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The Evolution of Man - by Dhananjay Murthy

A long, long time ago, there was nothing. I know people through the ages, a number of them being renowned scholars and scientists have said that there was a lot of space dust floating around and after a few thousand years, they came together and the earth was born. The left over particles that didn’t go into forming the earth turned into dinosaurs. This is the general way it goes…or so they tell us. I shall now endeavor to tell you what really happened, how it really happened and where it really happened.

As I started earlier, a long time ago there was nothing. There was no space dust or charged particles. Everything was just black. A few light years away, there was a planet called X-84 according to science, however, the inhabitants just called it ‘home.’ This planet was destroyed many eons ago, when internal strife among its people ended in the very destruction of the entire planet itself. Anyway, that was much later and of no consequence to this story. Anyway, the people of this planet used to have a ball game which was surprisingly a lot like modern day human cricket. The people on this planet were giants so big that they would put the titans to shame. They were having a tournament, and one of their star players hit the ball so far away, that it broke through X-84’s gravitational pull and traveled for thousands of years until it finally stopped in our solar system as we know it today.

We now fast forward in time to a couple of million years ago. The Plutonians, were amongst the most advanced people around at that time. This, mind you, is before they were wiped out by the Uranians who in turn would later die out due to some strange incurable space virus which manifested itself in the ring of ice that circles the planet. Anyway, these Plutonians were experts on space and time travel. While traveling around space, they stumbled upon the ball from X-84. After traveling in space for a while, the ball had become heavily charged with radiation and atomic particles. The Plutonians, ever looking for fun and a chance to show off their scientific prowess, saw this ball and decided, that it had the potential to be a planet. They decided that all planets must have life. Creating life being one of their technological forte’s they quickly got to work. After trying out various combinations they ended up creating the dinosaurs. Unfortunately for them, the dinosaurs were anything but the cute lovable creatures that they set out to create…well, most of them at least. And given that the average Plutonian was half the size of a modern day human, the entire scientific team was devoured by the very animals that they had created. This brought the Plutonian expedition to a rather abrupt end.

The dinosaurs had a free reign on the ball for the next few million years. In the mean time, the ball’s neighbour had evolved an exceedingly powerful species, resembling us somewhat. The reason for that I shall soon get to. They were facing a problem, that their planet was getting too small for their ever increasing population. When I say this I don’t mean it in the same way as our modern day earth. I mean that the Martians were a race of avid holiday goers, and their planet being large, red and rocky wasn’t much of a holiday destination so they started looking elsewhere. The state funded a magnum expedition to find a holiday destination worthy of their race. All the other planets in the solar system were either too cold, soggy or the atmosphere was not suitable to the Martian system. They then hit upon the ball, which was renamed ‘earth’ after the Martian expedition leader’s mother. Finding that the dinosaurs were still there and that they might pose a threat to the tourists, a decision was taken by the high council on Mars to do away with them. What ensued was probably the first case of large scale ethnic cleansing on our planet!

After doing away with the dinosaurs, the Martians imported a number of species from other planets and solar systems, and put them on earth. These species thrived on the atmosphere and the land. As a new wave of eco-tourism spread through Mars, there was a need to create more and more species. Finally a leading Martian scientist created the ancestor of man. This was a species created both to amuse as well as to serve the Martian tourists at their holiday spas. Internal turmoil in Mars caused the Martians to abandon their vacations for a while. However, while testing this new species called ‘man,’ the subject contracted a virus very similar to the common cold. This virus, although quite harmless to the subject, proved lethal to the Martians and they died out suddenly. The few survivors boarded the last space ship and went to earth. This Martian refugee band was mainly comprised of women. Reaching earth, and getting rather bored, they ended up pro-creating with their former scientific subjects leading to what we know of and call as ‘homo sapiens.’

This story, however, far fetched it might sound, is true and has been hidden from us for millennia as it goes against God, religion and modern human society.

The Evolution of Man – A Hypothetical Take Part II

As I have explained in the earlier installment, humans, contrary to what people might say, were actually created by Martians. What had happened on earth was, since these Martian women were higher beings, that is to say, in the eyes of their beholders, they set about ruling the earth with power of such magnitude, that it would have made any despot from Hitler all the way up to Pol Pot exceedingly jealous. Yes, hard as it might be to swallow, this planet and us were all once under the iron rule of ‘girl power!’ I know this might sound like paradise, and in many aspects might easily have been so. But Martian women, you see, being a foot and a half taller than most normal women were a trifle more demanding than their modern day sort of descendants.
To these women, the male species, which they had originally created in labs all over Mars, and then propagated with and changed thereby into an exceedingly advanced hybrid, were all, to put it simply….just slaves. Well, that wouldn’t do. Not for these new creatures who called themselves ‘men.’ Given the situation that the Martian women consisted solely of one generation, and with cross breeding, a newer generation of females had come into existence. These human-ish females, growing sick of their mother’s antiquated ways, thought of a plan to keep these slaves all to themselves. They sowed the seeds of discontent amongst the males. The males, not having any knowledge of politics or intrigue were ready to do the bidding of the newer, faster and more improved females! A hand picked band was assembled to assassinate the old Martian women. However, for the first time recorded in history, the men having a compassionate side couldn’t follow through with the plan. This caused the younger women to be exceedingly angry with the men, denying them the one thing they lived for – procreation!
These females, ever shrewd and having a brilliant mind for dastardly deeds, cooked up a fantastic lure to get the old Martian ladies together in one place for their extermination. Ironic as it might sound, they decided to throw a luncheon for the old women on top of a mountain, which in later years would get the name of Versuvius. These old Martian women had no idea what they were in for. Thinking it would just be another lunch at a glorious location, they dressed up in their finest, made sure that their hair and make up was just right, and set out for lunch. When they got there, they had no idea that their daughters and grand daughters would actually want to do away with them. They landed up at Versuvius, and found the view to be spectacular. However, unknown to them, the peak of the mountain had been heavily laden with explosives, which in turn were promptly detonated wiping out the very creators of our species. The men, who had no idea of this plan, could only watch in shock as their mothers, grandmothers and lovers were blown to smithereens by the females. Since the word females has appeared quite a bit, to avoid further confusion, from this point on I shall refer to the survivors only as ‘women.’

With the dominant figures suddenly gone, our race was weak and unprepared for life. The new generation of women, after carrying out their wicked plan, had no idea of what to do with the disarray that was growing amongst the humans. Also, with the death of the Martian women, we lost all technology and degenerated by a few hundred years. Out of the darkness that was prevailing came a man whose origins are steeped in mystery. Some say that he was the last of the ones with pure Martian blood running through his veins, others said he was a cross between a woman and an animal, but whatever it was, he was the one who brought hope to this fledgling race. Today, we might call him god, however, he called himself Al.
Al was unlike all other humans. He was special. He had a vision, he had a dream. He was a person with such presence and charisma that when he spoke, whether people liked what he said or not, they listened. He worked tirelessly to better our condition. There were no rules to go by, no guidance for future generations on how to live, and yet, even then we were multiplying like rabbits! Therefore Al decided that he would be the person to change it all. I shall now quote some of his sayings that made up a part of his philosophy which was followed and helped to evolve us into the society that we are today.

• Men are the only species capable of ruling.
• Women having been proven as sheer evil shall hereby play only a secondary role in life and other such matters.
• Men shall only be allowed to be with women, not another man
• Since girl children will grow up into women, they shouldn’t be taken seriously or paid attention to, so that they learn early on their role in society.
• Men are to uphold the world and its values as they are chivalrous.
• A man shall have to take a woman for his partner for life to prevent her from stirring up evil and to create progeny. This woman shall be called a wife. He may keep other women for the same purpose provided the wife doesn’t find out.
• Children are the future generation, therefore, they must be taught these essential truths early in life that they might practice this as they grow into adulthood.
• The men must rally round all the people and settle them in one place. There these people must dwell and live as one and serve one another.
• In some cases, it might be necessary for a collection of men to decide how to live, and in others just a single man.
• It is imperative that a man keeps his woman under check at all times and sees to it that his children do the same.

As you can see, a number of Al’s preaching’s have been a great influence on us and our society as we know it today. Feminists today condemn Al’s preaching’s as overtly sexist. However, anyone who reads it properly can see that the man had vision. If only we could follow this more strongly in today’s day and age.

The Evolution of Man – A Hypothetical Take Part III

Al was a man unlike all others. He was wise, shrewd and a brilliant orator. He was also a real charmer with the ladies! Before I go into details, let me tell you a little more about Al. He was a tall man, nearly six feet four, built like an ox and he had fiery red hair and pale blue eyes. His early origins are unknown, but it is very likely that he was off the original Martian human mixed stock. He had come down from the mountains to help mankind through his philosophy. He was always wearing his ancient ‘relics.’ These ‘relics,’ came from the mother land, namely, Mars. These ‘relics,’ consisted of a head ornament which was referred to in the home planet as a ‘helmet’ was made out of a shiny material which was cold to touch and harder than wood. Along with this he wore a sort of vest which was made out of some sort of hide with the same material covering the torso and shoulder areas. A millennium later, derivatives of this would be the fashion rage on a small island which would be named after Al’s Martian great grandmother, Greece.

Al, after his initial doctrine soon saw that as his laws were followed and mankind settled down under his guidance, the population had swelled into a healthy enough number that phase two of his plan could begin. Unlike all the other humans, after all this time, Al still retained the ancient wisdom of his Martian ancestors. He knew things no other humans knew, for instance, he knew that in certain places the soil could support life. He took this fresh society that he had created and showed them how to live off the land. He showed them that food was not only to be found in animals, but also in plants. He showed the men that the animals that were not a threat, could be used to work on the land, and as a double plus on that idea, was that at any time you could even eat them and since they were harmless, killing them wouldn’t be as much of an ordeal as killing the wild animals. Another, reason was that the animals would get used to being around humans and lose their fear of them. He also gave to them something that had been lost since the Martian colonization…fire and the wheel.

These introductions into society transformed it over night from a mass of confused individuals, into a race of smart people getting more sophisticated every day and learning new things. After a while, men started getting into competition with another, and soon started quarrelling over land and animals. Al, weary of any dissent that might result in the anarchy and mindlessness of the previous few decades quickly decided that a policy of appeasement would be the best solution. He therefore declared that there was enough land for everyone to live on, therefore, he declared that the people should travel the world setting up settlements where they could do as they pleased as long as they followed the book of Al, which was now compulsory for all humans to read at least once in their lifetime, preferably during childhood.

When man progressed up to Al’s satisfaction, he showed them where to dig in the ground so that they may find a material that was very strong and cold to touch, very similar to the material that his ‘relics’ were made out of. This material was called ‘metal’ after Al’s maternal cousin twice removed who was a rather cold stiff sort of bloke. This metal was used to make tools to help the men work the soil. It was also used to make decorative ornaments for the women which was called ‘jewelry,’ after the first Martian woman to bear a human child. This would keep the women appeased and quiet for another two millennia…if only it had lasted!

As I mentioned briefly Al was a hit with the ladies, I think that was a bit of an understatement…he was huge with them! After his sermons, and as the number of his followers grew, women would be throwing themselves at him left and right. A strict follower of his own preaching, Al was never the one to say no. Soon there was the pitter patter of little feet all over the world as Al went all over the land showing people the true path. Al was a good father to his children…that was at least to the ones he knew about. There were however, quite a few babies with fiery red hair and light eyes running around accosting random strangers, asking them if they were their father!

Al had a total of a hundred and fifty legitimate children. The break up was a hundred daughters and fifty sons. In spite of his low opinion on women, Al knew that without them the true master race he was aiming for would only be a dream. Therefore, he got them all married off after carefully selecting their spouses. As for his sons, three were his favourite. The oldest and favourite, was called Jeezis, the second and close rival was called Moremud and the third was the runt of the litter, a little boy call Shiver.

Jeezis was a tall, shy lanky boy who for some strange reason loved animals, especially domesticated farm animals, and loved spending all his time in a little hut he built for himself and called a ‘manger.’

Moremud on the other hand for some strange reason always had a chip on his shoulder. He always wanted to be his father’s favourite, and since Jeezis was only his half brother, distrusted him and was always trying to spoil his image with Al.

The Evolution of Man –Part IV

All the years of helping mankind had begun to take their toll on Al. For starters, he wasn’t as young as he used to be. Secondly carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders is no easy task. Al was tired. He had lived a long and full life. He had taken mankind from being a race on the verge of extinction to a thriving race with limitless possibilities. Earlier, there was nothing. Now there was society, culture, morals, ethics and also a guide line on how to live. Without Al, mankind would have been doomed. He had saved them and they were eternally grateful to him for that. Now with all these achievements behind him, there lay only one last thing to do. This would be Al’s greatest lasting gift to mankind. Something that would be his crowning achievement. The time had come for Al to pick an heir.

Simple as this task seemed, it would be the most difficult decisions in his life. He loved his three favourites almost equally, and each was worthy in his own way. Therefore, Al called Jeezis, Moremud and Shiver together and told them that they were to go and spread his teachings around. And that they must do their bit for mankind.

Jeezis was a tall, shy lanky boy who for some strange reason loved animals, especially domesticated farm animals, and loved spending all his time in a little hut he built for himself and called a ‘manger.’

Jeezis was the true son of Al. Even the people saw him as the future successor of Al. He preached to everybody with such faith and conviction that they were ready to follow him to the ends of the earth if they had to. He soon had his very own following, with numbers that would soon even possibly rival Al’s. Jeezis’ philosophy was the same as Al’s, however, he allowed the people to make their own choice. This was something Al was against in his mind, people were incapable of making their own decisions as they were too self-serving and conniving. In spite of all that, Jeezis was getting good results and the people loved him. For Al this was significant as it showed him that Jeezis was the leading contender for successor by popular demand.

Jeezis had a select inner circle of followers who were also his friends and confidants. Their names are not important now, but they were an integral part of Jeezis’ life.

Moremud, on the other hand, for some strange reason always had a chip on his shoulder. He always wanted to be his father’s favourite, and since Jeezis was only his half brother, distrusted him and was always trying to spoil his image with Al.

In spite of all this, Al was very indulgent to his three favourite sons. Grooming a successor was a job Al took very seriously as the future of mankind depended on it. When Shiver was still young, he contracted some sort of water born infection turning him a dark blue colour. Shiver was always being picked on for looking so different. Realizing what was happening, Al decided to spare him of all this verbal torture, so he sent Shiver off to the east giving him power to create a whole new race to populate his lands. Shiver proved to be a worthy son of a worthy father. He quickly created a race of dark coloured people. He put all of Al’s preaching’s to practice here as well, making changes and additions here and there.

Jeezis in the mean time was all set to follow in Al’s footsteps as successor. He preached Al’s wisdom to all and sundry. In a short time he became exceedingly popular. Even the people started looking at Jeezis as Al’s future successor. This made Moremud extremely jealous. He too started preaching to the people and started taking on his own followers to counter Jeezis’ following. Moremud’s outlook on Al’s preaching’s were radical and relatively close minded. For him, it was either his way or no way at all. For Moremud, his aim was not so much to better mankind, but to give himself more power and control. Unlike Jeezis and Shiver, whose methods were peaceful, Moremud was quite willing to use violence to get his way. He swelled the ranks of his followers by giving them land and titles. Sometimes, he would even give them land belonging to others after violently turning them out.
As Jeezis and Moremud’s power and following grew, so did the animosity between their followers. Clashes between the two factions were taking place all over the place. News of these events soon reached a now ageing Al. He was greatly perturbed by this as he had always thought that eventually the brothers would put aside their rivalry and work together. He summoned Moremud and harshly reprimanded him and his followers. He then called together all the people and in public announced Jeezis as his heir. This shattered Moremud and humiliated him. His mind was now bent on revenge. He was going to be successor. He would be the one to carry the torch. Jeezis was too soft, he wouldn’t know how to deal with men. He also convinced himself that Jeezis and Al had together conspired to destroy him. Therefore, with the element of surprise on his side, he would destroy them first.

He called upon one of his most faithful followers, a sinister looking character who had led a life of petty crime earlier called ‘Joo.’ Joo’s orders were simple, he was to infiltrate Jeezis’ circle, and at the soonest opportunity, he was to kill him. Joo quickly went to do his masters bidding. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Finally Joo landed up at Moremud’s house bearing a box. Moremud opened the box to see Jeezis’ head in it. Overjoyed, he immediately marched to Al’s house with his followers. On being granted an audience, he quickly gave Al the box. On opening it and seeing his favourite sons head in the box, the ageing Al couldn’t bear the strain of such a site and collapsed dead with shock. The stage was now set for one act and one act alone…that of Moremud.

The Evolution of Man –Part V

Moremud’s brutal rise to power was met with some initial opposition, however, it was quickly and quietly put down. He did his best to ensure that everything went smoothly. All members of the opposition parties, including Jeezis’ followers and apostles were given senior positions and large land grants. In those days, so na├»ve were men that they were fools not accept such baubles.

Moremud, I shall begin by saying, was a man of impeachable character. He had an electrifying personality and charisma unrivaled. He was very pious and came up with his own sect based on the Book of Al. He declared Al a god. He would rise before dawn and stand on top of a large terrace and wake all his followers and call them to prayer. He ordered that everyone give themselves to the book of Al. He claimed that Al would come to him and speak, and together they had written a final chapter to the book. That was, however, true only to the masses. Everybody believed him as they knew he was not responsible for Jeezis, or Al’s death. All of course, barring Joo. Joo was Moremud’s closest friend and confidant. Joo had been lavishly rewarded and had everything a man could want. He too was a heavy follower of the Book of Al, but with a slightly alternate take. He himself had a large and growing following. Moremud was suspicious of this as some of his followers were going over to Joo’s faction. He therefore decided that Joo needed to be put in his place and toned down.

A meeting was decided a top of a beautiful barren weather worn mountain, named after Moremud’s first wife, Sinai. There under a large brilliant coloured tent, the old friends came together for the first time in a few years. They both came with only their five closest attendants who left them in privacy after they had embraced and proceeded to sit on the well laid out sofa under the center of the tent. Joo had changed. He seemed haughty and overbearing. He had smugness about him. The last few years had been good tor him. With Moremud’s gifts of land money and senior appointments, he had invested in more land and businesses. In other words he opened up jobs which were and could only be manned by his followers. He had control over more or less all the wealth generated in the land. He even bought a large chunk of land with three ports for sea trade and this land was exclusively for his followers whom he called ‘Jooden.’ In those days the world was a big place and you could pretty much buy anything, but this land Joo had bought happened to be Moremud’s, and he wasn’t too happy about it. To make things worse, the land was populated by some of Moremud’s most loyal followers who were either being forcefully converted to Jooism or being expelled from the very land of their birth and toil.

The thing that ticked Moremud off the most, was the fact that even though he had a larger following, more respect and land, Joo was rich. He had less land, fewer followers, however, he was the shrewdest businessman you could come across. The joke in those days was that he could even turn camel dung into money! The minute the attendants were out of sight, Moremud got to the point. He told Joo that he didn’t like the fact that he was making so much money, he told him he didn’t like the way he preached the book of Al and he told Joo that he didn’t like the fact that he was force converting or banishing his faithful followers. He was willing to forgive all, provided that Joo return the land which had now been called Israiyl and he that he stop persecuting his Moremudon’s.

Joo flatly refused…Moremud was livid. He reminded Joo that it had been him who had taken him out of the gutter. It had been him who made Joo what he was today. Joo owed him everything and if he was going to be ungrateful, he would die a horrible painful traitor’s death. Almost as though he had been pre-empting this, Joo smiled and wryly reminded Moremud of a secret that only the two of them shared. Moremud was stunned. He never thought Joo would use this against him. As he stood there speechless, Joo smugly chuckled convinced he had stumped Moremud. Moremud agreed to give up claim to Israiyl, and in return, Joo agreed not to persecute the Moremudon’s there. Both had lied. Joo thought he had won, and therefore, since Israiyl was now his, he was going to make sure that Israiyl was to be for his people and his people alone. No other followings would be tolerated. Moremud on the other hand, was a man who would take no chances. The outcome of this meeting was final, Joo would have to die and he would have to die at the soonest.

Since the meeting was in Moremud’s territory, he had ordered a banquet in celebration of the treaty. It was one of the grandest banquets ever seen. Everything that the earth had to offer was there. There were exquisite foods, strange animals and people from all over the world, even the races created by Shiver who were led by his son Gandee. Also present were Jeezis’ companions known as the apostles who now held important posts as administrators and recruiting managers for Moremud. Once the feast was laid out everyone prayed as was the custom and then began to eat. Once the first course was served, again as according to custom, the leaders toasted each other. Joo was first. He toasted to a new friendship and a coming together of peoples and other such trite. The audience lapped it up and gave him a whale of an applause. Moremud who had been waiting all night decided to spring into action. He got up and immediately accused Joo of killing Jeezis. A deathly silence now engulfed the banquet. He quickly spun a story of how evidence of this had recently come to light. The oldest of the apostles, a man named Tony, recognized Joo and remembered him to be an attendant Jeezis had for the last few months of his life.

Before a dumbfounded Joo could react, all twelve of the apostles jumped to their feet and stabbed Joo to death with their steak knives. They then declared that since their master had really been murdered, that they should continue to preach his words to the people. Moremud seeing that he could use them readily gave his blessings to the faithful companions of his dear dead brother! They declared Jeezis as the son of god and that he should have his own religion called ‘Crustyanity.’ The apostles set about converting people to their faith and as there were still a lot of Jeezis’ followers around their ranks rapidly swelled. Phase two was ready for action. Moremud met with the apostles, recommended that the Moremudon’s and Crustyans joint forces wipe out the evil Jooden. The Crustyans were ready as the leader of the Jooden was the man who had killed their leader and the Moremudon’s did it as Jeezis was their leader’s brother. The Jooden, after the blow of losing their leader were weak and low in morale. Joo’s sons Benyammin and Lakhaim tried their best to rally support and raise morale. They were determined not to let their father’s work and legacy be destroyed.

However, they were heavily outnumbered. The three forces met in a desert a few miles outside Israiyl. The Moremudon’s would make the initial attack and the Crustyans would mop up. However, the Crustyans threw a big tantrum and insisted that they attack first. They made an all out charge with more than half of their force. The charge being led by six of the apostles was convinced of an easy victory. Lakhaim seeing this large ungainly force charging at the center of his army which was on its way to meet Benyammin’s quickly ordered a feigned retreat and ordered the other half of his force to circle around and attack the Crustyan force from behind. The attack worked and the Crustyans were ambushed. They were quickly cut down by arrow, spear and blade. Four of the apostles going down almost immediately. The rest of the force was panic stricken. The retreated in disarray. Lakhaim quickly rallied his men together and stopped them from pursuing the enemy. If they were to win the battle, he had to link up with Benyammin. An hour later his army reached Benyammin’s amidst loud cheers.

Meanwhile, the Crustyans retreaters had started to reach the rest of the army. The morale had slumped. They had lost a lot of men and four apostles. It was now the turn of the Moremudon’s. Moremud was a military genius. He was going to use his force to its greatest advantage. He had men, and he had time. He would draw the Israiyli’s out and then in one single swoop, destroy them. He ordered small units of hand picked men be selected to test the enemies strength by feigning attacks on all their fronts. Benyammin who was the elder of the two, was a bit jealous about not being the first to lead an engagement for his side and felt a little usurped by his younger brother’s victory in the morning. Every attack on his side of the front was met with defense. On the other hand, Lakhaim kept his forces from skirmishing as he knew he would need all his men for the main battle so rather than exhaust them on skirmishes, he would save their energy for later.

Seeing Benyammin was the more impetuous brother, he decided that he would be the one to attack. He gave the Crustyans who were licking their wounds, a chance to redeem their honour and to avenge their dead comrades by making them attack Benyammin and lead him into a narrow pass where his Moremudon archers and cavalry would swoop down and massacre them. Another part of his force would attack the Israiyli’s from the right flank and draw Lakhaim out while the remaining Crustyans would then cut them off from the left.
Everything went according to plan. Benyammin fell for the ploy and led both himself and his army to the death. Lakhaim's force was cut off and without Benyammin’s army to support him was badly mauled by the enemy. Most of his army was wiped out and he himself barely escaped with his life. The carnage had been immense. Hundreds of thousands lay dead. Israiyl had been conquered. Lakhaim fled to exile. The Jooden’s were persecuted and expelled from Israiyl. The victors then carved up the enormous financial wealth that had been seized from the Jooden’s between themselves.

Many years passed. However, Moremudon’s and Crustyans couldn’t live in harmony forever. The remaining apostles who now numbered two had started challenging the Moremudon’s take on the Book of Al. Moremud who was now irritable in his old age ordered them torn to shreds by beasts. The Crustyans had no leaders and were weak. They were expelled to the west where they flourished. However, they yearned for their homeland. In the meantime Lakhaim and the other exiled Jooden were also planning for a return to liberate Israil. At the tail end of Moremud’s life, the Crustyans invaded his lands from the west and the Jooden made terrorist attacks all over his land. He was like a bear plagued by bees. He thought that he had seen the last of the fighting. He now saw the divine wisdom in the Book of Al. He had seen how every time man bettered himself he got worse. He remembered how wonderful it had all been and how simple things were. He wondered if it would ever be like that again. He then realized he wasn’t kidding anybody. He died knowing that the world would never know any peace. Crustyans would always be killing Moremudon’s, and Moremudon’s would always be killing Crustyans and they would both kill the Jooden. And that’s pretty much how things still are today.


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