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AN EMBRYO by Mrinalini Babbar

Chapter 1: an introduction to the beginning

Boom! An explosion. The big bang, is it? No, it was an egg. A tiny embryo, which gave life to the world. Inside the egg was a universe so spectacular that it was a life form within it self which was a home of fairies, dragons and elves. There was good and there was evil, there was a hero and then there were conflicts which led to war resulting in serious consequences of which we are a result.

Destruction. Plague. End of life in the embryo. It all started with the stealing of the powerful stone ‘hera’ in which rested the powers of both good and evil. It was a magical stone with immense powers. This stone was kept safely at mount. Dritious safe guarded by romano the elf.

The embryo looked white and pure from the outside, but what was inside was a mysterious world of elves fairies and the drakons. Inside the embryo, they all lived in a universe full of conflicts and the drakons an inequitable life as they were made an outcast. This was one of the main reasons for digasa the supreme leader of the drakon community to get someone to get Hera in order to be in supreme power and start a war. A war, which could wipe out the elves and the fairies and even destroy the universe…

The fairies and the elves were the supreme powers reining the world who had mystical powers unlike the drakons. Each of them had the power to fly from place to place… and each possessed a magic wand by the powers of which they would cast spells, be it good or evil. It was by the virtue of the evil spell called ‘unumurah’ the out casting of the drakons took place following came the mortifying disease ‘pelob’ which overtook the drakon race.

The Drakons had been suffering from a mighty lot, including the horrendous disease called Pelob which made them emotionally evil by nature and hence increasing their need to be in the possession of the stone. It was a disease so mortifying that it was impossible to escape evil. This disease was a spell cast upon the Drakon race by the elf, umbelluf long back when digasa tried to steal it. Even though he was the main reason that every drakon became an outcast no one really held him responsible for it, as they were anyways treated with disrespect by the elves and the fairies.

There was a distinction between the two- the beautiful and the ugly. As superficial as it may seem, it was the truth and a sore reality that the drakons had come to terms with. But Digasa vouched that he would put an end to all this once and for all. And that day would come soon….

It was when Auberon the warrior elf cast the spell of rebirth that the magical world inside the embryo came to an end.

The embryo was a short-lived life form which gave us our life. But what really happened inside the embryo was……

Chapter 2: the uprising of armies

It was at mount dritious where the magical stone was kept safe guarded by romano who was taking rest. It was a sound morning but something in the sky looked disturbing… it was a clear sky except for one black cloud hovering over the mount dritious. It was a sign, for unexpected bad things to come.

There was a trivial sound of movement which woke up romano from his sleep. Something was not right. An eerie feeling crept inside him that made him shiver. To his disbelief he saw a drakon walking away with hera! In an instant he flew towards him and was about to take out his wand that the drakon turned around and knocked down Romano. He was on the ground utterly numbed by the pain. He had never felt anything so strong hit him ever before. Whoever this drakon was…he was bloody strong! Romano lay on the ground unconscious and saw Hera being taken away.

It had begun….

The stone was gone. And what was worse was that it was in possession of the drakons. There would be war, destruction and most of all end of life in the embryo.

Umbelluf the supreme elf, the leader of the magical race was informed of the dreaded action. Drawn back into the past he was reminded of the time when he had cast ‘unumurah’ on the drakon race. Deep inside he knew that he had set ablaze a fire which would destroy the world within a matter of time. Now, there he was, umbelluf repenting his own action which he did years ago.

Umbelluf called upon his most trustworthy warrior elf and his only son Auberon and told him about the stone and asked him to prepare the army for war which was to take place soon… Auberon left and did exactly what his father told him to do. He prepared the army for war.

Auberon was a warrior himself. He was a reserved, self-confident elf who had an enigmatic aura about him that would automatically make the other elves follow him. He was a born leader, and naturally he was the best amongst the rest.

A few hours later, Auberon had raised an army so large that it was a sure fact that the war was going to be a great one, on which the future of their race would depend upon...

Meanwhile …

It was in Euronomosaki, the place where all the Drakons lived as outcastes that Digasa was waiting impatiently for Karrossa to come with the magical stone. Only the sight of Hera could pace him down. A few minutes later Digasa saw what he had wanted to see since the time he lost it. Instantly flashes of the past came back.

“Digasa! Stop. You are making a big mistake. Don’t touch the powerful Hera!” Umbelluf cried. “No, my friend, this stone is the key to great power. Join me and we shall rule the world!” declared Digasa. “You’re giving me no choice, Digasa. Please! Don’t touch the stone.” “At a moment like this who needs choice? I repeat, join me.” “I ‘m sorry, Digasa!” Umbelluf raised his hands and cast the most powerful spell ‘umunurah’ on Digasa and the rest of his kind…

Karrossa had to raise his voice in order to snap digasa of his past memories. Karrossa carefully handed the stone to digasa. As digasa held the stone in his hand his eyes gleamed with the reflection of the stone… he had never looked as evil as he did now.

With the stone in his possession he asked karrossa to prepare the army and declare war.!

The time had come…

Chapter 3: the war

A war takes place due to a conflict, revenge and….well, there are many reasons… the main reason for the war to take place here was both conflict between the 2 races of elves and drakons, and revenge from the elves for treating the drakons as an outcast.

As a million elves lined up for war at the battlefield, Auberon sat strong and confident on his white horse and said, “I am aware that by the magical powers of the stone digasa has nullified our powers and destroyed our magic wands. Today is the day when our powers will be put to test when we hope against hope. We are at war with the drakons, a race disliked by all. This is their attempt at getting justice. But we will make sure that their attempt is just a mere attempt and nothing more. Digasa has put his hand into the lion’s mouth by the act of stealing the stone. He will not succeed in his plans for the occurrence of Helius. We are to make sure that everyone of these drakons is killed without any mercy .They are going to suffer from a tragic loss which I cannot begin to describe. It is we who are going to stop them and bring peace in this world. I hail to the Almighty! Let the powers be within us. Let the waaarrrr begin!”

2000 thousand feet away were the drakons getting ready to run forward and wipe out the elves and destroy the world. digasa stood strong in front of his army .He felt a pang of adrenaline rush inside of him. His blood was all pumped up to take revenge and make happen the day dreaded by all.

“My fellow Drakons”, he said. “Today is the day we go to war and destroy everything that has loathed us in some way or the other. I know not what will be the outcome but I do know we go to war and create the day in history that will be remembered by all. Yes, we are going to end this misery and suffering once and for all. We will kill all who defy us. Our ancestors once said our life is worth more than what we live it to be, we are not outcastes…a day will come when everyone will see the drakons rise above all. That day is today. Today we shall prove who we all are. It is by the powers invested in me that I Digasa your leader raise my head and declare WARRRRRRR!” Digasa raised his head; he roared and bright yellow flames lit up the sky. The war had begun…

The war was everything more than the elves had anticipated it to be. It looked like the elves were being crushed by the force of the drakons. Auberon looked around in a daze and saw that a thousand elves had turned into white ash already! Elves were dying rapidly. And then he saw his father being killed by a drakon. He was agonized by the pain and could not move. He was in hysteria! And then he felt something on his head. He felt as if he was dying… but he fell unconscious on the ground. The last image he saw before he fell unconscious, was Digasa‘s face…

Chapter 4: the end of life in the embryo and rebirth

The war was over. Umbelluf was dead and so were a million elves. The remaining hundred elves were defeated and were taken as slaves. The drakons had got their revenge. Digasa was overwhelmed by his victory and the possession of Hera, the powerful stone by means of which he planned to destroy this universe. But in order to do so, he needed a spell. A spell, which could activate the stone’s hidden powers by means of which the universe could be destroyed. This spell was known to only two elves Umbelluf and his son Auberon. Digasa now had a task at hand. He had to force Auberon to cast the spell.

Auberon was in confrontation with Digasa now and obviously refused to give out the spell. But for a minute he contemplated and thought of rebirth. Yes, he knew what he had to do. He told Digasa that he would cast the spell for him. But little did Digasa know of Auberon’s intentions, he gave him the stone.

Auberon held the stone in both his hands and said out aloud, “Within the realms of the stone, rests a mighty god, who shall destroy this universe and everything living, and there shall be rebirth of this universe with a new and more powerful race. There shall be a world so unique that every living thing in the world shall have utmost importance. I call upon thee to end this world of misery and commence a whole new world.”

Chapter 5: a whole new world!

Auberon had cast the rebirth spell and everything inside the embryo was washed away with a storm of water by the virtue of the spell being cast upon and the almighty force being released. The universe inside the embryo came to an end… and this was the birth of a whole new world.

God destroyed the embryo to end the pain and suffering once and for all. Auberon was the clever elf who cast the spell of rebirth and released god from the stone to create the living world that we live in now…

Hera, the stone was the only thing of the past that we have in our present. God cut it into two parts and placed it in either corners of the world. Amedius (the good) and Reetraka (the evil), causing rebirth of an entirely new and advanced race – the Homo sapiens who now dominate the world and of which we are a part of…


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