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EXP: Earth - by Bharati Bahrani


Since the dawn of time man has been searching for the answer to a simple yet extremely complex question- who am I? He has been trying to understand his origin and that of the universe. Different people in different times have tried solving this query by explaining how the world was created through stories. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Who is the creator of the Universe? Why was it created? Science can only answer some of these questions but not too convincingly. A myth is a mode of communication in which knowledge of a culture is passed down from one generation to the next. It is a way to understand the workings of the world. It is the story of the Universe since before the beginning of time, of space.
A myth explains the creation of the universe with all its creations, of man and woman and sex, of battles and choices and consequences, of prophecies and dreams and premonitions, of good and evil, and of utopia. There are brave warriors and mighty Gods fighting against ghastly demons and cruel men.
A myth is a complex and interwoven narrative which is written using mythemes such as hierarchy, conflict, power, creation of man and woman, sex, fear, loss, sorrow, joy, victory, life and death. It is a multi layered plot, where everything is connected to the other. It is usually placed in a world very different from our own. They describe great journeys and impossible quests. The hero is pushed to test his limits. He attains enlightenment at some point in the story and restores the kingdom. He is met with many obstacles in his path to spiritual enlightenment. He has to overcome every form of temptation. And just when you think he is about to crack, the prophecy of his coming unravels itself. The last battle between good and evil is fought. At the very end the hero is victorious. He reestablishes peace and order and a utopian kingdom.
a myth lets your imagination run wild. You explore unknown worlds and meet new people. You are transported into the authors playground. Your mind paints pictures of forests and castles and the heavens and spaceships and aliens and god and the devil and wars and beheaded orcs and Armageddon! The beauty with which the author weaves such a complex web of stories which unfold to reveal an answer to the ultimate question-who am I?


The Senate Building stood out against the busy skyline of UB – 707, the official headquarters of the Galactic Council. Journalists, science fanatics, and worshippers hustled and bustled in anticipated excitement. The Day of Judgment had arrived. The Members of the Senate had just landed on the platforms above. The amber city of Uttukalamer shone dully while the three suns set.
Inside the Senate Building, the arena was buzzing with heated debate. They had all been waiting for this day. The Vice Chancellor stepped up to the podium. “Order! We shall have order!” The buzzing died out. “The motion for the Republic to commission the creation of a new planet, to be known as ‘Earth’, which will serve as a habitat for experiments to be conducted and observed on the new, hybrid species called the Humanoid…and this is what we will vote on this time.”
Hushed whispers echoed around the arena. This had been an extremely debated-over matter. The Believers vs. the Atheists, at war with one another over the differences in their beliefs. The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Universe was presiding over the session.
“Order! Order! Will the speaker for the Believers party please come up to the podium and make his statement.” The Vice Chancellor stepped into his pod and hovered off towards the Supreme Chancellor’s box which was suspended on the top of the arena in the centre.
The representative for the Believers was an old-timer. He moved his pod towards the podium with a lot of difficulty.
“Can everybody hear me?” His voice boomed across the arena. He was kind of taken aback by the volume. He spoke again,” Can everybody hear me?” only much softer this time. “Ahem, ahem…ahem…My esteemed…er…fellow citizens of the Universe. You all know why we have gathered here. The creation of the Humanoid. Let me just cut to the chase. How is something that has been created in a Petri dish and test tubes, mutated and genetically modified, alive? It is against natures will! It is against the will of our creator, our Lord and Supreme Ruler of the …”
“Science is our creator!” someone screamed out loud.” Silence! Your party will get an equal and unbiased opportunity to speak.” The Vice Chancellor down to the mid-section of the arena. He turned towards the speaker,” Continue.”
The Believers were twitching in their pods. The speaker fidgeted with his long floppy ears. “Er…ahem…ahem…As I was saying. Putting together bits and pieces of genetic material in a lab isn’t the same thing as giving birth. This is impure. The books have said so. Everything will come to an end before time. It’s all an illusion. Out universe as we know it will explode into itself. There will be only darkness left! I appeal to the Supreme Chancellor and the Members of the Senate, please do not let such a sin occur. Please consider the consequences of this so-called ‘experiment’ before you make up your minds. Thank you.” He hovered off to join the rest of the Believers.
“Will the Director of the Board of Science of the X7 galaxy please step up to the podium.” the Vice Chancellor announced.
The Director of the Board of Science was someone you couldn’t mess with. He always got what he wanted. A man of great genius and power. He stepped up to the podium and looked around at the cheering crowd. He waited till there was deathly silence in the arena.
“Science is the ultimate truth. It is the absolute truth. Our existence here, in this very moment is true, only because of science. The Universe is governed by the laws of science which have been proven. So, who is this so-called creator of yours and what exactly did he do? Create everything and then go hide? What proof do we have about his existence? He is just a figment of your petty imagination.
The creation of the Humanoid is a giant leap for us, our kind. You and me have evolved into what we are today, gradually adapting and adjusting to out environment. The humanoid is the future. It is our future. We need to learn, extract as much information as we can in order to better out lives. Intelligence wise, the Humanoid is supposed to be far superior to us. The simulation of infinity around the earth is only for the benefit of research, so that we can get better and faster results.
I urge the galactic council to think of the possibilities, the infinite doors that this single experiment could open for us. The chance to make this world a better place!”
The arena burst into loud clapping and cheering. The believers sulked.
The Members of Senate and the Vice Chancellor hovered off to the chamber on top to join the Supreme Chancellor. The tension mounted amongst the crowd. This had been the moment they had been waiting for. Everything that they fought for would depend on the decision of the Galactic Council.
After what seemed to them an eternity, the Supreme Chancellor emerged from the chamber followed by the Vice Chancellor and the members of the Senate. The Supreme Chancellor stood at the podium. “My esteemed colleagues. After much argument over this matter and patient listening to the arguments of both parties, the Galactic Council has taken a decision. The motion for the creation of a planet, with a controlled and regulated environment, for experiments to be carried out on the new hybrid species called the Humanoid has been passed.”

“My babies!” whispered the Director of the Board of Science. He was standing in front of two giant glass cylinders filled with a transparent liquid. One of his arms reached out and touched one of the cylinders. He looked at what was inside with awe.

“I have spent my entire life waiting for this very moment. You are perfect. You are beautiful.” A second arm extended towards the other cylinder. “I have molded you into what you are now. I have given you strength. I have given you intelligence. I have given you perfection!”

He moved a step backward to admire his creation. He turned to face the first cylinder and held it with all four hands. “I shall call you Adam. “ He turned to the other cylinder “and you shall be called Eve.”

“Sir.” It was his personal assistant. “I am sorry to interrupt you, but the Supreme Chancellor has asked if he could come see the humanoids before the experiment commences. He is waiting in the board room.”
“Send him in”

The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Universe had an extremely overpowering presence, even for someone like the Director. He entered the laboratory and walked up to the cylinder “They are remarkable. Indeed a giant leap for our kind. You must be wondering why I am here. Well, I must say, this experiment of yours has created quite a stir in the Senate. I hope you know what you are doing, Director. The fate of the Galaxy lies in your hands. I have come here to tell you that I am appointing you as the General Operations Director, G.O.D for short. From now on you and your team of experts are solely responsible for experiment Earth. You will report to me from time to time the progress of this experiment. Although I must inform you, the moment I feel that this experiment is becoming a threat to the rest of the Universe I will pull the plug on it.” He stopped and took a deep breath in. “ I hope you understand your responsibilities, Director. The consequences of your actions will have an effect on the rest of us.” He turned around and left.

Adam opened his eyes to see a black canopy spread out above him, studded with holes through which light crept in. He was lying naked on a bed of soft green grass. He grazed his fingers against the blades and felt the cool breeze against his skin. He stood up on his feet. It took him a long while to do so. “Now what?” He thought to himself. He turned his head around to see his surroundings. In the distance he saw something that resembled him. He took a step forward. ”Oh! So that’s what these are for.” he thought looking at his legs. He moved towards the lump on the grass. It had the same colour and texture as him. He moved closer. “But it is much smaller.” He kneeled down beside it and looked closely. “How come I don’t have those things jutting out of me?" He reached out and touched it. It moved . Adam was startled. Slowly the lump began to move. It opened its eyes. Adam saw its face and felt something happen inside him. Only when it sat up did it notice Adam’s presence. Adam reached out to touch it again. It felt warm and soft. He liked the way it felt. ‘It’ was Eve.

He stood up and looked down at her. He pulled her up to her feet and continued staring at her. She looked back at him with the same amount of curiosity. She realized that they were quite similar. “But what is that thing hanging between his legs?” she wondered. She looked around herself. She was standing on something soft and green. There were these huge brown things that grew out of what she was standing on and had more green stuff on top of them. She observed that the ground was not flat, because in the distance she could see mountains and hills. “Let’s check this place out” she thought to herself. She held Adam’s hand and set out in no particular direction.

“They are awake, Director,” cried an ecstatic scientist. The now G.O.D smiles and watched Adam and Eve walk around on the surface of the planet he had created. “I want each and every movement of theirs observed and recorded. Their thought, their feelings, their conversations, their discoveries, everything is to noted down in detail. Induce thirst and hunger.”

The experiment continued this way for a long, long time. Physical stimulations were initially induced till they became a necessity. Their bodies had been created in such a way that their sexual desires were quenched by one another. They procreated. Developed language and communication skills. Adapted and adjusted to their environment. Gradually their numbers increased.

He crouched behind the bushes. He had it in his sight. Without the slightest sound he aimed at fired. The deer had been caught unaware. “We shall feast tonight!” their victory cheers echoed over and over again!

He had been the most sought after male in the village. He was strong, and handsome and a very good hunter. He was made Chief when his predecessor caught an arrow in the head by one of the rival clans. They say he came from the heavens! He slowly began to expand his kingdom, waging war against the neighboring villages and conquering them all. He was the mightiest of them all!

He fell in love with a carpenter’s daughter. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on. Big brown eyes, luscious pink lips, long black hair, olive skin…his heart skipped a beat every time he saw her! He wanted to caress her lovely bosom, and make love to her under the moon and the stars, and to cum in ecstasy together!

He held their son close to his chest and swore that he would protect him from any harm. He kissed the baby’s forehead and hummed some forgotten tune.
“They are beginning to develop attachment towards their mates and offspring. They experience this emotion termed love, which is the reason why they feel the attachment towards their mates. It is a chemical reaction that happens in their brain which creates this emotion. They fornicate for pleasure mostly…that’s just an observation we made. Moving on…”

The G.O.D moved to another monitoring screen and continued, “They have developed hunting abilities. They are wandering across the surface of the Earth in search of suitable habitats. It is quite remarkable what they achieved so far, Chancellor.”

The Director turned away from the monitoring screen to face the chancellor. “You don’t look too pleased with their progress, Chancellor.”

“I just assumed it would be much faster, considering the fact that these humanoids are intellectually superior to us. It has taken them so long to develop an understanding amongst themselves, their surroundings and other creatures present on their planet. This is an experiment. I feel the need to remind you of that fact, Director. Not some fantasy world you desired. We need faster and better results. I don’t think I will be able to continue funding this project for too long if I feel that it is going nowhere.”

“The simulated universe that we have created around the earth does not run according to the rules of our universe, Chancellor. It is in a time warp. Time is moving much faster in there than what it is out here. You have got to understand that it took us millions of years to evolve into what we are today. What the humanoid has achieved so far is astounding considering the time since it came into existence. It will take time, Chancellor. The process is happening as fast as possible. We cannot speed things up further. Our purpose will be lost then, Chancellor.”

“I am giving you time then. Do not test my patience, Director.”

His skin camouflaged him with the night. He had been hiding amongst the trees while the sun had been up. The small army of men come along with him were hiding in the valley behind him. He had gone on ahead to check on his enemy’s position and strength.

“We can take them on! They are sloppy and drunk, overconfident. But their numbers are larger than ours. That’s the disadvantage we have. But we are smarter than them. We shall take them by surprise before dawn breaks.”

They crept in deathly silence towards their enemy’s camp. Once they came within visible range they started shooting poisonous darts at the enemy soldiers. He found the clan’s Chief and slit his throat while he was sleeping.

The army returned home to celebrate victory. There were feasts and dances in honor of the victorious soldiers.

“They have managed to spread out across the planet. They are territorial in nature. Their bodies have adapted to the environment that they are in. They have started building settlements for themselves. The male is the dominant one of the species because of its strength. He is the protector and the provider. The female is the nurturer. She is more sensitive than her counterpart. They rely on their senses- sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. They have developed tools and devices to make things simpler for them.”

“This is why I agreed to invest in your experiment, Director. I knew it had potential. But I still feel that the process of evolution in your simulated universe is not fast enough. Your experiment might prove to be an added, unnecessary expenditure. The Believers are demanding the shutdown of this project. Riots have been breaking out all over the galaxy between the Believers and the Atheists. Members of the Senate are getting anxious. I am standing by your side, director, only because I am a man of science myself, but I have to maintain peace and decorum. I will not allow mass uprisings and havoc in the galaxy because of a G. O. D’s whims and fancies. I hope we understand each other clearly, Director.”

The G.O.D. held the Petri dish against the light. The Building of Knowledge was empty at that time. All the scientists had gone home. The Director stood alone in the dark lab looking at the Petri dish with a gleam in his eyes. “You are mine! My own! You are going to grow into a beautiful humanoid! My son!”

“Do you ever wonder what’s out there?”
“Out where?”
“The night sky. Don’t you ever wonder what lies beyond the stars? Whether there are people like us, living, breathing, walking, talking like us?”

The Director had been secretly creating a humanoid for himself. Every night, once the Building of Knowledge was vacant, he would go to his lab, and work way into dawn on the growing embryo. The gestation period for the humanoid is nine months. The fetus had now been growing for almost seven months. “You are going to be the next G.O.D. I shall teach you about everything. You will be different from the rest of us, far superior. I know I won’t be able to tell you the truth till you’re much older. But I know you will understand. The Galaxy will see that you are the future! Together my son we will…”
A knock broke the silence. The door split open. The Supreme Chancellor stepped into the lab. “I have been looking all over for you Director. I haven’t heard from you in very long, I hope everything is going well. I wanted to check on the progress of your experiment.” He stopped walking. The Director was trying to hide something behind his back.
“What’s that behind you?” He moved two steps closer to the Director.
“It’s just something I have been working on Chancellor.”
“Then why are you trying to hide it? Step aside.” The human fetus was floating in a cylinder filled with a transparent liquid.
“What is that?”
“Like I told you Chancellor it’s something I’ve been working on. I’m trying to figure out a way to speed the evolution process as you asked me too by mutating some of the genes.”
“Do you take me for a fool Director? Have you forgotten that I have dedicated my life to science as well? I know what mutation does to any creature, and that humanoid does not look anything like a mutant! Tell me something Director, do you have any children of your own?”
The Director knew what was coming next. If word got out that he had been secretly germinating a human fetus in the laboratory he would be sacked from his position and all the knowledge he possessed would be wiped out of his brains. He had to do something! He was getting frantic.
“Did you hear me? Do you have any progeny Director, to take your place when your flesh is rotting and being eaten by the worms?
Your silence answers my question. I’m afraid you have broken the rules, Director, the rules that you set. Your ego has brought your downfall.”
The Director’s hands were fumbling around the desk feeling for something.
The Chancellor moved towards the cylinder containing the fetus. He looked at the floating humanoid with fascination. “I must admit, it’s amazing, this humanoid of yours. An object of absolute wonder! But it can’t be our future. Our race is and will always be superior. It has taken them eons to figure out the laws of science and mathematics, and they’ve still not achieved anything spectacularly brilliant. Their existence is turning out be a burden on us now.”
The Director’s hands caught hold of something. He slid it into his pocket. It was an electrode. The Chancellor reached out for the plug that connected the cylinder to its power supply. “I’m sorry to say this but as of this moment, Experiment Earth is abo…” The Director switched on the electrode and jammed it into the Supreme Chancellor’s chest. The Chancellor’s body went into shock as a high voltage electric current flowed through his body. The Director held the electrode till the Chancellor’s body went completely still. He had thought about this a million times but never imagined that it would turn out that way. He moved away from the corpse. Slowly a crooked smile swept over his face. He started laughing. The madness in his laugh echoed through the lab. He looked at the Chancellor’s dead body and then at the fetus. “The time has finally come my son, time to start making our own rules, to take control of our destiny.”

Many years had passed since the Supreme Chancellor’s murder. The G.O.D had usurped the position of Supreme Chancellor of the Universe. It happened overnight. The Believers rose up against it and demanded a fair election. But since the Atheists were in majority they didn’t really have much say in the matter. Time moved on. Things seemed to be going on smoothly. The Believers felt cheated but their numbers were too little and their opponents too strong. Some of the Atheists were unhappy about the fact that the G.O.D had created a humanoid for himself. That child had grown up into a young, handsome and extremely intelligent man. Since he was outside the time warp Earth had been placed in, he aged normally. He could use his full brain capacity unlike the earthlings whose brain had been modified so that they could use only one eighth of it.
The happenings on Earth were being monitored and progress had been steady. But now the G.O.D wanted more. He decided to send his son to Earth in order to gain one on one experience with the humans. He called for a meeting to discuss this move.
“G.O.D, are you sure this is the right way to move ahead? It is against the original set of rules we had laid down.”
“Yes, I agree fellow Atheists. I know you are all concerned about the repercussions of this move. But I assure you the humanoids shall not find out the truth. This is a method to take our studies forward. My son is the only one who can go to earth and spend some time with the humanoids without creating any suspicion. He’ll blend right in.
The reason I want to send him there is for us to be able to understand in depth their way of thinking. To analyze how their mind works.
This experiment has been going on for years. The humanoids have been enlightened. They’ve been exploring science and mathematics and have achieved great success in these fields even though they can use only one eighth of their total brain capacity. It’s time now for us to understand these things called ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’ like love and attachment. We need to develop a deeper understanding into these facets of the human being. Our vision needs to expand. It is the only way to fully understand our future.”
The Committee members murmured amongst themselves. After several minutes of hushed whispering they came to a verdict. They agreed to let the son of the G.O.D go to earth for a time period of ten Earth years in order to further the progress of the experiment.
Eshyuwa, the son of the G.O.D, had been trained in the sciences. He too studied at the Galactic University of Biological Sciences and had specialized in Genetics. He had been waiting for this day all his life. He knew it would come. They created a passageway for him to safely enter the simulated space around the earth. Once he entered that space he had to make sure that no one would notice the space shuttle he traveled in. His journey had been programmed into the shuttle's computer system.
Eshyuwa had been preparing for this journey since he hit puberty. He had studied humans for years. He knew their every trait, the language they spoke in, the way they dressed. He had been practicing some of their rituals and spent hours talking to himself in different earth languages.
He spent his first two years just traveling around the planet, noting down different behavior patterns. He made friends with people from all over. As time passed and he had been to most places, he felt something change in him. He realized that he had developed attachment towards some of the people he met and had grown close to.
One night he was sitting at a bar and drinking this beverage called beer which has intoxicating effects on you, when he met this woman. Her name was Marianne. She had long black hair which glistened in the light. Her lips were pink and luscious. She came up to Eshyuwa and offered to buy him another beer.
“Hi! I’m Marianne. You seem to be from out of town. How do you like it here?”
“Yeah, I just came in two days ago. I’m Joshua. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Where are you from, Joshua?”
“Well, I’ve been traveling around for sometime now. Wandering around from place to place like a nomad.”
“Oh! How come?”
“Looking for some adventure I guess. I like seeing new places, meeting new people. It’s just a lot of fun and I have the money, so why not?”
Eshyuwa had been using the same line every time someone asked him about his history. He sent reports to his father regularly. His experiences with people. Conversations he had had. But there were certain things he couldn’t really put down in words.
Him and Marianne had been spending a lot of time together. He had gotten to know her. She said she was in love with him. He didn’t know what love was. He felt a jolt inside him every time she touched him. He made love to her. It was his first sexual experience. He felt this bond with her which he had never had with anyone else before. Maybe this is love, he thought to himself.
In his fifth year on earth, Marianne bore him a daughter. He held his little baby in his arms and his eyes brimmed with tears of joy. He knew he was finally home. He belonged on earth with his people. But he knew his father would never let that happen. According to the G.O.D, Eshyuwa had gotten married to Marianne only to understand what family meant to the humans. He didn’t know what Eshyuwa actually felt. His son would soon come back to him was what he thought. The G.O.D didn’t realize that his son would feel human emotions like his fellow beings. He took it for granted that those things would not have an effect on Eshyuwa.
Eshyuwa wanted to free his people. He wanted them to know the truth about where they came from and that everything around them was an illusion. He had to find a way convince his father to set the earth free. The only way to do that was to make him believe that if he freed the earth and took out the time warp and let the humanoid use hundred percent of its brain capacity, the stupid experiment he had many conducting for centuries would show extremely brilliant results. His father would do anything in order to make his precious experiment be in the limelight again. For the last few years he spent on earth he continued sending in reports to the G.O.D and he kept hinting at what he wanted.
The time for him to leave had finally arrived. He didn’t know how he would leave his wife and daughter. He would come back for them eventually, but for now he had to let them go. He staged his own death, leaving no trace of a body. It was the hardest thing he had done his whole life.
The Atheists had been eagerly waiting for Eshyuwa’s return. The G.O.D had arranged a meeting in which his son would submit his report to the Science Committee. But before the meeting he wanted to meet his son.
“Eshyuwa my son, I am so glad you’re back. I have missed your company terribly. Tell me, how was it really to be there, on Earth? Not the scientific jargon, I want to know how you felt when you were walking amidst them. Did you experience any human feelings? Love, lust, compassion and things like that?”
“Father, I went there keeping in mind all through the time I spent there that I was there for a purpose and that was Science. I feel that the human intellect in its present state will not be able to really utilize its full potential unless they are allowed to use their brain fully. If you change the program and let them use hundred percent of their brain they will achieve things beyond our wildest imagination. Their progress rate will be off the charts!”
“What you are talking of is not feasible. I have thought about it many times, but the members of the Science Committee feel, and I agree with them that letting the humanoid to use its brain fully is too much of a risk. I…”
“Father you have to understand that unless you do so, it’ll take you another two maybe three thousand years to fully understand them! And even then we might not be right. Then all this would be in vain. Your experiment will fail. They are too primitive for their standard. This is my conclusion after spending so much time there. They are not like you and me father.”
Eshyuwa persisted his case with the G.O.D for weeks. He had cancelled the meeting saying that he needed more time to submit his report to the Committee. The G.O.D brought up this matter with some of his fellow scientists. He wanted to know what they thought should be done. He was torn inside. He wanted to do what Eshyuwa was asking of him, but at the same time he had to think of the rest of the Universe. Some of the Scientists were exasperated at the thought of it while some others agreed with Eshyuwa. The G.O.D decided to call for a meeting of the whole Science Committee to discuss this issue with them. Eshyuwa had convinced his father that it was the only way to get better and faster results. It was all in the name of science is what he said.
Some of the Committee members felt that the G.O.D had gone senile. “Free the Earth! I think he is losing his grip. It’s about time we chose a new G.O.D, someone who won't go around trying to be a revolutionary for the lab rats!”
The Committee members gathered in the Building of Knowledge. There had been a growing rift between the supporters and the non-supporters of the G.O.D. Eshyuwa had been hoping that things wouldn’t come to this. He thought that everyone would see things as he did, even though their intentions would have been completely different.
“My fellow members of the Science Committee. We have gathered here today to discuss a very important and growing concern in the progress of our experiment. I have been in charge of this experiment which has been underway for centuries now. It is my life’s work as you all know. I feel it is time to let the humanoid be whole, like it is supposed to be. Let them live a full lifetime and discover the rest of the Universe with all its wonders.”
“What if they decide to take over the world and change everything to suit them. You have said so yourself that they are superior to us. What if they decide to invade us? It’ll be the end for us all. Don’t let your greed jeopardize our safety Director.”
“What reason do they have to take over the Universe? They still don’t know a lot about its mysteries. Maybe they might help us unravel some which we haven’t been able to crack so far. Think about the endless possibilities.”
“We cannot let you go ahead with it Director, the stakes are too high.”
“Then I’m sorry to say that I’m going to have to go ahead with it on my own. Those of you who see things as I do may join me. The rest of you, I’m sorry to say that you are cowards!”
The G.O.D lost a lot of valuable friends due to this decision of his. The Atheist Party broke down. The people who didn’t support him left. The Galactic Universe was going through pandemonium. Riots broke out everywhere. Unrest and violence swallowed everything. The G.O.D and his son had never imagined this to happen. But the decision had been made. Earth was to be freed.
In spite of all the commotion the team of Scientists working with the G.O.D and Eshyuwa had figured out a way to safely pull the earth out of the time warp it was set in and also place it in actual space. The Earthlings were to know nothing of this plane. Eshyuwa didn’t agree with this, but the G.O.D felt it would be better to let things happen gradually.
Once earth was out of its time warp the lifespan of earthlings would increase. But they would have to make it seem to the earthling as if it were a part of their evolutionary cycle. Their genes would be mutated back to the original human genome structure using regulated amounts of radiation before their release into space.
The Universe was in turmoil. Believers fighting the Atheists. Atheists fighting the Atheists. The G.O.D continued with the execution of his plan. Earth was successfully released into space. The G.O.D died at the ripe old age of 1027 earth years. Eshyuwa went back to his family on Earth.
Earthlings eventually discovered the rest of the Universe and brought back peace and harmony to it.


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