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FLUBBOMANIA - by Namrata Narula


Myths are magical…..

A myth is merely a story; true or untrue. A myth always has some meaning attached to it. Each myth is special in some way or the other. Most of the myths have some unnatural element attached to it. It could be a character with supernatural powers or an event which unworldly. Myths are passed down from one generation to the other. In a way myths are a proof of the history.

Myths are mostly religious or scientific. My myth starts with a very scientific approach but ends in a mythical way. It’s a unnatural ending which also concentrates on social norms. Myths usually play a very big role in deciding the nature of human beings. They are also responsible in developing a relationship between people and the universe.

Myths are usually termed sacred because most of the existing myths involve gods, goddesses, or even animals who have the powers of a god. Most of the myths end with a lesson or a moral.

Looking at all the ancient myths, I can say that purpose of a myth is to teach the humans the moral values, to teach them the about the rules of the society. Myths set laws for the society. They define man’s place in the society. People’s personal beliefs are highly influenced by the myths they know about. The beliefs influenced by myths are mostly termed as superstitions.

Myths unfold a story of serial creations, creation of the universe, the nature, the mankind, the gods or anything else. Different cultures have different myths on creation. That’s how myths become a big part of different cultures. As time passes they become the heritage of that culture.

My myths reveal the creation of the universe, earth and the mankind.

Most of the myths follow a certain pattern. They move in a certain direction and you just have to follow it no unfold the mystery in it. Myths are mysterious. The structure of a myth comprises of power, conflict, sex, hierarchy, birth, death etc. These elements are essential in a myth.

In my myth the Flubbs had and extremely monotonous lifestyle and all of a sudden because of certain circumstances they disintegrate and form the universe. The element of surprise makes a myth exciting and powerful.

The homosexual and heterosexual Flubbs got the power to create human beings which was again a surprise. One may not know how certain powers are achieved but they are a vital part of any myth.

In any myth hierarchy leads to conflict and conflict leads to war eventually. And war is the focal point of any myth. It completely changes the face the myth. It brings about a major change, either it leads to beginning or the end of something.

Birth and death…these are the natural processes which myths have been teaching the mankind over the years. With birth comes the word reproduction and with reproduction comes sex. Sex is another significant part of my myth.

It deals with homosexuality and incest.

Every birth in my myth is turning point. Like when the twins were born with the sea shell, it changed Adara and Iqra’s lives.

Death is equally important as birth. Iqra’s death led to a war between the fourth dimension i.e. the spirits and the human race. That’s how my myth introduced the concept spirits in my myth.

Most of the myths have conflict between the god and the evil. The war in my myth occurs because of the same…good and the evil. So, myths are essential to teach people to make a distinction between the superior and the inferior; the good and the evil. But it is open ended; it leaves to the men to choose the path which they like. That is why good and evil have always been there and will always be.

Myths make us familiar with the ways of living.



NOTHING….that’s what they say…… How can there be nothing? According to them there were no boundaries of nothing…that means there is nothing outside nothing also, so no one from outside could have come and made the universe. If there was nothing no event could have taken place because nothing can happen in nothing. Literally nothing means absence of everything and if everything was absent how was the universe created?? According to me, nothing never existed. And if there was nothing….it would have continued to be the same. Because nothing can happen in nothing. Think about it, there must be something which was before the universe which probably led to the birth the universe.

There were FLUBBS.They were the creators of the universe!!!! Now you must be wondering what the hell these flubbs are. Flubbs were a kind of organism which existed 100 billion years before the universe came to life. They were everywhere. The so called “nothing” was full of them. According to my investigations they were yellow in color and their bodies were translucent. The surface of their bodies was very muggy. They had these glands on their skin called the Flubbestean gland which constantly constantly secreted a substance called Flubbin from their bodies which made their bodies sticky. As there was nothing called the gravitational force, flubbin acted as some sort of a force which kept them together. Their survival without each other was impossible. Due to the constant contact with each other the secretion of flubbin was continuously encouraged. That’s how they lived on top of each other, under each other, adjacent to each other. There was no solid surface which they rested on. Whatever we see around ourselves today or what we do not see, it was all full of flubbs.

The Flubbs were a solo community of organisms. They ate the dead ones and also reproduced the new ones. They were sexual creatures. They coexisted like this for years and years, till the flubbestean gland started drying because of a never ending nitrogen storm. There was a huge amount of nitrogen gas in the storm and nitrogen led to the damage of the flubbestean gland. Hence, the secretion of the flubbin decreased. Therefore, the force with which their bodies remained fixed to each other started deteriorating. And then what…the whole community of flubbs started disintegrating! And that was the beginning of what we call the UNIVERSE today…..

As these flubbs were separating from each other they started falling apart creating spaces between them. They were separating in chunks because there was left over flubbin in some organisms. There were chunks of all sizes and shapes. These chunks of flubbs started falling in different directions. Finally when the nitrogen storm came to an end these chunks stopped falling and they got stuck wherever they were. The universe was born that day. What we see today is the mature universe.

Theses chunks consisted of various number of flubbs in them. What we call the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the galaxies, the constellations and whatever we believe is a part of universe is made up of flubbs. When the chunks of flubbs stopped falling after the storm, they started dying. And with the each passing year the dead flubbs started coagulating and now they have become very hard and heavy structures. The bigger chunks made the planets i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth,Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the Pluto, the smaller chunks made the Stars, the Moon, the biggest chunk made the Sun and the single flubbs which were close to each other when the storm stopped created the Galaxies. And that is how the universe began.

The reason behind the sun being bright and yellow in color and the other planets being pale and dark is because all the planets consisted of both male and female flubbs, so they died and became pale. But, somehow, the biggest chunk which is now the sun consisted of only female flubbs and miraculously their color did not change. In fact it became brighter and brighter, and started to generate heat. The reason behind it is still a mystery to me. Probably it’s just what we call girl power!

Universe is a descendant of the Flubbs and so am I and you…We exist because the Flubbs exsisted.



Irrat and Diana were mating passionately. Their bodies were excited, ready to explode, a new flubb was almost created and right then they were alienated. Their skins were glowing out of desire, they longed for the contact between their bodies but now they found they were constantly receding away from each other. Their desperation kept rising with the increasing distance between them. They were wild. They did not bother about who they were mating with, who their partner was anymore, they could do it with anyone to satisfy their urge. Mating for flubbs had been a habitual job. They did it almost all the time. They mated just to reproduce more and more flubbs. Pleasure was never an important part of their intercourse. But right now pleasure and satisfaction was all that Irrat and Diana wanted. But neither did they get satisfied nor did their desperation die out. Diana was now in Venus and Irrat was in Uranus.

Flubbs had a rather simple mating process. Skin was their only sex organ, which is why they were always excited as their skins were always was in contact with each other. When the pores on the skin of the female opened, the male would secrete the sperms there and through the pores it reached inside the female body. Then the female would scrunch herself up and give rise to a new Flubb.

As Irrat and Diana were falling in space, flubbin inside Irrat dried completely and he broke away from Uranus. He was going in the direction of Venus where Diana was because the desire to mate was still alive within both of them. Strongly.

On Earth, the only planet which had homosexual and lesbian flubbs in abundance, a female flubb called Kiarah who had also lost her partner while mating was in the same condition of great heat and lust. Irrat got attracted to her glowing skin and open pores and mated with her. When Flubbs were a community, mating between homosexuals and heterosexuals never happened because it did not give rise to a new Flubb. This was the first time that a heterosexual male a homosexual lesbian female were mating. So, the consequences were unknown.

Though Irrat and Kiarah satisfied their desires Irrat’s sperms could not penetrate Kiarah’s skin, so they started to float and excited other flubbs’ bodies and this led to mating between all homosexual and heterosexual flubbs on earth. Hence, all their sperms started floating. Kiarah and Irrat continued mating and this time around his sperms entered her skin and she crumpled up and gave rise to an enormous creature, who had a well sculpted body unlike their shapeless ones. That was first human being on the face of the earth. It was called man. Meanwhile Diana also found her way to earth and mated with a homosexual male and their union gave rise to another human being who is called woman.

The sperms floating on the earth made the ocean. And the man and woman emerged out of the ocean. And when the sperms came in contact with the bodies of dead flubbs, it gave rise to tress and plants. That’s how planet “Earth” was created.

There is life on earth today just because earth had homosexual flubbs. And, accidentally, a heterosexual Flubb landed here and bought about the creation of earth…man , woman, water and the trees…probably there are homosexual flubbs in some other planet as well…let's wait and watch till a Flubb comes back to life!!!



When Kairah and Irrat mated the first time, the sperms did not penetrate Kairah's body. Instead they excited the other homosexual and heterosexual Flubbs. Because the sperms of the homosexual male’s sperms can not penetrate the heterosexual female’s body therefore, a lot of sperms started floating on the surface of the earth....which became the ocean.
But the second time Kairah and Irrat mated it gave rise to the man and Daina’s and the other homosexual male Flubb’s mating gave rise to the female.
All of this was happening in the sperms i.e.; the ocean. So that's how it happened that the man and woman came out of the ocean……


They lay there crying in the sand, with no mother to feed them. She transformed herself into numerous fish in the ocean. She disintegrated and became the goddess of the sea. She is called Fontsia. The twins were struggling in the sand and a shell was sitting there next to the twins and a stroke of wind cleaned its face, it contained a secret which no one knows.

Adara was talking a walk on the shore and she spotted the twins and picked them up. The moment she picked them up a tide came and pulled the shell inside the sea and with every one of the next incoming tides millions of shells were produced, and the shell which contained the secret got lost in the enormous sea.

She took them home, and named the girl Cleo and the boy Yemoli. They became a part of her family.

Adara and Iqra were the first human beings on the face of the earth. They were spat out by the sea. They saw each other and felt an immediate attraction between themselves. They made love on the shore for hours and hours. They explored each others’ bodies and they found it to be the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world probably because that was the first thing that they discovered. They made love everyday. Eventually, Adara got pregnant and gave birth to a boy called Zoel and then another boy called Tiraan and her youngest child was a girl called Alia.

All three of them were quite young when Adara bought Cleo and Yemoli home. All of them played together, ate together, learnt together….. They grew up together!

Meanwhile, the shell got lost amongst millions and millions of other shells. And with it the secret also got lost…probably forever.

Iqra had had a fight with Adara and she went away into the woods never to return again. He was on the shore all by himself. With the man all these emotions like jealousy, selfishness, love, hatred, possessiveness etc. also came in. And that has become human nature now. He decided not go back home and to stay on the beach all night long. Their children were also alone at home. No one to feed them and take care of them.

It must have been midnight when he was sleeping on the shore and he smelt a women’s scent. He opened his eyes and saw nothing. After sometime he again smelt the same scent and then he felt someone’s hair caress his face for a split second. This time he woke up startled. And he saw an extremely gorgeous woman in front of him, her name was Fontsia. She had the finest features anyone has ever had. Her long, curly, brown hair framed her face beautifully. She had just emerged out of the sea and was completely lost.

She had nowhere to go, there was no one whom she knew. Iqra was shocked to see someone apart from Adara and their children. He thought he was dreaming but it was for real.

He was stunned too by her looks. With every glance that she gave him, his attraction towards her kept increasing. She came closer to him and touched him all over and then touched herself. She was curious to know what the difference was between their bodies. Eventually they started making love to each other and it was angelic!! They had sex all night long. Initially, Iqra was afraid to even touch her, he thought she was from some other world, because his world was only that beach, the woods around it, Adara and a small house which they had made. But at the same time, he was exceptionally fascinated by her. He was also afraid, what if Adara finds out about this? But once she touched him, all his fears disappeared. Before sunrise she disappeared as if she knew she couldn't be with him. He never saw Fontsia again, no one did.

Adara came back to him next morning, she knew she could not survive without him. That was the first time someone felt how is it to fall in love with some one.

She was in love him Iqra and so was he. He decided not to tell Adara about Fontsia. Time passed and eventually Iqra forgot about Fontsia.

Meanwhile, Fontsia found herself shelter inside a rock on the other side of the shore far, far away from them. She lived there alone. In her womb she carried her’s and Iqra’s child. Finally after nine months she gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy. Along with the twins came out a sea shell from her womb! The sea shell which contained the secret of the night she and Iqra spent together and these twins belonging to both of them. She went back to the sea and broke down into many fish in the sea. And she became the goddess, Fontsia.



At the break of dawn Adara comes back home with the twins. Everyone at home was fast asleep. She steps inside the house to put the twins in a comfortable place. Due to the crying of the babies Iqra wakes up and he gets surprised to see two new borns in his house. He is suddenly bewildered and thrilled at the same time to see them. After he met Fontsia, it was now that he saw someone else apart from his family. The first thing he is reminded of is Fontsia. Fear rushes through his body, but he did know what to do. He decides not to talk to Adara and pretends to sleep. She feeds them her milk and puts them off to sleep. But, somehow Iqra knew that they were his children.

Soon he wakes up and goes out of the house, escaping Adara’s sight. He had forgotten her like one forgets a dream. All day he thinks about Fontsia, the things which never crossed his mind now suddenly started bothering him. Like where did she disappear, where did she live all this while, did she meet Adara or did Adara somehow found out about him and Fontsia….it was killing him inside. He spends most of his time at the beach, at the same place where he had met Fontsia. He feels guilty. At night he reaches home and Adara very anxiously runs towards him. He tries to avoid her but she catches him and first she asks him where has he been all day and how she wanted to tell him that she found the twins on the beach that morning. wuuf…..Iqra takes a breath as she narrates the whole incident to him.

He still does not tell Adara anything about Fontsia. He continues to hide for their happiness.

Zoel was 3 years old, Tiraan was 2 and Alia was 1 when the twins came home. So, they obviously did not have questions about them. She took care of them like her own children.

Playing, fighting, crying, laughing, eating, sharing the same beds…bought them really close to each other. Time passed by, they grew older and the bonds between them grew fonder.

From the time they were really young, they started making a tree house at the beach. They would spend most of their time there. Now they have become older but they still go to the tree house and sit in there. A lagoon has formed next to the tree house. They spend most of their time sitting beside it. They spend most of their time swimming, talking, discovering new plants and fruits, helping Iqra and Adara do their daily jobs like cutting the wood, catch the fish, cooking, making boats etc…

One day Tiraan was swimming in the lagoon and Alia was sitting at the shore fiddling with wood. She was a chirpy young girl. She was very good at handling material. From her childhood she always helped her father make boats. She always wanted to make strange looking boats but her father never let her. So when ever he was not around she would make bizarre things and keep them in the tree house. So, that day everyone but the two of them had taken a boat and gone to another shore for fishing. Alia had never swam in her life. She was sort of afraid of water. While Tiraan was inside the water, he told Alia to jump in and join him. But she was too scared to do that. He really insisted her to jump inside and try swimming. He told her that everyone in their family knew how to swim but her and it’s time that she should also learn how to swim. He tells her exactly what to do when she jumps in. So she jumps into the sea and tries to swim but she couldn’t, she starts drowning. Tiraan rushes towards her to save her.

Finally, he gets her out alive and takes her into the tree house. She was gasping and almost fainting. He makes her lie down and comforts her. Her clothes were wet, he was hesitant to change her clothes but had to do it because he had no other option, she was in no state to do it herself. He saw a girl naked for the first time. He felt the desire to touch her curvaceous body, at the same time he was ashamed to feel that way just because she was his sister. He was naïve, so he surrendered to his desires and gently touched her breast. Initially she was stunned to see what he was doing. But she did not resist, seemed to enjoy it rather. In response she caught his hair and kissed him keenly. She led him on and he did not stop. They made love to each other passionately.

Everyone came back at dusk. They knew they had done something which they were not supposed to but they were glad they did it. It did not create any awkwardness between them, in fact they made love when ever they were alone. Gradually they started looking for chances of being left alone.

No one in the family noticed it until Adara noticed the change in Alia’s behavior and she also noticed the symptoms which indicated that she was pregnant. Adara became really uneasy, she tried ignoring it because she thought that it could be a misinterpretation but with each passing day her symptoms became really evident. Eventually, she asked Alia and told her that whatever is happening to her is a sign of pregnancy. Alia was afraid, so she confessed everything in front of her. Adara did not know what to do. She told Iqra about it, both of them were extremely troubled. Though at that time there were no social norms. But that must be how intercourse between siblings became unacceptable. They decided to get them married.

Alia and Tiraan got married and went away from their family and started living somewhere else. Alia gave birth to a boy.

Now there were only five members in the family…Cleo, Zoel, Yemoli, Adara and Iqra.



The mating of homosexual flubbs kept giving rise to new human beings and human beings kept giving birth to more humans. Hence, the human race kept increasing in number. They are now living all around the place, close to the sea where they came from. Some of them have gone to far off places and set up their habitats there. There are women, men, children and families. There are tribes and villages.

Yemoli and Alia are now living in some different village away from the rest of the family. Alia gives birth to a child, a boy. Yemoli is like the head of the village because he was the first person to live in that village and so is Iqra who lives in some other village with Adara, Zoel, Cleo and Tiraan. Though all of them don’t live together anymore, they still love each other the same.

Tiraan and Zoel are completely opposite to each other. Tiraan is like a warrior, he is brave, disciplined, very strong headed, whereas Zoel is careless and irresponsible. But both of them love their families and give up their lives for them. Cleo is a very quiet girl. She spends most of the time all by herself swimming and sitting besides the sea. She often takes her boat, goes to the other shore and explores the sea . She is very close to Adara.

One day Cleo takes the boat deep into the sea. She sails very far away from the land, a part of the sea which is completely unexplored. But she is never scared of the sea, the deeper she goes the closer she feels to the sea. Suddenly she feels a strange force pulling the boat into the sea. It is some kind of weird gravitation pull which starts sucking the boat into the sea. Now she starts getting nervous, she tries hard not to let the boat drown, she puts all her strength to make the boat balance but doesn’t succeed. The boat starts drowning, keeps going deep inside the sea. She tries to swim and get out of the sea but she can’t because the pull is so strong that how much ever she tries to come out, she cannot, instead she is going more and more deep into the sea.

Suddenly she sees a very subtle light coming from the bottom of the sea. She starts wondering that what is happening to her and what she is heading towards. In spite of all her nervousness she starts flowing to the light, she feels extremely attracted towards the light and can’t resist going towards it. She keeps going down into the sea. She keeps following the light and going down into the water. She reaches the bottom of the sea and sees a bright green light and in midst of the lit sea there is an extraordinarily beautiful woman in intricately flowy clothes. Her face is pink and glowing. Her hair long brown and curly. She looks ecstatic and pure. She has a sea shell in her hand. It is the spirit of Fontsia with the same sea shell in her hand which contained the secret, the secret of her and Iqra, the secret of Cleo and Yemoli being born out of her womb.

Fontsia smiles at Cleo and comes close to her and gives her the shell. She tells her that after she returns to land, whenever she or anyone puts the shell next to her ear she will hear the voice of Fontsia. Cleo is nervous but Fontsia embraces her and tells her that she is her the mother. She tells her that she is hers and Yemoli’s mother and Iqra is their father.

Cleo bursts out crying, Fontsia put her head in her lap and puts her off to sleep. She wakes up after a long time. Fontsia warns her about not telling the secret to anyone. Fontsia shows her the way out to the land.

Cleo comes out of the sea. She went to that part of the sea where no one has ever been before and after her also no one had ever been so deep down into the sea. But the strangest thing that happened was that Cleo stayed under water for such a long time and did not lose her breath. She attained the ability to breathe under water. She comes out as a completely changed person. She keeps the secret to herself for long but one day when she goes to meet Yemoli and tells him about everything that happened. Yemoli is shocked, initially he does not believe her because she has been a someone who never really talks and does not share things with anyone. She has only been close to Adara . Then she shows him the sea shell and he hears Fontsia’s voice in it.

He gets completely shattered and immediately develops hard feelings for Adara. Because she was the one who told him and Alia to go and live somewhere else, so he starts to feel that Adara did that just because he is not her real son.

Cleo loves Adara and she tries to make Yemoli believe that Adara loves all her children the same and he is no different. He insists on going and confronting Adara and asking her where she got them home from. Cleo resists, she tells him that Fontsia told her not to reveal the secret to anyone. But he still goes to speak to Adara. Everyone in the family gets to know about the secret. Adara tries to calm him down but he never listens to anyone.

After knowing that his secret has been revealed, Iqra gets really anxious to know how did Cleo find out about it. He goes and asks Cleo about how she found out about it. She tells him everything, after knowing that Cleo met Fontsia , he gets really impatient. Soon after cleo told him everything he went to the sea and cried his heart out. He wanted to meet Fontsia or at least see her once.

He starts spending all his time at the sea, hardly comes home. He stops talking to Adara and barely spends any time with her. Adara asks him to leave the house. He leaves the house and Adara, Tiraan, Zoel and Cleo come back and start living at the beach.

Deep down in the sea, the spirit of Fontsia is really miserable amd cursing herself for revealing the secret to Cleo.

When Iqra leaves the house Yemoli goes and offers him shelter at his house. But he refuses and decides to stay on the beach. He is starving, he has nothing to eat or drink.

Yemoli fells really bad about his father. He develops hatred for Adara.

Iqra starts loosing his head because he can’t meet Fontsia ever, she is not a part of this world anymore. Her spirit only lives at the bottom of the sea. He goes mad and loses his mental imbalance. His health begins to deteriorate.

On seeing Iqra’s state Yemoli gets really angry and tries to kill Adara. But fortunately, she doesn’t die. Because he tries to kill Adara all existing mankind turns against him and they make an outcaste of him. Alia also takes her kid away from Yemoli and goes with the rest of the people.

Meanwhile Iqra was left with no option but to die because that was the only way he could be with Fontsia. Eventually he dies and finally gets to be with Fontsia. He is in the fourth dimension now along with Fontsia.

The spirits of Iqra and Fontsia come to Yemoli and try to tell him that he should apologise in front of the whole village but he refuses. Instead he turns them to his side.

Now that all mankind is against him, he wants destroy all the people but he is alone and he cannot do anything. So, he asks Iqra and Fontsia to help them. They decide to provide him with an army which belongs to the fourth dimension i.e. the spirits. Fontsia collects a lot of sea shells and turns them into spirits. So, the spirits start destroying mankind. Gradually, the number of people on earth starts decreasing.

When the war between mankind began, Cleo went to the sea deep down where she had met Fontsia and decided never to come back. She believes that she is the cause of the war which is causing destruction of the human race.

Adara is the only force saving mankind. But she dies of old age and then the fourth dimension takes over. The world is to come to an end.

When mankind was almost defeated, and the fourth dimension had almost won, Cleo decided to come out and save the human race. While she was inside the sea she attained certain powers because she is the owner of the shell now. So, she comes out the sea and becomes the mediator between the fourth dimension and human race. She instigates the fear of mankind amongst the spirits, and they set free the human race. She heals the world and gives them the power to evolve.

That was the beginning of the new world.


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