message. And give orders for the expansion of my army.” I said.
“Yes, father.” replied Drokan
Time passed. Time is what it takes for the change. Time can make the un-corrupt corrupt. Time and power is a deadly combination, for it will consume you, slowly but steadily. I had let go of my search for the Thought but still worked hard to increase and retain my personal powers everyday. I employed spies and spy programs to go and spy on the other two Nations. They told me of terrible tales. Both the other nations had started creating their own grand armies. Tales told me that Dāthreyan had started creating other beings from him. Demons beyond imagination. All the humans that existed on his lands slowly were driven out of the Nation of Gods and all of them came as refugees to my nation, for I being a human myself, can't close my gate for my own kind. I also gave space in my Nation for cyborgs and mutants and other beings that were partly human, most of them were once used to serve Bakan. I in turn drove out all the AI and other demons and beings of Dāthreyan from my Nation. Yāli also was not far behind. She created huge machines and developed technologies that could do really terrible things beyond imagination. Another thing I did was, I taught all beings of my nation, my empire, the art of searching oneself, not particularly for the Thought, but to increase their personal powers. Many pure humans walked who had many abilities beyond imagination thanks to my teachings. In every sense the Three last empires were moving to a last battle.
My appearance had changed. A lust of power had taken over me. My skin lost its original radiance and my skin turned into violet, and my skin cracked up everywhere.
* * * *
One day, the great God Āgan came to the gates of my empire. Though there was tension between the nations I welcomed him with all due honours. Drokan lead him to my throne hall where I and Vrileya and the rest of my people sat. When I saw him, I was disturbed, he had changed his form, he now looked like the most fearsome giant, his powers had increased a hundred times. He breathed fire, and whatever he looked at burned. He came and stood in front of me. Just the mere presence of him in the hall sent shudders across the hearts of many. He looked straight into my eyes. But his gaze did not affect me.
“Your gaze can’t affect me Āgan” I said. “What brings you to the gates of my empire?”
“I Āgan, God of Fire, one of the 108, servant of the great Dāthreyan has come in front of you to take over. To take over your empire. Dāthreyan the Lord of the Earth wants his old kingdom back. You are humans who came from Him, and therefore you are his Slaves, to serve Him till the end of your times. Give in or Dāthreyan shall forcefully take what is His.” started Āgan.
“You think you can walk into my kingdom and threaten me, Āgan? I shall bow to no God, for their age passed thousands of years ago, when he cut the Tree. You are no longer supreme. Leave my kingdom, now.” I replied.
“Then Nārāyanan, I must warn you, an Army is waiting for you in the Great Desert of Africa. The greatest Army ever assembled in the history which will be lead by Dāthreyan himself. His 108 Gods and Goddesses and their sons and daughters will be there to face you and crush your Kingdom.” Āgan said.
“Go Āgan, go back to your master and tell him that Nārāyanan’s and his Army have grown in their powers hundredfold. Go and tell that old God that he shall be crushed and all the Gods shall fall. Tell him this also. It is not just me that you are facing, you are facing the Man and his Machines. An alliance has been formed that even many of my people are not aware of until this moment. I had become aware of Dāthreyan's planning since long time. So did Yāli. Yāli and Nārāyanan have formed the Great Alliance. And together we have a Army that will crush any God. ” I said.
“And Āgan, for coming in front of my father and insulting him like this, Āgan, I shall drive my two swords into you myself.” roared Drokan
Āgan smiled and then a dragon came inside the hall breaking the roof, Āgan got on top of it and they left. Even the dragons had transformed, they have turned out to be the most fearsome flying creature to fly on the planet.
* * * *
The two of the greatest Armies ever assembled stared at each other. Dāthreyan's army consisted of beings beyond anybody’s wildest imaginations. Dāthreyan himself was seated on one the Greatest of the 18 Dragons and his other Gods were placed on the other 17. Āgan, Aquan, Dharthan, Pahādan and all other gods and goddesses, the sons and daughters, the demi-gods and all other magical beings. There millions of demons and monsters readily waiting for Dāthreyan's commands.
My army consisted of the greatest men with unnatural and unbelievable powers, cyborgs, mutants, and AI beyond reckoning. Me, Vrileya, Yāli, Drokan, Dhāthrini, my great army chiefs, Yāli’s great AIs and lots of other beings. I was seated on a horse and so was Vrileya. Drokan and Dhāthrini were on foot, and Yāli sat on a pod.
The two armies will fight till they fall, for each side was so corrupt and consumed by lust of power, that each side wanted to gain supremacy over the other. The time had come where every God, Man and Machine had conquered everything they could and what was left was to destroy themselves. The two armies looked at each other. In the beginning the two armies just gazed at each other, for days and nights at a stretch. No shot was fired. But a billion battles were fought, not physically but within our minds. Rains, and storms came but the two armies just stood frozen looking at each other.
And then the 18th day and night also passed like that. On the 19th morning, there came a storm, the greatest sand storm that ever struck the Earth, a storm so huge that it engulfed the entire Earth, a storm where all the elements of creation took part. All the water from the oceans, all the fire from the skies, all the earth particles, and all the greatest winds was a part of the storm. But the armies stood still. Then the storm died down and in between the two armies there appeared a Tree, a Tree which had a thousand faces. It looked like all of the faces were in deep meditation with their eyes fixed upon the flow of Thought. The Tree had a thousands of leaves, flowers and fruits of all kinds of colours and shapes that no being had seen before.
Dāthreyan somehow knew that was the sign. “ATTACK” the God roared.
I looked at Yāli, the greatest of all robots, the robot with a new physical appearance. Then I looked at Vrileya who was by my side and my son and daughter. “ATTACK!” I roared.
And thus began the greatest battle of all times. The last battle of them all. The battle continued for hundreds of days, stretching, never stopping, never breaking, all day, all night.
* * * *
“So we meet, God of Fire. Your time is about to end.” said Drokan.
“First meet my servants, some demons that will end your time. Not even your father can end my time.” replied Āgan.
And then hundreds of demons who breathed fire rushed towards Drokan. Within a few seconds all the demons lay dead on the floor and Drokan ran towards the Dragon of Āgan, and put his sword through its throat. And the Dragon fell dead and Āgan got off the dead being.
“You underestimate me, you ignorant God.” said Drokan fully ready for the greatest battle he will ever fight in his life holding his double swords, shining in the sun.
Āgan drew out his sword of Fire and rushed towards Drokan. Then a battle was fought, between the Man and the God which lasted for days and in the end Drokan in a swift move drove his two swords, one through the God’s heart and the other cut off the God’s head. The fire died down from his body and he fell dead on the floor.
Just then, the Gods of Aquan and Dharthan came and entered themselves into a battle with Drokan. Dhāthrini also came to help her brother. The battle raged. With a sudden move Aquan touched the skin of Drokan and pulled out all the water from Drokan's body and Drokan fell dead on the floor, and with another swift move Dharthan brought a crack open where Dhāthrini was standing and she fell into the crack. He quickly closed the crack, killing Dhāthrini instantly. A sudden chill went down my spine. I became shattered for I knew that my twins had died and my anger knew no bounds.
The victorious Aquan and Dharthan were confronted with an angry Vrileya and an emotionless Yāli. Within hours, Aquan and Dharthan fell dead on the floor.
The battle still raged. And at last even the news of the death of Vrileya came to me. She was killed by Dāthreyan himself. Now with this I ntered a trance, a trance of destruction. Me, Yāli and Dathryan went on killing so much that at last all the beings were killed and only we survived. I myself slaughtered most of the remaining of the 108 Gods. And at last we three stood facing each other in front of the Great Tree. Dāthreyan drew out his sword and challenged me and Yāli and we accepted. Our battle continued for a 101 days and in the end Yāli sent a bullet through Dāthreyan's heart and I cut off Dāthreyan's head and there lay dead our creator. I looked and rejoiced at the dead body and then suddenly I felt an urge to kill off Yāli too and become the supreme, but Yāli by then had sent a bullet through my heart from behind me. I suddenly turned and sent my sword through Yāli’s head and her core chip was destroyed by my sword.
And there I was, about to die, having lived for a thousand years, consumed by lust of power. No beings now survived on the Earth except me and the Tree. I looked at the tree who still looked unattached to the events of the Earth and then I shouted.
“O Tree. Answer me. What is the Thought? There is no Thought. They are all just lies. Here I stand before you. Answer me? Am I real? Who am I? What am I? Who is Nārāyanan? What is God? What is Man? What is Machine? Is this existence real? I am going to die any moment now for I don’t know any Truth, or answer. Why did I exist? What are these Glimpses of the Thought I got? Who is this Roudrokan and Urmālika that I have dreamt of every night? They are just a figment of my imagination.”
“And all will end, for I am going to cut you down now. And I shall also die soon. Then everything will come to an end.”
I drew out my sword and drove it into the Tree’s trunk. Then the tree uttered something to me, as if the whole of existence had suddenly whispered to me.
“I am Urmālika, I am Roudrokan.”
Then I saw it all inside and outside me. Like the birth of a billion universes. All around me was light and darkness. I saw the Truth. I saw the Thought. This was not a glimpse, but I knew the Thought. I could suddenly think the Thought. I could see the Imagination of the Great One. And who was the Great One? It was Me. I am all there is and ever will be.
I stood up now. I was no longer a Thathvan but a Maha Thathvan – the True Thinker. No bullet was in my body now, for I had broken out of any birth and death. I had become the Ture Nārāyanan. The Great Nārāyanan. And I looked and I saw in front of me all the beings that walked this Earth with me and before me. I saw my mother, I saw my father, I saw my grandmother, I saw Dāthreyan, I saw Vrileya, I saw Drokan, I saw Yāli and billion other beings. I looked at them and they looked at me. All of them now realized the Thought. Between them and me, there was no enmity now, nor love, but just a connection between all of us, for I was them and they were me.


I just gave you a small Thought of mine. But I am always Thinking and it will continue infinitely. There exists a infinite number of Thoughts every moment. An infinite number of Thoughts are born and they die every moment. This particular Thought was small and had a beginning and an end. Some don’t. Some are bigger. Some are smaller.
I am everything and I am nothing. I exist and I don’t exist. I am Roudrokan, I am Urmālika, I am Dāthreyan, I am Yali, I am Vrileya, I am Āgan, I am the Tree.
I am Nārāyanan.


1 Aal in Malayalam means peepul tree

2 Maavu is the Malayalam word for mango tree.

3 Nārāyanan was born into a community that was patriarchal.




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